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Article Forge Review: Does It Produce High-Quality SEO Content?

Writing high-quality content is necessary if you want to rank high on Google and other search engines. Websites that create relevant and interesting content for their readers on a regular basis ranks higher.

These sites have content that is shared and engaged more frequently. They earn more quality backlinks. Google and other search engines begin to acknowledge it as a reputable and valuable website.

Writing top-notch content isn’t an easy task. It takes time and money of you hire writers to write for you.

If you are a site owner or an internet marketer, you need to come up with regular content in order to rank your site in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Since writing content can be challenging, the changing landscape has brought a modern method of coming up with unique and useful content without the need of spending more time and money.

article forge review

Article Forge Fresh and Unique Content

It’s where software tools like Article Forge come into place. It is a website content writer tool that automates the process of writing an article. Just input keywords and it is ready to offer fresh content.

Let’s check what this tool is all about by checking what they have written on its own site:

Article Forge welcomes visitors with its opening line, “ get unlimited, unique content in 30 seconds.” It continues with the phrase that it starts with a free trial.

It promotes its site as a tool that automatically generates high-quality SEO content. The tool is equipped with algorithms that it can pattern the way a human writes content. The algorithms can research any topic like how a common writer does.

In short, the tool can read and scan millions of topics in just minutes to come up with the most re

article forge

relevant content for you. The content is ideal for link building and filler content.


1.) Get unique content that passes Copyscape.

The software critically examines content on the web. It comes up with its own sentences that are plagiarism checked and editing isn’t necessary. There is no chance for duplicated content.

2.) It supports Tier 1 and Tier 2 Content options.

The software supports Tier 1 and Tier 2 content options with nested spintax. Automated content can be subdivided based on its level of readability or quality.

Tier 1: Sites that link to your money site. Content is unique.

Tier 2: Content that has keywords and relevant to your niche. It’s indexable by search engines but not necessarily readable. Content can be made unique through the use of a spinner.

It can generate unique and readable content for your site. It is integrated with WordAi to make the content more unique.

3.) It can produce content in 7 languages.

It can write content in English, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish languages. It is the first content generator tool that supports more than one language.

4.) It can automate all your SEO efforts.

Article Forge schedules your content creation and posts it automatically to WordPress sites. It is equipped with API that can automate your entire SEO activities.

5.) It automatically adds titles, videos, links, images, and more.

The tool is not only in charge with writing content but also the other parts of generating content. It automates the addition of relevant titles, images, videos to each article to make it compelling. It adds links to your article automatically.

6.) There is no need for proxies or scraping. It’s a one-click solution.

The software is designed with algorithms to write like humans. You don’t have to worry about programming, proxies, and complicated settings. Just enter keywords and it would write a unique and high-quality article for you.


Article forge pricing

Article forge offers a 5-day free trial so you can try the tool without any commitment to pay. Aside from that, it also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if you create 10 articles but find it irrelevant for you, you can quit anytime without any obligation.

Here is a quick look about the tool:

How Article Forge Works

This is what the dashboard looks like

article forge dashboard

First thing you might want to do is to go to your profile and you can set your integration tools such as WordAi and copyscape or if you don't have them, then you'll just skip it.


On the left side bar, you can see affiliates, API information, Post scheduler, Wordpress, My articles and New article.

article forge reviews

On the affiliate section, you will see your affiliate link and you'll earn 25% subscription of their article forge subscription - including each time their subscription renews!

article forge affiliate link

Next is the API information. Each account will have a different API key and you can always regenerate their API key if you want renew.

article forge API key

the 3rd one is post scheduler - you can scheduled a post if you have your private network import in their tool.

article forge post scheduler

In the Wordpress tab, you can easily import your own private blog network and it will automatically schedule a post with instant content pointing to your network. You'll just have provide the login details such as domain link, username, password and all good.

article forge wordpress blogs

article forge wordpress

next tab is about your " my articles " it is tab of where all your content will be stock and you will likely to re-use them in the future. You can see article name, keywords, date created, quality. You can clone the content, delete or evene download it.

article forge my articles

Next tab is " new article " it is where the content generated.

1st step: Keyword - enter keyword or main topic of your article ( you must use like broad keyword or specific; for example you will search about the SEO. There are lots of SEO article and you can do like this link building services, on-page SEO, link building company etc. And your sub-keywords should be SEO, digital marketing.

article forge new article

The next option is how to choose your content needs. You can see moneysite filler and you can select most readable or most variations, you may also toggle advanced options and you can drag or put a number of sentence variations or number of paragraph variations and you can turn on/off the shuffle paragraphs.

article forge content needs

Last option is to customize your article style. You can select how many article words; you can select 50 words, 200 words, 500 words and 750 words. You can turn on/off add title heading, add image, add video, replace keywords with links turn on copyscape integration or add spinning articles.

