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Best YouTube Alternatives

YouTube remains a fan favorite as the ultimate source for quality content online. Talking about great content, it houses entertainment, informative content, news, sports, the very best online courses, you name it.

For creators, it offers ample opportunities to get your creative works out to millions of users and get paid for them. You are no stranger to monetization or related-catch phrases that simply refer to making money from your efforts.

The year 2021 alone has seen about 1.8bn users on the social video sharing platform- YouTube. And 210 million more are projected to add up to the growing list of subscribers in 2022. Because of the massive audience using YouTube, it is a mainstay for both end-users and big brands alike.

And as such, YouTube helps businesses reach their target audience and creators can likewise earn from the platform. But the life of a YouTuber is not as easy as one might think. Thing is, earning from YouTube has never been, and is still not straightforward. In a situation where you have tried for ages to hack it through YouTube and failed, it may be just best to look elsewhere to monetize your creativity.

Let’s face it, YouTube is great, and will remain one of the top money-generating sites. But this requires time, effort, consistency, and a whole lot of factors. Also, YouTube revises its guidelines from time to time, which impacts the ability of creatives to earn. Whether or not you create content or you seek an alternate streaming service but you don't know the best ones available, then keep reading.

Here, we will not be suggesting ways to break through YouTube, but we will help you save valuable time to monetize your efforts on other platforms. You will also learn of other top streaming sites online to get interesting content or share your content. This article discusses the best YouTube alternatives online.

YouTube Alternatives

The list of Best YouTube Alternatives Online

Now, we’d focus on the best YouTube alternatives online.

Vevo is a familiar name for persons who watch lots of videos on their devices. But what you might not realize is the earning potential it offers its users. This music company is one that many artists want to feature on. And it is one reason why many Vevo music videos are available online. Also known as Video Evolution, Vevo came alive in 2009. Sony Music, Universal Music, and EMI jointly ventured to form Vevo. At Present, it ensures that a billion hours in 450K videos are available monthly to its users.


  • High-quality video

  • A voting system in place

  • A fantastic community

  • Embedding feature to personal websites


Creating a Vevo’s channel on YouTube is free.


  • Increased potential for earning

  • More exposure

  • It offers high-quality content

  • Sophisticated branding of the artiste


  • It offers only music content

  • Users cannot update their channels on their own

  • Inability to change personal information like artiste image, trailer video, ‘about’ section, analytics, and playlist without the assistance of the video distributor.


When it comes to having a video platform that exceeds creating videos in style, you can count on Vimeo. This modern video-creation tool is an amazing option for video creators in the age where Tiktok, Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube are making all the rave. Vimeo embarks on a no-ad viewing system, whereby users can watch without any interruption. This is amazing for creators of business or educational content. It comes with a flexible storage option that eases the sharing of files in their preferred quality. Also, it supports virtual reality content and 360 videos in 8K quality for an added point of view. And users can utilize its intuitive interface to upload content from anywhere and on their preferred devices.


  • 360 video support that is available in 8K quality

  • No ads in view

  • Flexible storage options

  • Traditional social media publishing

  • Advanced monitoring

  • Aesthetic and customizable video player


Vimeo has three pricing plans. The Plus, Pro, and Business plans, which offer free trials each.

  • Plus (5GB weekly for one user) - $7 per month for annual billing and $12 per month for monthly billing.

  • Pro (20GB weekly for a 3 member team) - $20 per month for annual billing.

  • Business (5TB for a 10 member team) - $50 per month for annual billing.


  • No ads on streams

  • A superb choice for a solo business

  • Direct replies on Twitter

  • It makes collaboration easy

  • Chat support available


  • It has several cases of bugs

  • Getting support for the Teams function is not straightforward

  • Complex pricing plan


Metacafe is another incredible alternate to YouTube. If you are interested in pure entertainment, then you should look to Metacafe to get the latest celebrity news or movie clip. This video-sharing website limits its video options and does not offer documentaries, news, or video of other categories. Although it is much streamlined, Metacafe boasts of having about 40 million distinct users each month. Users can view content on this platform but would need to sign up to rate and comment on videos. It places an upload size limit of 100MB regardless of the length of the content. Videos are clear and come in excellent quality, and users can create channels to share their videos and links to their favorite content.


