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BrandPush - Get featured on major news sites

Gaining online exposure is one of the concerns of new businesses. Even old ones tend to lose any presence they’ve established by being inactive. As a brand owner, this is undoubtedly one of your many concerns. What can help? BrandPush.

Today, many firms have turned to this agency to improve their online presence, drive more traffic, and gain higher SERP rankings. How does BrandPush do all that? Through the use of an effective content marketing strategy.

In this article, you’ll learn all about that strategy. It will also help you determine whether or not BrandPush is for you. But it’s impossible to talk about the services of an agency you don’t know. As such, we’ll begin by answering the important question: “What is BrandPush?”


Introducing BrandPush - Top Brand Promotion Agency

BrandPush Homepage

BrandPush is an agency offering content promotion services through news sites. These services include crafting engaging content and uploading them on reputable news websites.

You may wonder: “How can this even help my online marketing?” In short, this strategy drives your content to more audiences and vice versa. However, let’s see, to the full extent, how BrandPush services can grow your brand.

How BrandPush Affects Businesses (Benefits)

1. Boosts Exposure

Consider, once more, what BrandPush offers:

BrandPush News Site

BrandPush offers to publish their clients' stories on two hundred news sites. What are those? They are like online newspapers. They publish articles and reports on a wide range of topics.

Such websites are known for having a large amount of dedicated readership. Now, imagine the audience you’ll get if you have content about your brand on one of those sites. Here, BrandPush is offering to publish your story on two hundred of them. Having that amount of viewers is undoubtedly going to skyrocket your brand exposure.

2. Boosts Traffic and Backlinks

The benefits of this marketing strategy do not end at just brand exposure. By placing links in the stories uploaded, you can direct those readers to your website, thus driving more traffic. And those links will also serve as backlinks.

When you have backlinks from a highly trusted news site, Google will not miss that. It’s a signal that your site is also credible. With BrandPush, you’ll have backlinks from over 200 such websites.

3. Boosts SERP Rankings

If you’re familiar with SEO, you know that backlinks are one of Google’s major ranking factors. By having links from reputable news sites pointing to yours, your position on Google’s pages will increase. In addition to that, the traffic coming to your site also adds value to your SEO.

4. Boosts Sales

Exposure, traffic, backlinks, and rankings are only steps to the ultimate goal - getting more clients. BrandPush helps you establish the solid presence you need for that. What’s more, BrandPush offers an “As seen on” badge to put on your site. This is seen below:

BrandPush sales

The badge builds credibility for your site helping your visitors see you’re a trusted firm. Who knows, that may be the final push a visitor needs to make contact and order your service.

The more trusted your site is, the more your business grows. BrandPush is an agency that allows you to build that trust. But have you wondered how this works?

How BrandPush Promotes Your Brand (Services)

BrandPush Promotes

BrandPush’s strategy involves three steps: Writing, Publishing, and Reporting. These are seen below:

  • Writing: BrandPush has an in-house team of writers who create the content needed to promote your firm. They are experienced at developing news stories for your brand to meet the standard of reputable new sites.

  • Publish and Report: Once your story is complete and approved by you, the BrandPush team will publish it on the news websites and send in their report.

That’s it. All you need to do is to make your order and leave the marketing to BrandPush. But how much do their services cost?

How Much Does it Cost?

BrandPush Grow

BrandPush has four pricing packages. These are the Popular package for $195, Alternative for $254, Authority for $565, and Ultimate for $695. However, note that their “news story writing” service is excluded from these prices. To include them, you have to navigate through the news story writing box:

BrandPush Pricing

Under "Small," you have 350 words for $34, "Regular" includes 500 words for $64 and 700 words for $94 under "Ultimate." Visit their site ( to see full pricing details.

BrandPush List of News Websites

BrandPush List Sites

As seen earlier in this article, BrandPush offers to publish their clients' stories on highly reputable news websites. But what are these news sites? Here's a list of some of them:

BrandPush Publish

Each of these news sites has thousands of visitors and high authority. So, if you have a story published on them, you'll receive a massive boost in your business.

FAQs about BrandPush

  • What requirements does BrandPush need to write my article?

According to BrandPush, the team will require your site’s link, contact details, and an article topic. These are the major requirements needed to start writing.

  • Will I be able to edit my article once it’s uploaded?

Once published, you can’t adjust your content. For that, you’ll need to order a delete and another publish package. These services will not be done for free.

  • Does BrandPush offer a revision?

Yes, you can review your content before they go live. The number of revisions available depends on the pricing package you choose.

  • Are the backlinks nofollow or dofollow?

Most of the news sites publish only nofollow backlinks. But rest assured, nofollow links are also vital for an effective SEO strategy. Furthermore, it drives referral traffic.

  • Can I submit my self-written article?

Yes, it's not mandatory to have BrandPush write your article. However, before they accept an article, it must meet certain requirements. Thus, you should follow their writing guidelines.

  • Will Google treat my article as duplicate content?

No. That is because Google understands that news websites tend to post the same content. So, it won't treat it as a duplicate and you'll receive all SEO benefits from each one.

  • How long will my article remain uploaded?

According to BrandPush, your content will stay live for three to twenty-four months on the news sites.

  • Is a refund available?

Yes. If, for some reason, BrandPush cannot publish your article as promised, you’ll receive a full refund.

Conclusion: Is BrandPush Worth it?

The simple answer is yes. BrandPush offers a marketing plan that allows brand owners to take their business to the next level. Once again, you'll receive more exposure, traffic, backlinks, rankings, and sales. While there's no 100% guarantee of getting these benefits, it can still be a great place to start if you're completely new to online marketing.

If all that sounds good to you, reach out to them, make an inquiry, place an order, and monitor your business growth. You can never tell just how much your brand will evolve.

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