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Top Best Auto Clicker Software Tool Online For Free [Updated 2023]

Are you keen on simulating your PC’s mouse click? Or, do you need to automate a process that requires a button on your device being continually pressed on an element? Then you might just require an auto-clicker. This computer program works generically with other software to repeat current programmed inputs. Typically used in handling automations, gaming, powering machines, form completion, as well as tick-counting and even trading, you may just need an auto clicker software sooner than you might have expected.

Because of the wide use of auto clickers, there is a tremendous demand for this automation software. And as such, many products are springing up to meet the demand of users seeking to find the best auto clicker online. This is quite visible with a simple search on Google for auto clickers. Hence, making the task of deciding what auto clicker to use daunting. Even more, you have the huge task of searching for a great auto clicker that is malware-free, responsive to use on different devices, has an effective programmable system and fits your budget among other factors. Do not be deterred as this article is exactly what you need to find the right auto clicker for your computing needs. It discusses the top best auto clicker tool online for free in 2023 and offers insights into the exciting world of auto clickers, even for beginners. To start with, let's see how auto clickers work.

How do Auto Clickers work?

Auto Clicker Software Tool

Auto clickers feature in similar automation processes. Hence, they abide by a general principle. Whether you seek continuous clicking, gaming, data entry, software testing, or fast clicking, here is what you should know on how auto clickers work.

- Recording

Generally, auto clickers commence their operations by recording each manual input on the software. This allows for a user to input the desired clicks and their positions on the clicker software. Also, most auto clickers allow users to stop or start the recording process. All the user must do is to find the function on the application in use.

- Delay Clicking

For an alteration in the timing of an auto click, users can create a delay between clicks as they would prefer. One of such instances, where this function would prove invaluable in a computing process, is in certain games. Some games make it difficult to use auto clickers as they are programmed to look for clicking patterns that indicate the use of an auto click system or robot. To bypass such games, a delay in click makes the input seem increasingly random and human. This way, users get results without getting kicked out of the game. The best auto clickers can even allow users to randomize the inserted delay to make the process seem more of human input.

- Click Rates

In a similar way in which an auto clicker delay clicks, it can alter the rates of clicks on a device. What this means is that users can program a single click or even a double or triple-click on their devices. To do this, the auto clicker basically mimics the input device—a mouse or keyboard—in signaling the device.

- Click types

Auto clicker software are reputed as click simulators and can generate different click types depending on the preferred rate of the user. These include up, down, right, left, single, and double clicks. The auto clicker customizes each button with ease. Even full-sized keyboards can customize numerical, and alphabetical keys as macros.

The top best Auto Clicker Software tool online for free in 2023

  1. Autoclicker

  2. Auto Mouse Clicker


Now, let's take a deep dive into the top best auto clicker software online tool in 2023.


Auto Clicker Tool

Since 2019, Autoclicker has become integral to providing a 360 auto-clicking solution across multiple devices for different purposes. These include android and Mac devices, ROBLOX, GS, Minecraft, and Op auto clickers. In line with its expansion goal to become a center for auto clickers, smartphones, and other tips and tricks in the tech space, Autoclicker has welcomed a lot of outstanding developers into its fold over the years. To begin with this auto clicker, the user simply must visit and find a clicker for their preferred device.


  • Limitless auto clicks available to users

  • Well-documented website to support users. It also provides a contact form and an email address to users for direct communication with its developers.

  • It features an Intuitive UI for seamless operations

  • Programmable hotkeys

  • Auto start function

  • Multiple clicks


It is free for download and use.


  • It is a safe and virus free auto clicker

  • Free download and easy to install

  • It offers user support

  • Responsive user interface with an integrated auto start feature

  • It gives its users more control with Programmable hotkeys

  • No user exhaustion from idle clickers, and saves users from risks of arthritis

  • It requires minimum computing resources, saving users physical and electrical energy.

  • It has a solution for several devices including Mac, Android, and PC.


  • It requires continuous activity for successful running.


2.) Auto Mouse Clicker

Auto clicker Software

The auto mouse clicker finds its use in playing and testing games and software, as well as the automation on many activities including office work. Available on different platforms including Windows, Mac, or Android, users can get started with relative ease. For precision, Mouse Clicker makes several specialized click software available to its user as well as different settings to ensure that users complete tasks requiring different clicks. The excellent team of developers and gamers at is behind the management of this auto clicker.


