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Bitmoji Chrome Extension

When using the internet, emojis open to us an entire universe filled with ways we can reveal what we feel, but these emojis are not precisely personal. Interestingly, Bitmoji gives you a chance to personalize characters of yourself to share on the internet in the form of emojis.

What is Bitmoji Chrome Extension?

Bitmoji Chrome Extension

For an easy read and understanding of Bitmoji Chrome Extension, let us get a breakdown of what a Bitmoji is.

In easy terms, Bitmoji is an app you can use to develop animated editions of yourself. This animation tool links well with several social media apps. The principal purpose of Bitmoji is to satisfy persons who are bored of using regular emojis and would want something customized.

While Chrome is a program that avails the opportunity to have an insight into and relate to all the information on the worldwide web. It is a swift, protected, and flexible browser.

What then are chrome extensions? It is a small program developed to reshape or improve the features of the chrome browser. Chrome extensions are available for download in Chrome Web Store which was launched in 2010 by Google.

So in plain terms, Bitmoji Chrome Extension is a program that permits you to make your emojis. Well in this case Bitmojis, and easily get the emojis from your chrome browser. You can drag and drop them almost everywhere on the internet.

How to obtain Bitmoji Chrome Extension

Bitmoji Chrome

Setting up the Bitmoji Chrome extension is a 'piece of cake' by applying these few steps.

  1. Enter Google Chrome on your phone or computer

  2. Log onto Chrome Web Store.

  3. Search for Bitmoji in the search box, Bitmoji will show alongside other Chrome extensions.

  4. You will see a button '+ add to Chrome' beside Bitmoji. Tap on it.

  5. Then tap on 'add Extension' to set up Bitmoji.

  6. After its installation, the Bitmoji logo will appear on the upper right side of your Chrome browser. Click it.

  7. Click 'get started'.

  8. Then sign up. Simply follow through on the directions on the screen to build your account. That simple.

Bitmoji installation is free, but there are in-app purchases.

How to Develop Your Bitmoji Avatar

Creating a Bitmoji Avatar is quite simple. With just a few punches on your device, you are good to go.

  1. Firstly, pick a gender.

  2. Pick an avatar mode. There are basically two modes; Bitmoji mode and Bitstrips mode. You can choose Bitmoji mode for a straightforward avatar, while Bitstrips for a more sophisticated avatar.

  3. Personalize your avatar. There are various alternatives to personalize your avatar. Like the hair type, face, eye settings.

  4. Done with developing your personal avatar? Click on save avatar at the bottom of the screen. You can make use of your avatar now.

Beginners get the chance to start with a selfie, so you can use your selfie to make comparisons while picking your avatar.

Using Bitmoji Chrome Extension


You can only utilize Bitmojis on apps and websites that endorse Bitmoji. Almost all apps and websites that endorse sharing photographs endorses Bitmoji. Examples include Twitter, Tinder, Telegram, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, iMessage, Slack, Snapchat, Spotify, and WhatsApp.

  1. To use Bitmoji, you need to go to a website that endorses Bitmoji.

  2. Tap on the Bitmoji icon that will show on the top right side of your chrome browser.

  3. Search for Bitmojis

  4. When you have seen the Bitmoji you need, choose it and right-click, then choose copy image.

  5. Go to the space you want to add the Bitmoji then right-click on the message box and choose paste. The Bitmoji will appear once the message sends.

Editing Your Bitmoji Avatar

So you already have a Bitmoji account and an avatar, but you dislike the outfit your avatar wears and you need a new one. Interestingly, it is quite easy to edit your Bitmoji Avatar. This is how to do it.

  1. Enter the Bitmoji program

  2. There is a shirt bar on the upper right side of the screen. Click on it. You will see various outfits you can choose from. You can also change your avatar's outfit from Snapchat if you are using Snapchat.

  3. Swipe through the various costumes, and pick the one you prefer. You can style your avatar whichever way you see fit. Also, you can choose tops to match with jeans or skirts with nice shoes.

  4. After selecting, tap on the check button to save your avatar's new outfit.

Improving SEO using Bitmoji Chrome Extension

No doubt, Emojis are adored by people, this generation is fond of and uses emojis in place of words. Well, emojis are not just useful for texting, people now use emojis to make searches online. Interestingly too, web pages that endorse emojis noticeably have more visits. Here are some ways, Bitmojis improves SEO.

  1. Increases Click-Through Rate: Using emojis for SEO makes your website outstanding, as emoji searches would not really produce many results, thereupon resulting in unquestionable growth of the click-through rate. A study has shown that utilizing emojis helps your SEO a great deal by increasing the Click-through rate and your Google ranking.

  2. Attracts Users: When users make a search, they are most likely to catch sight of a website that has an emoji, as visual aids are more catchy than words. So using emojis will attract users to your web page.

  3. Supports Local SEO: Smaller brands stand to perform better with the use of emojis, as it is not yet much of a competition.

  4. Connects with Users: Emojis creates a connection between you and your users. While some view the use of emojis for SEO as odd, it connects people who use them.

  5. It champions User Experience: it improves User experience when they get faster results in the language they love, and this is what emojis provide. Having a high user experience is tellingly important for SEO as Google places focus on it.

Is Bitmoji Secure?

Bitmoji Chrome Extension

Keyboard apps ask for full access permissions, and it does not exclude Bitmoji. This full access permits these apps to analyze what you type and send to their developers. It might frighten privacy lovers from using Bitmoji. However, as explained, these settings help Bitmoji access your Bitmoji photographs and still not read your messages or personal information.

Advantages of Bitmoji Chrome Extension

Below are the benefits of using Bitmojis.

  • Integrates fully with major social media apps and websites

  • It is amusing to use

  • It is fascinating

  • Effectively reveals emotions

  • It makes chatting less stressful

  • Bitmoji has over 100 different hairstyles

  • It brings out the creativity in users as you get to create designs with Bitmojis.

  • Bitmoji has animal characters. You can develop avatars for your pets be it a cat, dog, or even a weasel. Though these avatars are not personalized, they are lovely animal avatars you can use to represent your pet.

Disadvantages of Bitmoji Chrome Extension

  • It has only one avatar

  • It does not really have its own privacy policy, it shares the same privacy policy with Snapchat.

  • Some of its contents are not children friendly.

Bottom Line

Bitmoji is a lively, delightful forum for people to relate and communicate in the most whimsical manner. It allows for the use of practical art, which is not only smartly revealing but also forcefully playful. For SEO enthusiasts, Bitmoji has great use. It offers content creators a platform and language to communicate better with their audiences. And we all know that incredible user engagement drives SEO as it reduces bounce rate and increases retention rate plus the time spent on the web page. If you are looking for an added avenue to attract and engage millennials on your webpage, Bitmoji is one way to go.


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