Best YouTube Alternatives

YouTube remains a fan favorite as the ultimate source for quality content online. Talking about great content, it houses entertainment, informative content, news, sports, the very best online courses, you name it.

For creators, it offers ample opportunities to get your creative works out to millions of users and get paid for them. You are no stranger to monetization or related-catch phrases that simply refer to making money from your efforts.

The year 2021 alone has seen about 1.8bn users on the social video sharing platform- YouTube. And 210 million more are projected to add up to the growing list of subscribers in 2022. Because of the massive audience using YouTube, it is a mainstay for both end-users and big brands alike.

And as such, YouTube helps businesses reach their target audience and creators can likewise earn from the platform. But the life of a YouTuber is not as easy as one might think. Thing is, earning from YouTube has never been, and is still not straightforward. In a situation where you have tried for ages to hack it through YouTube and failed, it may be just best to look elsewhere to monetize your creativity.

Let’s face it, YouTube is great, and will remain one of the top money-generating sites. But this requires time, effort, consistency, and a whole lot of factors. Also, YouTube revises its guidelines from time to time, which impacts the ability of creatives to earn. Whether or not you create content or you seek an alternate streaming service but you don't know the best ones available, then keep reading.

Here, we will not be suggesting ways to break through YouTube, but we will help you save valuable time to monetize your efforts on other platforms. You will also learn of other top streaming sites online to get interesting content or share your content. This article discusses the best YouTube alternatives online.

Youtube Alternatives

The list of Best YouTube Alternatives Online

  1. Vevo

  2. Vimeo

  3. Metacafe

  4. Dailymotion

  5. Uscreen

  6. Patreon

Now, we’d focus on the best YouTube alternatives online.


Vevo is a familiar name for persons who watch lots of videos on their devices. But what you might not realize is the earning potential it offers its users. This music company is one that many artists want to feature on. And it is one reason why many Vevo music videos are available online. Also known as Video Evolution, Vevo came alive in 2009. Sony Music, Universal Music, and EMI jointly ventured to form Vevo. At Present, it ensures that a billion hours in 450K videos are available monthly to its users.


  • High-quality video