Top Best Video Editing Software Tool Of [Updated 2022]

If you are yet to incorporate the use of videos to attract, engage, and retain your target audience, there is a high chance that you are just about to do so by being here. This is regardless of your role as a business owner, digital marketer, creative professional, blogger, or even as an influencer. Knowing fully well that the past two years have seen a tremendous increase in the number of daily hours spent in watching videos across the globe. Since 2019, users have spent 16 hours daily watching online videos. Unsurprisingly, such videos have generated above 1200 percent shares when compared to other content forms like images or text. Such an increase in the watching of videos has largely paid off in tremendous value as it has yielded monumental conversions. Ecommerce websites have seen over 45 percent amount received and 184 percent more likely to make purchases. And 95 percent increase in users retaining information from the video they just watched, all goes to show the impact of videos in marketing. But marketing is not all that videos address. Videos are informational and relevant for leisure, entertainment, and education.

To save you time from scouring the web in search of editing software, here is a compilation of the top 8 video editing software in 2022. These tools will help you start creating great videos as a starter. For existing users, your video editing skills will move to the next level and possibly to the roof. But first, why should you consider a video editing tool?

Why you should consider a video editing software

For individuals seeking to boost ROI, or increase engagement, introducing videos into their strategies is a no-brainer. And, the use of videos helps build personal relationships too. But creating, editing, cutting, and manipulating videos without the right know-how is no small feat. Thanks to video editing software, even the most basic of users can navigate their paths in creating awesome videos that excite. Unless you want to deliver uncut videos that are not entirely clear and have lots of blips, then you might decide to go for a live streaming option. YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are some of the platforms where you can enjoy such live video sharing options. Still, the fact remains that uncut videos do not suit every scenario. For instance, when marketing, you need your videos to resonate with your brand and send impactful messages. You need clear videos that might need some retouching and editing to remove blips and errors.

The top 8 best video editing software tools of 2022

These are the 8 top video editing tools of 2022 in no exact order to help you create outstanding videos:

  1. Pinnacle Studios

  2. EaseUs Video Editor

  3. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  4. MiniTool MovieMaker

  5. Corel VideoStudio Pro

  6. Final Cut Pro X

  7. Adobe Premiere Elements

  8. Movavi Video Editor

Now, let us move into the main stuff. Here is what you should know about the 8 top video editing tools of 2022.

Pinnacle Studios

Video Editing Software Tool Of 2021

Pinnacle Studios is an awesome video editing software that provides advanced editing features. It comes in several versions including the Pinnacle Studio 21. However, the software's latest version is the Pinnacle Studio 24. This editing software can only operate on Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 8, iOS, and Windows 10. It is another product of Corel.


Among its several features, most of which depend on your pricing plan, are;

  • It supports video formats that are no longer in use. These formats include VHS, V8, and some camera formats.

  • Multi-camera editing for up to two cameras

  • Audio ducking