Article Generator Software For SEO: Should You Use Them?

Let’s be honest. Content Writing can be one of the most boring and taxing aspects of any SEO campaign. It’s also one of the most time-consuming processes. However, it’s because Content Management is the key to a successful SEO strategy. And we’re not just talking about nonsense and garbled articles or blogs either. These days, Google is adamant about giving its users no less than the most relevant and high-quality answers to their search queries. This means that now, more than ever, Google requires nothing but the best content possible.

However, this can be challenging especially if you are maintaining multiple sites and blogs. Not to mention all the preparation it needs to create high-quality articles. Because at the end of the day, content writing involves more than just typing words in front of a computer. With SEO, creating content requires keyword research, adding images or videos, and optimizing it to make it one informative and useful article.

This is perhaps why a lot of people want to figure out the easiest ways to create content that would make them rank highly on search engines. But these days, you need to be extra careful. Using Black Hat SEO techniques to trick search engines can land you in muddy waters. Penalties for these methods can either lower your ranking or downright ban you from search engines.

This leaves you with two options: You can either hire a professional writer, or you can get an article spinner or generator to help you come up with regular new content. The first will most likely require more money. And the second option might not help you create grammatically correct and readable articles. Let’s discuss that last option. What are article generators and do they really work? Read ahead to find out.

article generator software

How does a Content Generator work?

Content Generator (AI Content Generator or Article Spinners) helps with SEO content management in different capacities. This can be anything from content that is written by a human but assisted by a computer AI to full-blown computer-only generated content. Content generators take your existing content and rewrite them by shuffling them around to create new articles.

With Auto Content Generators, you typically just type your keywords into a search bar, and new articles will be created based on whatever could be found online regarding your keywords. The process involves scraping content and incorporating them into existing content using a template. You can also insert links, images, or other custom content such as product descriptions and incorporate them into pre-downloaded articles to make them more unique.

Can Article Generators create unique content?

The question is whether or not these tools can make relevant content. As you know, you need to create many readable and high-quality articles to achieve long-term traffic successfully. In truth, using content generators as is will not give you the kind of material you need to be successful in SEO. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible at all. In fact, the secret to using these tools is to use an article spinner or article re-writer. Spinners find words in an article and replace them with a synonym. More fancy tools come with grammar and word choice detection. Their goal is to re-write content in a unique manner.


list of seo software generator

There are lot's of SEO software generator out there, but we do have experienced in using below + we believed that they are unique and good quality. You just need choose the best and can afford the budget.

1.) Article forge - This is one of my favorite, you will just type in the keywords and the secondary keywords, it will automatically scrape an specific topic, title,

Article forge

This is how the dashboard looks

article generator