  • It has a review panel that looks through each uploaded content

  • Metacafe has a safety feature

  • Viewers can reach creatives directly through their channel

  • It supports videos with an average length of 90sec


Metacafe is free to use. This applies to both creatives and viewers


  • Ease of use

  • Ratings are audience-driven

  • No duplicate content on the site

  • It features tons of exciting content


  • Numerous adverts on display


Dailymotion remains one of the top alternatives to YouTube and for good reasons. First, it boasts about 300 million visitors each month. This YouTube lookalike has a discovery and trending section to help users get the very best content in no time. It allows for the uploads of files reaching up to 2GB and an hour-long video. Compared to YouTube, Dailymotion has guidelines to maintain community order but these rules are not as strict as those found on YouTube. Creatives have more room to explore without getting banned or censored. And to monetize content on the platform, creatives can earn through paywall and ads.


  • High-quality content

  • Video streaming and looping

  • It supports ads and a paywall for monetization

  • File size upload of up to 2GB, 1080p resolution, and an hour in length.

  • More tolerant rules governing creatives

  • Social sharing


It is free to use but creatives cannot upload more than 96 videos in a day. Dailymotion also caps upload at 2GB for a day. And video length cannot exceed 60 minutes.


  • Upload of large files and content

  • High-quality support service

  • Less restrictive

  • Easy to use interface


  • Being a YouTube lookalike might not appeal to some persons

  • Presence of ads and low-quality content


Uscreen is a video-on-demand website that allows creatives to monetize their concepts using its all-round video services. Here creatives are not restricted and can transform their knowledge into videos of high quality, sharing it with a massive audience base. Its users can receive payment for their content in several ways including subscription and onetime payment. Uscreen is simplistic and allows for the customization of the user's storefront as well as uploading content from the get-go.

With Uscreen, users can access an array of community and marketing tools, live streaming services, receive the contact information of audiences unlike YouTube, and monitor the growth of subscribers.

It is worth considering that Uscreen allows for the integration of over a thousand digital tools online, the very best website themes for branding, and insightful analytics to scale one’s services.


  • Integrated marketing tools to scale creativity

  • Multiple ways for monetization

  • Direct audience engagement through email marketing

  • Live chat and streaming to any device


At $49 per month, Uscreen users can access the array of services that accompanies it.


  • It is highly customizable

  • It integrates analytics for growth monitoring

  • Users can access an array of marketing options

  • OTT features available


  • It can be slow and sometimes unresponsive

  • Limited payment channels


With something different to offer creatives, Patreon allows for the collection of paid subscriptions from fans monthly. This video-sharing site has a space that hosts exclusive content for viewers. For creatives seeking to make money online from Patreon, there is free access but depending on the plan, a percentage of the user's earnings goes to the site.


  • Social media integration to follow fellow Patreon

  • Available on Ios and android

  • Custom RSS feed alongside being linked with discord

  • It ensures monthly earning

  • Easy setup process


Although Patreon is free to join, it has several payment plans. The Lite, Pro, and Premium.

Lite- The Lite plan ensures creatives access their Patreon pages, use the communication setup of the platform, and assess the educational workshops. All these for 5 percent of the creative's earnings.

The Pro plan- The PRO payment plan is a blend of the Lite plan with promotional tools, app integrations, personalized support, merch creation, and analytical services. This pricing plan costs the user 8 percent of their earnings.

Premium- The PREMIUM plans have several added features as a step-up to the PRO pricing plan. These include team accounts, a partner manager, and a membership merch feature. The Premium plan requires that the creative must have a minimum of 100,000 followers as well as other requirements.


  • Provides a channel of monetization

  • Creatives can earn and remain in control of their affairs

  • Inclusion of workshops and educational tools to assist creatives to scale their business

  • Easy to set up despite having several details to attend to.


  • Patreon has several distinct fees that one can hardly track

Wrapping Up

There are several legit ways to make online and YouTube provides a direct path for creatives to monetize their efforts. Sometimes, it does not just work out for some persons. And when that happens, spending time on YouTube may just be redundant and time-consuming. You simply have to look elsewhere, where you can realize growth within a short time. Going for an alternative to YouTube might be more productive and earn you that needed breakthrough in a shorter time.

On deciding on the best YouTube alternative for you, first, you must consider what factor turned you off from YouTube. It will be pointless leaving YouTube for a certain reason only to move to another platform with a similar issue. Also, you have to consider the earning potential, audience base, and the rules governing the video-sharing platform.

This article covers the best YouTube alternatives online. It mentions the prices and critical points to consider when making a decision. With this, you can explore these YouTube alternatives and make the most of them.


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