Have you ever used any writing tool like Article Forge? If not and you are interested to get it or not, here are the reviews about this article generator software tool:

Using the tool is very easy. You don’t need to download or install it since it is web-based.

After registration, your 5-day free trial starts. They initially ask to input your credit card information. If you use PayPal, you also need to fill up the credit card details.

If you cancel your registration before the trial period, you wouldn’t be charged with anything. If you happen to create a new account, the system recognizes that it’s you because of the IP address and other data.

According to the author, you input the keyword to start using the tool. It then looks for articles on the web to create a new one. Do not input sub-keywords because articles appear to be irrelevant to the topic.

You can opt for the content’s readability. It supports Tier 1 and Tier 2 content options with nested spintax. You can also customize your content using the Toggle Advanced options. You can set the number of sentence variations, to toggle on or off Shuffle Paragraphs, and the number of paragraph variations.

You can set the style of your article. You can set it to 50, 200, 500, or 750 words but not more than that.

There is a setting to set image and video and set titles and headings. If you wish to replace keywords with links you can also set it up with a new replacement group.

You can use Copyscape to check the relevance and uniqueness of your content. After that, if you think it’s all done, you can press the “Create New Article” button. It usually takes more than 5 minutes.

Based on the review platform, the advantages and disadvantages are as follows:


  • Easy to use.

  • You can schedule when to post content on WordPress sites.

  • It provides a free trial.

  • It is integrated with Copyscape and WordAi.

  • You can create unlimited content.

  • Images, videos, external links, and other elements can be added to the content.


  • The algorithms need more improvement.

  • It produces content not relevant to the topic.

  • It takes longer to come up with the content.

  • The maximum words are 750 only.


With the steep competition among marketers, staying on top of the game becomes really tight. Making sure that you have a steady content generation can make your site more valuable than others in the market.

Article Forge creates content from the combination of articles into one content. However, it lacks a continuous flow of intro, body, and summary. The author also stated that the content generated isn’t related to the keyword.

The algorithms need to be improved. Contrary to the advert that it understands human behavior, it lacks this element.

It needs improvement to be considered as a great content creation tool. It is ideal for Tier 2 link building content and Tier 2 until it makes such improvements.

It’s good that the tool offers the option to add images, videos, or relevant titles. Most frequently, the software doesn’t add any of these elements. However, since it provides a 5-day trial for free, you can test it for yourself.


Another review site provided honest feedback about Article Forge. Here is what it says about the tool:

Upon signing up, you just have to enter your name and email address. Create a password and fill up the payment information using a PayPal or credit card.

If you wish to discontinue the service before the 5-day trial, you can cancel it easily. You just have to go to the cancel info and follow the instructions there.

After signing up, comes the testing part. According to the author, the first article result was not great and not even good.

Based on the review, the result was disappointing because the content generated was not relevant at all. The keyword was “cross stitching,” but then the content doesn’t make any sense from the first to the second paragraph.

It produced 572 words which are perfect for the required 500-word. It was produced for less than 10 minutes.

The content doesn’t have any relevance to the keyword since it all mixed up the words “embroidery,” “crochet,” “cross stitch,” and “beadwork.” The information is all messed up and doesn’t sound really great.

The author gave another try with a second article. The keyword is “apartments in Indianapolis,” while the sub-keyword is “apartments Indianapolis.”

The content generated was 503 words which are perfect for the 500-word. However, the author was still not happy with the result.

The first sentence talks about how to choose a pet dog. It’s certainly out of the topic which is “apartments in Indianapolis.”

Overall, there is no cohesiveness in the content. No context was produced. It’s like speaking to different audiences with different messages.


The author wasn’t satisfied at all with the trials within 5 days, so the subscription was canceled. The report reiterated that the tool is perfect to place together filler content that is not really good practice when it comes to SEO.

In the trials, even with variations in settings like the number of words or the types of keywords, the result was not satisfactorily. The content generated was hard to read.

It’s far from its claims that its algorithms were designed to create content like how a human does. It was disappointing that you cannot even use it as a starting point to begin a writing stint.


With the 5-day free trial period, you can test it by yourself if the content bot is the right software to help you create content. If you are satisfied, you are still safe with the 30-day money-back guarantee. If not, you can opt to try another content generation tool that would work for you.


Version 3.0 update:

In November of 2021, Article Forge released a major update (Article Forge 3.0) that introduced a cutting edge deep learning neural network (the same type of technology that Google uses to judge the quality of text) that writes text. This neural network was trained on the entire internet and was tasked with learning to write readable articles. That version still had many flaws that they have been working on since.

Now, Article Forge has released another update that brought multiple quality improvements but focused most on increasing content relevancy. Article Forge 3.0 introduced another deep learning model that was built to take in and understand new information very quickly. This additional model helps make sure the main Article Forge models have enough up to date, accurate information to write more on-topic, useful articles about any keyword.

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