Bitmoji Chrome Extension

When using the internet, emojis open to us an entire universe filled with ways we can reveal what we feel, but these emojis are not precisely personal. Interestingly, Bitmoji gives you a chance to personalize characters of yourself to share on the internet in the form of emojis.

What is Bitmoji Chrome Extension?

For an easy read and understanding of Bitmoji Chrome Extension, let us get a breakdown of what a Bitmoji is.

In easy terms, Bitmoji is an app you can use to develop animated editions of yourself. This animation tool links well with several social media apps. The principal purpose of Bitmoji is to satisfy persons who are bored of using regular emojis and would want something customized.

While Chrome is a program that avails the opportunity to have an insight into and relate to all the information on the worldwide web. It is a swift, protected, and flexible browser.

What then are chrome extensions? It is a small program developed to reshape or improve the features of the chrome browser. Chrome extensions are available for download in Chrome Web Store which was launched in 2010 by Google.

So in plain terms, Bitmoji Chrome Extension is a program that permits you to make your emojis. Well in this case Bitmojis, and easily get the emojis from your chrome browser. You can drag and drop them almost everywhere on the internet.

How to obtain Bitmoji Chrome Extension

Bitmoji Chrome

Setting up the Bitmoji Chrome extension is a 'piece of cake' by applying these few steps.

  1. Enter Google Chrome on your phone or computer

  2. Log onto Chrome Web Store.

  3. Search for Bitmoji in the search box, Bitmoji will show alongside other Chrome extensions.

  4. You will see a button '+ add to Chrome' beside Bitmoji. Tap on it.

  5. Then tap on 'add Extension' to set up Bitmoji.

  6. After its installation, the Bitmoji logo will appear on the upper right side of your Chrome browser. Click it.

  7. Click 'get started'.

  8. Then sign up. Simply follow through on the directions on the screen to build your account. That simple.

Bitmoji installation is free, but there are in-app purchases.

How to Develop Your Bitmoji Avatar

Creating a Bitmoji Avatar is quite simple. With just a few punches on your device, you are good to go.

  1. Firstly, pick a gender.

  2. Pick an avatar mode. There are basically two modes; Bitmoji mode and Bitstrips mode. You can choose Bitmoji mode for a straightforward avatar, while Bitstrips for a more sophisticated avatar.

  3. Personalize your avatar. There are various alternatives to personalize your avatar. Like the hair type, face, eye settings.

  4. Done with developing your personal avatar? Click on save avatar at the bottom of the screen. You can make use of your avatar now.