Article Builder Review: Is it still an Effective Content Generator Software?

Crafting content is not as easy as you think. It takes time and effort to write compelling content because if it is not seen by the search engine bots, it is regarded as a wasted effort.

A content generator software can help brands and individuals come up with content fast and easy. Article Builder is one of the writing tools that can generate the content you need.

Before discussing Article Builder software, let’s check what a content generator software can really do for you.

article builder

What is a content generator?

Software for generating content is a computer program that produces content and summaries that you can publish. It needs details in order to come up with articles, summaries, or reports.

It works faster than a human, so it saves a great amount of time for your business. It is specifically ideal for creating financial or sports reports.

How does it work?

The software for generating content relies on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data analytics. It takes in vocabulary that is relevant to the topic such as journalistic terms and key concepts that is comparable to an article written by a human.

It uses existing content, rewrites, and reorder it to come up with a new one. Information comes from different information around the internet including information or answers from forums or social media platforms.

A content generator lets the user type a keyword or keyword phrase into the search bar to create new articles. The software checks article directories using the keyword to generate related content.

Advanced tools can include the new content into the existing one with the use of templates. You can incorporate images, videos, and links to make it more compelling and unique.

It is useful if you want to craft interesting content for your blog or site. You can create interactive info-graphics or a simple article or blog or create back-links for your site.

What is Article Builder?

Article Builder is an advanced software that can generate the content of your desired topic or subject. Its tagline “Google-friendly, push-button content” promotes its site as a website that produces optimized content in an easy, quick step just like article forge.

Features of the article generator:

  • The software has a wide database of articles covering different types of niches including but not limited to acid reflux, aging, diabetes, insurance, pregnancy, nutrition, and coffee. It updates its database regularly to provide relevant and interesting content.

  • It supports an effective spinner that can produce unlimited numbers of spun articles.

  • It can generate articles with a minimum of 300 to a maximum of 1, 000 words.

  • It provides 100 percent unique articles.

  • You can automate the publishing of your articles into your site or blog.