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Best SEO Software To Rank Your Keywords In 2021

Hey guys, it's me Josh here. Today, I will let you show my campaign structure on how I build my keywords on top and my Youtube Video. This is a combination of manual link building and SEO automation tool. This is for expert and had experienced in some of the software, or this will be so much complicated to understand and in worse case scenario, you will probably not getting any good results if you don't follow my campaign structure. The purpose of this blog is to show you how we dominate ranking using some SEO software power and how we manipulate the metrics using the tool. And of course, for those clients that have the software but doesn't know how to structure the campaign.

Strategy #1

Start With The On-page Optimization

We all probably know's that on-page optimization first before doing ranking or boosting up your keywords. My suggestion is, if you're ranking for a specific keyword, you need to search for the long tail keywords. And also, you need to focus only one keyword per page. For example, you are ranking for the keyword " how to rank your keywords" then you should be focusing on that keyword, so you need to make sure you have these on your page:

1.) Alt text image with keywords focuses "how to rank your keywords."

seo software

2.) Add your focus keywords on your H1 or in your post title if you're creating a blog post

rank your keywords

3.) If you're creating a blog, then you should have it in your body and do not overuse the keywords

4.) Page title optimization, meta description, and URL link. Add your targeted keywords just like the image example below.

rank your keywords

5.) Once you're all set, then we can proceed to strategy 2.

Strategy #2

Tier 1 Properties

I always look for the best and quality pointing to my money site, if you care. If not, then you can do whatever you want! But I suggest is to do manual link building for tier 1 properties. You need to invest time, quality and make it natural in building those tier 1 properties. They say it's better to create 20 high-quality solid links than weak 1,000 of links. You guys know 300 spartan movies? That's how solid soldier defeats thousands of army.

Starter Links

seo sofware tool

Local citations building - if you're site is about a product and have some business address like plumbing services, dentist, auto loan, etc. Then you should include citations list as your number 1 starter links. You can start with the yelp, bing, Hotfrog, yahoo directory, etc. Just choose the citation with right metrics and good traffic.

Blog Site - As for tier 1 properties, I can go with website builder, blog post or web 2.0 blog. They are suitable for a startup if you still cannot afford to create your own PBN network, buy guest post blogs or rent quality links. But, we do recommend to get guest posting or high-quality PBN as your tier 1, you can do triple hits like PBN network, Guest posting and Web 2.0. So, you will have three inner circles pointing to your money site and boost them up with powerful SEO software. If you are really on a tight budget and still want to test, then you can start with the web 2.0 blogs. They are powerful if you know how to optimize them and hit with good content and can make them boosted up. You need to optimize the site too, like optimizing alt keywords, image, geo-tagging, page title, meta description, proper using of h1,h2 tags, quality content, etc. You need to make them look legit, natural and quality build. You can add to a page, landing pages, services, blogs, etc.

Here is an example of quality web 2.0 Now, get a different list of blogs and create them accordingly to your campaign structure. If you're building a brand business name, then in your subdomain name should be your brand name or business name. If you're ranking a keywords, then your subdomain name or content is all about the keywords that you're ranking, for example, you're ranking for the keyword "Digital marketing services" then you should be creating a keywords related to your subdomain like digitalSEOservices, seomarkeringtips, etc. you will be optimizing the keywords, h1, page title, meta description. Those are important if you want a long-term relationship ranking and legitimate. Rinse and repeat up to 20 different domain + web 2.0 blogs, then gather them up later for the automation tool boost up. You can see below for diagram structure on how to optimize your web 2.0 blogs and tier 1 properties. If you don't have time to create these task, hybrid traffic always got your back! We offer these packages in domain authority stacking.

Social fortress - Build your reputation and gain more spot on google with the social list properties. Lock down your brand name to any of the social properties like Twitter, Instagram, about. Me, know, medium, GitHub, etc. This is a good start in building brand awareness, and also you can hit these social properties with SEO software with contextual backlinks, and kitchen tiered link. Make them more powerful and increase its authority power metrics. Remember you will need to use the exact anchor text balance when boosting up each properties. The brand name must be used 50% +, and then you can do the rest like naked links, generic site + brand name, etc. You can check below on our Facebook page on how we build it, and it's already 3rd rank in brand reputation. Again, if you don't have any time to create these task or don't know how to build it, we do offer social fortress packages with high quality.

Anchor text balance

link building seo softwaree

Majestic metrics

seo software 2018

Moz metrics

seo tool software

brand ranking reputation

seo automation tool software

You need to hit hard the social properties like a real money site. You build links, and you get what you want. Do not be in a hurry, because everything will be counted by days or month.

Optimizing your Web 2.0 Blogs On-page

the best seo software hybrid traffic

Web 2.0 Blog network as your buffer 1

hybrid traffic seo software

Social fortress Hit It up

seo software

Now you already have your tier 1 set up pointing to your money site, now let's get the software do the magic trick to boost our tier 1 properties, to balance anchor text, indexing links, and rankings.

