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Top Best Video Editing Software Tool Of [Updated 2023]

If you are yet to incorporate the use of videos to attract, engage, and retain your target audience, there is a high chance that you are just about to do so by being here. This is regardless of your role as a business owner, digital marketer, creative professional, blogger, or even as an influencer. Knowing fully well that the past two years have seen a tremendous increase in the number of daily hours spent in watching videos across the globe. Since 2019, users have spent 16 hours daily watching online videos. Unsurprisingly, such videos have generated above 1200 percent shares when compared to other content forms like images or text. Such an increase in the watching of videos has largely paid off in tremendous value as it has yielded monumental conversions. Ecommerce websites have seen over 45 percent amount received and 184 percent more likely to make purchases. And 95 percent increase in users retaining information from the video they just watched, all goes to show the impact of videos in marketing. But marketing is not all that videos address. Videos are informational and relevant for leisure, entertainment, and education.

To save you time from scouring the web in search of editing software, here is a compilation of the top video editing software in 2023. These tools will help you start creating great videos as a starter. For existing users, your video editing skills will move to the next level and possibly to the roof. But first, why should you consider a video editing tool?

Video Editing Software

Why you should consider a video editing software

For individuals seeking to boost ROI, or increase engagement, introducing videos into their strategies is a no-brainer. And, the use of videos helps build personal relationships too. But creating, editing, cutting, and manipulating videos without the right know-how is no small feat. Thanks to video editing software, even the most basic of users can navigate their paths in creating awesome videos that excite. Unless you want to deliver uncut videos that are not entirely clear and have lots of blips, then you might decide to go for a live streaming option. YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are some of the platforms where you can enjoy such live video sharing options. Still, the fact remains that uncut videos do not suit every scenario. For instance, when marketing, you need your videos to resonate with your brand and send impactful messages. You need clear videos that might need some retouching and editing to remove blips and errors.

The top best video editing software tools of 2023

These are the top video editing tools of 2023 in no exact order to help you create outstanding videos:

Now, let us move into the main stuff. Here is what you should know about the top video editing tools of 2023.

Video Editing Software Tool Of 2021

Pinnacle Studios is an awesome video editing software that provides advanced editing features. It comes in several versions including the Pinnacle Studio 21. However, the software's latest version is the Pinnacle Studio 24. This editing software can only operate on Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 8, iOS, and Windows 10. It is another product of Corel.


Among its several features, most of which depend on your pricing plan, are;

  • It supports video formats that are no longer in use. These formats include VHS, V8, and some camera formats.

  • Multi-camera editing for up to two cameras

  • Audio ducking

  • Seamless video transitions.

  • Unlike in older versions, you can now give objects in different colors refined masks.


Pinnacle Studios video editor offers three paid versions with its Pinnacle studio 24 package

Regular studio 24; $59.95 but with a limited offer, costs $49.95.

Studio 24 Plus; $99.95 but currently costs $69.95.

Studio 24 Ultimate; $129.95, currently $79.95.


  • One outstanding benefit of Pinnacle studios is the several features it offers.

  • Clear and easy to use interface

  • Supports editing for 360° VR content.


  • Its 360° VR editing is uneven

  • Its motion tracking feature is limited.


Top Best Video Editing Software Tool Of 2021

Flowing from its name, users find this video editor easy to use. Its interface is straightforward, and this makes it suitable even for beginners. Besides its UI, EaseUS comes with features that put it on the list of preferred online video editors.


  • This editing software comes with integrated resources, such as sounds, over 50 transitions, and filters.

  • It has basic features for timeline editing.

  • Other impressive features that make video customization easy with EaseUs are speech and text converter, as well as green background remover.


The EaseUs paid version comes for as low as $17.97, with which you get all its features for a one-time fee. Its free trial period, however, gives the basic video editing features.


  • EaseUs allow the importation of files from various devices.

  • It supports all key audio and video formats.

  • There is no limitation on video length, even in the trial version.


  • It is relatively pricey.

  • Its options for editing footage are limited.


Editing Software Tool Of 2021

Professional video editors love this digital powerhouse from Adobe. It has collaboration tools that top its excellence. Like all Adobe creations, the features of this software are expansive, making it an efficient tool.


Adobe Premiere allows an unlimited number of videos

It performs Multicam and 3D editing

It has a non-linear editing interface, which is familiar to many video editors


Below is a breakdown of Adobe Premiere pricing:


US$20.99 every month (Premiere only)

US$52.99 every month (All Adobe apps, including Premiere)


US$33.99 monthly (Premiere only)

US$79.99 monthly (All Adobe apps, including Premiere)


Here, students and teachers get to save 60% with an exclusive price of US$19.99 per month for all apps and US$29.99 per month after the first year.


Plans here work for small workgroups and departments (named-user license), classrooms and labs (shared devices), student departments (student pack), and broad school and faculty access (institution-wide license), which range from US$34.99 monthly to custom pricing for all apps, including Premiere.


  • Adobe Premiere has a wide range of organizational tools and responsive speed performance.

  • Its stabilization tools have been applauded for their excellence.

  • This software has no limitation of Multicam angles.


  • Non-professionals may find the Premiere's interface intimidating.

  • The tool package does not include samples for sound effects.

  • To perform some techniques, other applications such as SpeedGrade, Rush, Spark, or After Effects may be required.


Video Editing Software

Anyone who wants software for editing videos at no cost would find MiniTool a powerful and suitable tool. As a moviemaker, MiniTool makes it possible to create movies and their trailers, Hollywood-style. This simple tool is great for beginners and persons looking for easy and quick results.


