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Colinkri Review - Web Crawling Software

Web crawling is important for every site to rank on the search engine result pages. Colinkri is one of the very effective crawlers that can help search engine bots to easily find and crawl your links.


Here are some important facts about this whole thing:

  • 98% of internet users usually focus on the first page of the site. This is why you must now take the first page for granted to get their attention. Make sure that you have a strong link profile on Google.

  • Google has dominated the searches since 1997. It has a market share of 90 percent that’s why you must ensure that your web pages are visible and crawled by Google bots.

  • Off-page SEO remains very important to rank a site. Crawling your site makes it searchable for the bots.

  • 99 percent of sites have external links that help the search engines find significant keywords.

Let’s first go through the many processes on how the search engine work to understand how web crawlers function.

How do search engines function?

Search engines perform three processes:

1.) Crawl

Crawling is how the search engine bots or Google-bot looks over the content or codes for every URL they can locate.

2.) Index

Indexing is the manner the search engines stores and organizes the content it found during crawling.

3.) Rank

Ranking is the process that search engines use to find out where it places a particular content on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

The Step-by-Step Process of Web Crawling:

colinkri review

Step 1: The web crawlers find the information, index it and add to the search engines. It usually begins with the high traffic searches and most popular pages.

Step 2: After the spider-bots located the most important web pages, it indexes and organizes it based on keywords and links. This is done to offer someone searching for the keywords to easily locate the content quickly.

Step 3: Google’s algorithm can access multiple pages in just a few seconds. It can locate a 600 KB or 100 pages per second. Google has its own DNS to keep delays at bay.

Step 4: The search engine looks at the words and its location on the web pages. Keywords in the headline like meta-tags and other locations are more significant than any the keywords found in the body of the content.

Step 5: When the bots indexed the keyword it arranges it in a manner that it can be quickly located once someone searches for it. Google does the process more quickly than any other search engines. Although they work the same which is to enhance the searches and make the process more effective.

Step 6: For the search engines or bots, meta-tags are the most significant. It is used as a reference on how relevant a page is.

Why crawling is important?

colinkri crawling bots

The search engines find new and updated content through what we call the crawlers or spiders. These web crawlers are designed to “crawl the web” regularly to search for new content that the search engines will index. The web crawler is also called as “internet bot,” “Googlebot” or robot, and “internet spiders.”

Content can be anything like a webpage, keywords, blog, video, a PDF, an image, and more. In whatever form the content is, it is discovered by links. The bots fetch the content and follow the links to locate new URLs. The moment it finds new content, it adds the content to its index (a collection of discovered URLs).

When the user or the audience type a keyword to find information over the search engine like Google, the content is retrieved when it matches the URL. The more relevant the content to new searches, the higher its ranking will be.

If the backlinks can’t be located by the search engine bots, your site will not rank on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Why Do You need to Know the Importance of Web Crawling?

Web crawling is very important for any site. It simply tells how your site is ranking or performing in the search engines.

If you own a site, you need to be updated with the changes in Google’s algorithms. You need to understand how the search engines work.

You have to know how the bots index your site, what is considered a relevant page, and how crawling is done. The metatags must contain keywords as well as in the body of the pages. Your content must offer value to the readers so that it will be found by the search engine bots when someone searches for it

If you know how to properly optimize your site, web crawlers can be your best friend. However, if you violate the rules of Google and other search engines, you could get penalized.

You must use keywords in such a way that it flows in the content naturally. It must not look like that it is forced in the content. You must update the pages on a regular basis and making sure that it is consistent can make your site valuable to the search engines. To make it easily crawled, avoid deleting pages or posts because it changes the URLs.

Reasons to Use Colinkri:

Colinkri has 3 main features:

1.) It is an advanced crawler - The software forces the search engine bots or spiders to search and crawl your links. This makes your web pages easily considered for ranking your site.

2.) It is a web application - It is a web application that you can use on any device like your laptop, desktop computer or smartphones.

3.) It is easy to use - It is powerful but easy to use. Simply create a campaign and the crawling process begins.

What makes Colinkri Unique?

Unlike other crawling software, it does not need the following:

  • No captcha needed.

  • No proxies since it uses its private network.

  • No VPS or server since it can be used on any device.

  • No PVA Gmail accounts since it provides 100’s of its account for free.

Pricing and Plans:

  • Starter plan - starts with $49/month with 50k links submission.

  • Advanced plan - starts with $69/month with 100k links submission.

  • Premium plan - starts with $99/month with 200k links submission.

