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Best Editorial Calendar Plugins

Having trouble being consistent with your website's publishing schedule? Using an editorial calendar will make you feel in control.

Editorial Calendar Plugins

There are so many plugins available to help you create an editorial calendar in WordPress. Using these plugins, you can plan and schedule your content for a consistent and efficient content strategy.

In this article, we have compiled a list of top editorial calendar plugins you should give a try. They are:

Best Editorial Calendars Plugins


Editorial Calendar Plugins - Coschedule

CoSchedule is a really popular editorial calendar plugin. It has over 200,000 users around the world, making it the fastest-growing marketing work management software.

By using this editorial plugin, you can have a time-driven schedule for posting on social media or publishing new blogs. This editorial calendar plugin is mainly branded as a marketing calendar that helps you plan and schedule your site's content such as marketing activities including articles. CoSchedule does not just assist you in scheduling and publishing content on your website, it also helps you to a great extent in marketing on all important channels. It is suitable for small businesses, solo writers, and more. CoSchedule is the best plugin for people who want to manage their editorial calendar from a third-party app rather than from their WordPress dashboard.

CoSchedule has a free version and also offers a premium plan. This plan is quite expensive but this editorial calendar plugin is feature-filled so, it is worth the amount. It allows social scheduling, tasks, project attachments, customizing (color adding), creating a unified workflow for team projects, viewing your whole social media marketing strategy in one place, and many more.


Editorial Calendar Plugins _ pricing

In addition to the free version, the PRO plan costs $29/month billed annually.



Editorial Calendar Plugins - Schedulepress

SchedulePress was formerly known as WP Scheduled Posts. It is a freemium editorial calendar plugin that is focused on scheduling posts and on scheduling publishing on social media. SchedulePress comes with a schedule calendar that allows you to drag and drop posts in your calendar for easy access.

This plugin allows you to automate all your posts, publishing them at your scheduled time automatically. But it doesn’t only allow you to publish your posts automatically. It also allows you to auto-share them with your selected social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. You have full control over how your posts are shared on social media as this editorial calendar plugin allows you to customize the contents in them before they are officially shared. SchedulePress is suitable for both business owners and bloggers.

It also comes with a visual calendar that allows the display of content workflow, as it creates and manages post schedules. It also has a dashboard widget that enables you to schedule posts and content drafts from the WordPress dashboard. SchedulePress has a lot of users mainly because of its unique ability of automation but also because it has all the necessary features to be considered a good editorial calendar plugin.


It offers several premium packages which include:

  • Individual: $39/year

  • Business: $111/year

  • Lifetime Unlimited: $279/year

  • WP Developer Agency Bundle Lifetime: $599/year


Nelio Content

Editorial Calendar Plugins - Nelio Content

Nelio Content is a powerful WordPress editorial calendar plugin. It has a user-friendly interface and it is a content assistant plugin that is suitable for personal websites belonging to publishing companies, non-profit organizations, and e-commerce stores. This editorial calendar plugin also has the drag and drop feature which makes it easier for you to reschedule posts. Nelio Content also has an automated posting feature, meaning you can schedule the publishing of your posts on the available social media platforms and they will be posted when the set time is reached.

This feature increases the efficiency of the site owner as they can efficiently promote their posts on social media without being behind schedule. It integrates with Google Analytics thereby allowing you to watch the performance of your post on the social platforms on which it was shared.

The free version of this plugin already has significant features needed in an editorial calendar plugin but, unlocking the premium plans gives you access to more features and tools.


  • Basic: $12/month

  • Standard: $24/month

  • Plus: $36/month



Editorial Calendar Plugins - Publishpress

PublishPress is one of the best editorial calendar plugins you will ever come across. It has a nice calendar that helps you have a clear view of your planned publishing schedules. This editorial calendar plugin also has the drag and drop feature which allows you to seamlessly move schedules from one day to another. PublishPress offers a commenting feature that enables communication between writers and editors on the content being written.

It has a user-friendly interface and offers useful features for blogs, media, and organization website owners. This editorial calendar plugin allows you to filter and find projects based on their status, categories, authors, and tags. Also, when you click on a specific project you can view details on its status, author, type, and editorial comment.

You can create notifications with this plugin which can help you keep your team updated. The key features of this editorial calendar plugin are that it has an easy-to-use calendar that helps you manage published and scheduled posts or projects, it gives a content overview that displays all tasks and their details, it allows you to customize the status of a post or project (such as in progress, draft, and, published), and finally, it allows you create and send notifications via email for content updates.

PublishPress has a free version and this version has the necessary tools an average person or a small business may need but, it also has premium versions


Editorial Calendar Plugins pricing

  • Business: $129/year

  • Agency: $249/year

  • Unlimited: $399/year

Why Use Editorial Calendar Plugins?

It is the best way to hit your deadlines and consistently publish content on your website as it shows what you are working on next. Editorial calendar plugins inform you on which content creator is working on which task, when it is due, and on what social media platforms it would be uploaded on.

Editorial calendars help you in maintaining a consistent publishing schedule which will extensively help you in retaining the interest of your website's visitors. It helps take a lot of weight off your shoulders thereby making it possible for you to focus more on writing content for your website's users/visitors.

Editorial calendars can be made in quite several ways including through spreadsheets, but, you can also have an editorial calendar in WordPress! This is possible with the use of editorial calendar plugins.

Bottom Line

Throughout this article, we’ve seen four different impressive editorial calendar plugins to aid your content strategy. And though they have similar features, each of these tools was designed to satisfy the need of users in various editorial areas. So, go through each of their features and select the one that suits your needs most. After all, having a good content strategy is a vital step to successful marketing.


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