SEO software tool

You Need Software Automation Contextual Links To Rank Your Buffer 1

These are the tools that offer high contextual backlinks; you need to have one of them:

1.) Rankwyz - It's an automation tool that managed web 2.0 blogs, social bookmarking, social, shared network, PBN management. This tool is sometimes tricky, and if you're new to them, then you'll probably need a guide or watch their tutorials to use it correctly. It's a web-based automation tool, so there's no need to download anything. You need to login to their website and create the campaign or projects.

2.) FCS - It's still similar to rankwyz, they are web 2.0 management software, social bookmarking and social, they are web-based software just like Rankwyz. The only difference between rankwyz and FCS are their brand name ( Just kidding). Rankwyz has a problem in scheduling and posting to accounts; sometimes it will automatically stop or delay in posting. While FCS is more in accounts suspended or bug dashboard report. It say's posted, but when you check the inner page accounts it doesn't have any post! So in short, Rankwyz is a bit more buggy in scheduling and posting but good dashboard reporting and clean network. FCS is buggy in reporting but good success rate posting.

3.) SAP - So far, this is the tool I personally liked it. It's a software automation tool that can automate web 2.0 blogs, EDU, forum, Pdf, social bookmarking. They are still new but still kicking. The only difference for rankwyz and FCS is that this tool needs to be download and install on your PC or if you have a VPS, then much better. The dashboard is easy to understand, and you can integrate some captcha, article, indexing, proxies, etc. So, in short, this tool is having a similarity with GSA ser. But this one is more focus on contextual and real backlinks. They have their own web 2.0 list and some random original list. The report looks good too and also the URL link posted.

So, I introduce to you some contextual software that will help you rank your keywords or your brand name. It depends what tool you're using, but those are my recommendation if you don't know how to use those tool; hybrid traffic offers software coaching to fully blast your network like a rock-star, just contact us. Because we already did a trial and error, we tested a multiple campaigns and exact results from time to time. Any of those three you can get a good ranking if you know what you're doing. To be precise, I will share you a diagram structure below :

best seo software

You need to make sure that you indexed your tier 1 and boost up links in google search, if not, then you're not gaining any results! You use indexer tool or build a kitchen sink each of the networks with a GSA ser. You can check our blog on how we index the links, click here for more info.

to create a kitchen sink or another tool for boost up, I will have to recommend these SEO software tools:

1.) GSA - its a powerful tool to help you build anchor balance, indexing, mass backlinks. If you know GSA, then we already knew that GSA is not suitable for buffer 1 pointing to the money site. GSA is a right tool used to build backlinks to your buffer 1 and buffer two sites.

2.) Syndwire - a social syndication tool that automates posting of social bookmarking, web 2.0, status post and video. Now, for syndwire, I like using their bookmarking campaign and web 2.0, again you can do great things in this software. They have an excellent site list and good success rate in posting, but they are an expensive tool.

3.) SAP - it does have their booster links, you can use their forum profile, Edu links, and authority profile.

You can take a look at the diagram campaign structure below on how we execute the plan. You can do first set for each keyword, then leave it for a month and wait for the links to be indexed and relax and see some rankings within two months. If you don't know how to use or execute the tools, we have a team of expert to help you out or coach your own VA or yourself for proper handling of the tools, set up and integration. We are here to help you out.

best seo software

You take notes that you can hit your brand name or specific keywords for main web 2.0 blog buffer 1.

Competitive Keyword?

We also made a campaign structure on how to rank competitive keywords. This one is a bit more complicated as you know. The more competitive the keyword, the more will need to construct a complex structure campaign. But this time, it's different. This is like a mix martial arts, and we need more different structure in buffer one then software boosts up.

seo software 2018

We are going to list the campaign recipe breakdown numbers for each structure.

Buffer 1

  • Social fortress - 300 + properties drip to 20 days

  • PBN - 6 to 8 links post drip to 1 month, try to vary the anchor text to branded, keyphrase + keywords, naked links.

  • Guest posting - This one is hard to find, but if you have extra cash to shelter out, then go get it! try 3 - 5 guest post focus for targeted keywords or main keyword

  • High optimize web 2.0 - Get 15 to 20 + different domain and use brand name, naked links, generic keywords.

  • Social share - we recommend to have your moneysite 300 + social share.

Buffer 2

  • SAP - Create 500 + web 2.0 contextual links

  • Syndwire - 200 Social bookmarking and 100 web 2.0 wordpress and tumblr

  • Rankwyz - blast them with shared network like bookmarking and web 2.0, do a minimum of 700 alive links.

Buffer 3

GSA blast - Run your GSA to the max thread and get as many links as you can. You better have a good integration set up like three captchas to increase success rate, get good private proxies for fast browsing and signing up and to avoid being suspended. Just integrate some useful tools for email, articles, indexing, etc.. This tool is so painful because you will need to invest for a good set up.


Don't forget to indexed them, and do drip feed them. More or less you will see good results within a month.

That's it for now, keep eyeing on my next blog post for another SEO strategy tips! Don't forget to share and bookmark our site :) and by the way, if you guys need help, we can help you out in your campaign if you do have a problem in following our structure or software tool. We have a team of SEO software VA that focus in building quality set up and structure with low cost.


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