  • Enterprise plan - Custom plan

Colinkri Dashboard

This is what the dashboard looks when you're inside the software

colinkri dashboard

colinkri web crawling software

colinkri bots


On the settings tab, you can see an API key.

colinkri API key


This is where the main of the software goes, this is where you can create campaign, check completed campaign, running, links etc. Overall it's a like a summary report about your campaign.

colinkri campaigns

To create a new campaign, just click on the blue box saying " New " then you can input the campaign name, drip feed ( how many days would you like to run the campaign) and then input the links that you would like to get crawled and that's it! you'll just sit back and wait for the software to run it.

colinkri web crawling

What are the benefits of Using Colinkri?

Crawlers use algorithms to find out how often a page can be re-crawled and how many pages can be indexed on a site. It discovers new pages and existing pages with updates. The spiders extract the links t find new URLs.

The search engines are able to discover all publicly-available web pages that is linked to one another. When earlier Google discovers the backlinks, the quicker your rankings can go up on the SERPs.

Colinkri Review:

Colinkri doesn’t have plenty of reviews on the web yet. However, a user left comments and testimonials on its official Facebook page.

“Great service, amazing company to work with and a team of real human beings that solve problems and help businesses grow. Thank you for all the hard work you guys do!!!”

- Kaloyan Petkov

Reviews from its site include:

“Three weeks ago I got beta access to Colinkri. I’ve tested it on my new project that’s on a high competition niche. Almost 50K links added to Colinkri within these three weeks. My rankings improved and I’m on #1 spot for Multiple project keywords. I’m thrilled to see these results. Would like to test with another project to see its actual index rate.”

- Rekhilesh A

Certified SEO expert

“Colinkri seems really promising. We used the Colinkri tool for the last 14 days. With a gap of around 12 days, we see an upwards movement of keywords. Some jumped 20 positions up, while others are fewer. We don’t run any other indexing or crawling services for these campaigns so all results relate to Colinkri so far.”

- Chris V

SEO Agency

You need to register before using the software. No payment is needed for registration. The lowest plan costs $49 per month for 50K links, followed by $69 for 100K links, $99 for 200K links, $197 for 500K links, and $591 for 2M links.

So far, there are no negative reviews about the application on the internet. As long as a software satisfies your goal, it is a good application for your needs.

There are tons of crawling application available in the market today. Sometimes, with tons of work in front of you, you may not prioritize the maintenance of your site.

If you are an online business, you must be wary about managing and maintaining your site. There are too many issues that can arise from neglecting the search engines.

Sometimes you neglect your own web pages. It becomes obsolete because there are no updates happening. Not only that, pages are broken, hidden, left. If it is not managed, it can impact your rankings on the SERPs.

Running a web crawling software in your site is what you need to ensure that it is in 100 percent positive state.

  • The tool helps detect errors on your page.

Filtering, sorting, and segmenting data takes a lot of time. The right software can spot errors on your pages in order for it to run smoothly. During site audits, it shows the errors that can hinder your site from ranking.

  • It leads to the detection of duplicate pages.

When you audit your site, one of the most common findings is duplicate pages. Duplicate content is a content that is seen on more than two places on the web.

Duplicate content happens when your content appears on a unique website address or URL and the same content is seen on a different URL. As we all know, duplicate content is alarming because it can impact your search engine rankings.

Let’s say Google detects that you have duplicate content over the internet, it is harder for it to detect which one is the most relevant. When it becomes difficult for the search engine to rank pages for query results, it disregards all the content that can impact your ranking.

Google and other search engines wouldn’t know which version it would include or exclude when indexing. They also find it confusing whether to direct the link metrics to a page or separate it. For site owners, duplicate content can impact your traffic and rankings.

  • It recognizes broken links.

Broken links can affect your site. It can impact your reputation on the internet and leads to the loss of your sales.

You may miss your existing customers if they find it hard to browse your site. This leads to a loss of sales.

It is also harder for you to acquire new customers. It’s because they wouldn’t find the dead or broken links on your site.

Lastly, it can affect your rankings on SERPs. Since your web pages are not searchable, it can impact your rankings on Google and other search engines.

Crawlers also function as price comparison portals search for information on a particular product. It can help you compare data or prices accurately.

It works as an effective data mining tool. A crawler gathers available email or postal addresses of businesses. It is used as a web analysis tool to gather information for incoming or outbound links and page views.

If you want your site to remain visible and searchable on the internet, you must run a reliable software that can do it. Software like Colinkri scrapes your site to provide an overview of your site.

It provides insights on how the bots are dealing when they find your web pages. If you are using an application like this, you can detect and remove issues on your site like dead or broken pages and improve your page quality.

Using a tool for crawling your web pages can help you in managing your site. It is the #1 requirement to become optimized for the search engines.

Page crawling tools can provide you with useful information. It can detect issues and provide you with data to manage and update your site.


Video About Colinkri


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