  • Easy installation and setup

  • It has specialized software for several tasks

  • Support is available to users on its website

  • Free download support

  • It has a friendly user toolbar

  • Multi-click type support at configurable rates


It is downloadable for free


  • Regular update and free to download

  • It offers support to users through its website

  • It features a friendly toolbar to help users see where every click takes places

  • Configurable click rates and types

  • Easy and hassle-free automation

  • It supports customizing coordinates


  • Users have to visit the UI to start and stop the automation process

  • It requires a bit of concentration on the initial setup.



AutoclickerAI is one of the best performance-based auto clickers online for free download in 2023 with its OP Auto Clicker. This auto clicker tool differs across the board as it aims at providing a solution that protects the device of its users. is a creation of Oliver Green, which he started in 2017. His decision to create an auto clicker stemmed from the fact that he could not find a great auto clicker that suits his needs online. This gives insight into the effort and time invested in to become a top auto clicker tool online.

To start using this tool, simply download any of's OP, Murgee, GS, Keyboard Presser, or Free mouse auto clicker and install.


  • Hotkey selection and configuration to get the auto clicker running

  • Users can decide what mouse button to configure for clicks

  • Easy programmable click repeat feature

  • X and Y target points on UI for easy positioning

  • It is well-documented with a knowledge base on its website

  • It is malware-free and requires less usage of processing resources


This auto clicker is free to download and use


  • Adjustable hot keys

  • It uses fewer CPU resources

  • It is available across multiple platforms

  • It offers fast clicking

  • It is virus-free and safe to use

  • Easy UI to understand and configure

  • It offers support through its online knowledge base

  • It has a record and playback feature to help users view recordings


  • There is no auto-start feature on sight as users have to click on the start button on the UI or use a hotkey to get the auto clicker running.


What to look out for when selecting an auto clicker

When deciding on an auto clicker to get, there are certain features to look out for. These are the typical features that you will find in the best auto clickers software tool online in 2023 for free.

1.) Limitless Click

To get the most of an auto clicker software, it should not limit you to the number of clicks it permits. Imagine running automation or playing a game and you exhaust your clicks just before the final moments? Hence, the need to look for an auto clicker tool online that gives you the leeway to execute your tasks.

2.) Dynamic button positioning

An auto clicker that allows its user to choose what mouse or keyboard buttons that are available on the interface offers a better experience for successful inputs. It also gives room for the configuration of a wide range of devices.

3) Intuitive user interface

A complex auto clicker interface makes the automation process more difficult for the user. Such an interface makes the configuration process tasking and lengthy. An auto clicker with a simple interface is easy to configure and understand. A simple UI with easy manipulation under a click is one to go with.

4.) Different click types

An auto clicker software that features just a single click option does not live up to the demand of users. For better convenience and to meet specific purposes, opting for auto clickers with several types of click—single, double, or triple—is the best bet.

5.) AutoStart

Having to start your application repeatedly can be stressful and time-consuming. Such inconveniences are avoidable with the auto clicker's auto-start feature. With the auto-start, you can start your device and jump right into the automation process or game without having to load the auto clicker from scratch.

6.) Programmable hotkeys

Hotkeys are lifesavers as they get you into the window of certain applications with ease. Such shortcuts eliminate the need to comb through your applications or minimize your current window screen to start your auto clicker or a feature it offers. Using an auto clicker with programmable hotkeys will save you time and any hassle involved in switching windows.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are gaming, grabbing flash deals online, entering data, programming, or automating a specified task, you no doubt understand the importance of auto clickers. Although sometimes misconstrued to be illegal, they remain an invaluable tool to hasten up processes. The gaming community sees such tools as unethical for several reasons. But they are legal for everyday use. Still, many of these tools are quite difficult to set up, configure and use. Even the free tools pose a risk of being a malware carrier, eventually becoming a burden to the user.

This article discusses several top auto clicker software and indicates essential features to look out for when deciding on what clicker to download. The top best auto clicker software free online tool in 2023 helps cut the chase with finding genuine auto clickers online. For one thing, you comb through the pile of free auto clickers online with ease without any fear of downloading a horrible clicker that puts your device at risk. Also, you know what you are getting from the auto clicker tool, saving you the productive time needed elsewhere.

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