  • MiniTool has a variety of pre-made templates to choose from.

  • It supports popular video and audio file formats.

  • It has transition features, although these are not very impressive.

  • Finished videos can be saved, and adjusted to specific devices.


MiniTool goes for US$0 as a free tool.


  • MiniTool does not watermark videos.

  • It has nice project templates.

  • Its interface is clean as well as easy to use.


  • Since options for manual editing are restrictive, this tool is quite limited.

  • There is no way to customize effects.


Video Editing Software Tool

This software is yet another success on the part of Corel studios. With several features already packed in it, the term made its reliability and performance the main focus of the 2023 version. It has no Mac versions and is only compatible with Windows 7 through Windows 10.


  • It supports all video hardware formats namely Nvidia, AMD, and Intel

  • Ready-to-use templates which gear towards marketing and social media posts.

  • After several tries on earlier versions, Corel has implemented a capable mask creator in this version.

  • Among the motion enhance tools is the automatic motion blur.

  • With the split-screen template, you can create PiP effects with motion.


There are two paid packages for this software namely;

Pro; $79.99 (one-time payment) and if you are upgrading from a previous version, it would cost $59.99

Ultimate; $99.99 (one-time payment) and $79.99 for upgrades.


  • It supports various video formats including 360° VR, 3D, and 4K ultra HD.

  • Extremely fast output rendering speed.

  • There are stop-motion tools available.

  • Easy to use, user-friendly interface.


  • It does not feature keyword tagging in organizing media

  • Its audio-editing is sub-par what competitors have to offer.

  • It is packed with easy-edit tools.


Editing Software Tool

This is yet another top video editor around. The final cut Pro X software is a product of the Apple developers. Just like every other Apple product, this software shows a lot of promise and comes with various features. It is compatible with Mac OS 10.14.6 or higher.


  • Multi-camera video editing

  • Final Cut Pro X comes with your commonplace editing features, however, under the Analyze & Fix panel you find more advanced features like “Find People.”

  • Clips arrangement by keyword order

  • With the newly added Metal-based processor, projects like composition, importation, and rendering complete faster.


Final cut Pro X paid plan costs $299.


  • With one payment, you can use this software across various Mac devices.

  • Its services include a support MacBook touch bar.

  • It comes with an iPad sidecar.

  • It supports Apple's Silicon M1


  • Using the timeline-editing feature may halt the operations of real-time Pro editors.

  • The 360° video editor does not support motion tracking, neither does it have any form of stabilization.

  • The import dialog has no search feature.


Video and Edit

Are you still in the elementary stages of video editing? You do not have to worry about the best tutorial videos as Adobe Premiere Elements has got you covered.


  • Advanced haze removal and focus adjustment.

  • Automatic video edits like aspect ratio, motion tracking, and video stabilization with the aid of the Quick mode.

  • The guided mode helps users by educating them on all available features and functions.

  • Multi-camera edits

  • It allows touch-based editing and video collages.


If you are getting this software alongside Photoshop elements, it would cost $149.99 (one-time payment). However, as a standalone, the software costs $99.99 (one-time payment) which you can get on Amazon for $69.99.

When you are paying for an upgrade of versions, these prices are reduced to $119.99 and $79.99 each.


  • It is user-friendly both to beginners and experts, although, the software is generally not complex.

  • It provides support across various platforms

  • Several available video effects


  • There is no multi-camera feature.

  • It does not support screen recording.

  • It also does not support 3D, VR, or 360° video edits.


Video Editing

The Movavi video editor comes with several intriguing features while remaining easy to use and access. With special effects and around-the-clock customer service, Movavi has placed itself among user favorites.


  • This editing software offers basic features including video merge, crop, video reversal, as well as flip the video.

  • It has a user-friendly interface.

  • Various video transitions options.

  • Chroma key with which video backgrounds can be changed.


Regular Movavi Video Editor; $39.95

Video Editor +; $59.95 (one-time payment)

Video Suite; $79.95 (yearly) or $199.95 (one-time payment)

Unlimited Plan; $129.95 (yearly) and $259.95 (one-time payment)


  • If you are unsatisfied with their services, you get a refund if a complaint is made within the first 30 days.

  • You get to work on videos right on the website, no need to download the unedited version.

  • All operations carried out by Movavi are secure and not open to third-party.

  • You can choose to save files with added watermarks at no cost.

  • Compatible with Mac and Windows alike.

  • Several pre-designed stickers, transitions, backgrounds, and so on are available in the software's Effects store.


  • It is incompatible with the Apple Silicon M1

  • It does not support advanced video pre-trimming and trim modes.

Wrapping Up

Videos are essential parts of our lives for informing, advertising, leisure, and many other uses. Its conversion rates are eye-captivating and one that you do not want to miss.

Whether you are a business owner, internet marketer, influencer on YouTube or Instagram, videos will help your business marketing efforts. Also, if you are an everyday user who wants to create nice videos with friends or families to recreate or save memories, videos are invaluable. You can bank on any of these top video editing software.

This article on the top video editing software discusses the best editing tools from different subjects. It includes the software background, its features, pricing, pros, and cons. These focus points will help you make all-rounded considerations when deciding what video editing tool to use. You have to consider the compatibility of the software with your current device, a price that fits your budget, and what the tool offers. Regardless of your choice, one thing is certain—these video editing software will deliver in your video creating effort.


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