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Amazon Influencer Program

An Influencer is an individual that can convince people and guide them into a particular line of thought. These persons can affect people's purchasing decisions due to the authority or relationship they have with their audience. Most influencers are either specialists in a particular niche or are knowledgeable about it. Nevertheless, they are not to be seen and taken as simple marketing tools. Yes, they can help in advertising a product but they do more in the sense of working together with brands to build a social relationship that can also fulfill marketing objectives. The size of a niche can determine how large a follower base could be.

Back in 1995, Amazon used to be nothing more than an online bookseller. However, that is not the case today. It has transformed from being an online bookseller into becoming the world’s biggest online marketplace. You can’t even look for a product online without considering Amazon today. It’s no wonder that this company generates a global annual revenue of $386bn.

Amazon did not just achieve this feat overnight. They took a strong stand by using social media influencers to generate more organic traffic to the website. This is all due to a brilliant scheme that is known as the Amazon Influencer Program.

Amazon Influencer Program

If you’re a seller that trades on Amazon, you must have noticed that selling isn’t easy as it was before. Before you could gain an edge over your competition by inserting high-resolution images, positive reviews, and the right keywords. This tactic is not enough to beat them anymore.

The new Amazon Algorithm focuses on brands on various requirements and conditions, one of which is the ability to send external traffic.

Also, Amazon Influencers can now earn close to 10% on commission rates. In case you want to become an Amazon Influencer, there are some important things to know about this professional course. This article focuses on this top Amazon influencer program in 2023.

“Amazon Influencers” – What does it mean?

Amazon Influencer Program

Bloggers, Social Media Influencers, and YouTubers, who recommended and advertise products from third-party brands on Amazon are Amazon Influencers.

These Influencers, after advertising for these brands, earn a particular commission rate as they are Amazon affiliates. The Influencer Program is just an extension of the Amazon Affiliate( associate) scheme, and Influencers must be part of the Affiliate program before they can earn commissions.

To put it simply, the Amazon Affiliate (associate) program helps influencers to advertise products from brands and the Influencers earn profits by promoting items for their audience on social media platforms.

It is important to note that an influencer must have a strong social media presence. These social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, Clubhouse, etc.

An Amazon Influencer has no other aim than to push sales on Amazon through promotion. They also help to generate organic traffic from advertising to a large follower base on social media platforms.

Can anyone become an Amazon Influencer?

As stated earlier, one needs a strong online presence on social media platforms, and a huge following base to which one delivers content, to become an influencer. Still yet, not everyone can become an Amazon Influencer. This is because there are certain requirements made necessary by Amazon.

A person who desires to become an Amazon Influencer must –

  • Have an active social media account. Amazon prioritizes Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. They recently excluded Twitter from this list.

  • Have a huge follower base of at least 20k followers.

  • Deliver quality content and have a high engagement with viewers.

  • Post content concerning products on Amazon.

Amazon Affiliates and Amazon Influencers

Amazon Affiliates are Amazon Influencers.

The notable thing here is that the Amazon Influencer program is just a repackaged extension of the Amazon Affiliate program.

Their method of operation slightly differs but it is to be expected because of the rebranding of the Influencer program. Amazon affiliates can share affiliate links from personal online media accounts but the Influencers must create and grow their business page on Amazon.

The two sets employ various smart methods to boost sales. They advertise on blogs, post links on social media, make references in their videos, etc. All these methods are ways that they use to gain customer attention and refer them to their Amazon link, then viewers will be able to purchase the recommended item by the influencer.

Between the Amazon Affiliates and the Influencers, the Affiliates usually make more sales because they are better at creating convincing content that appeals to viewers, which can turn them into buyers.

How the Amazon Influencer Program works

After an Influencer has met the requirements for becoming part of the Influencer Program, he becomes an Amazon Influencer. They immediately create a storefront advertising all products being endorsed on Amazon.

Then, they post links on their blogs, and social media accounts or create content for it. All these are done so that the Influencers audience will be able to access such products through the link provided.

The steps are outlined below:

  • Amazon Influencers must channel and utilize their large follower base

  • Amazon Influencer registers to be part of the Amazon Associates program

  • Amazon Influencer creates a storefront containing all the products you’re advertised

  • Amazon Influencer shares a link

  • Audience clicks the link and purchases the item

  • Amazon Influencer receives a commission from Amazon irrespective of what item was purchased from that time and the next 24 hours

How can one apply to be part of the Amazon Influencer Program?

The need for Influencers keeps increasing daily. Among third-party sellers on Amazon, 6% employ the use of influencers to increase visibility and 2% have grown their brand by influencing and applying various marketing strategies.

If your social media presence is strong, now is a good time to begin utilizing it. Even if you have already, joining the Influencer program will make you a lot of money.

To join the Amazon Influencer Program, simply follow these steps:

  • Click on get started from the homepage of the Amazon Influencer program.

Amazon Influencer Program 2

From here, you can choose an already existing account or create a new one. Provide these

Amazon Influencer Program 3

  • Your Name

  • Your e-mail address

  • A password

  • Your home address

Amazon Influencer Program 4

One thing vital for creating the Influencer program is the customer account. Most of the details provided for the customer account are transferred to the program. You will be required to provide the following information to register

  • A link or Username to the social media account you have the biggest follower base

  • You will be asked for a profile picture.

  • You will be asked to input a header picture, although this requirement is not mandatory

  • A text space of limited characters that allows you to say a little about yourself.

  • Your address

  • Then choose the social media platform with your biggest follower base. As mentioned earlier, Amazon allows only Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

If you’re using Facebook or YouTube, you will be asked to link your account. While if you’re using Instagram, all that will be asked is to put your amount of followers, your handle, and your post count.

The amount of your follower count greatly affects the chances of your application being accepted.

  • Storefronts set apart amazon influencers from Amazon Affiliates. These storefronts help influencers to boost their marketing. You will be required to create a storefront at this stage of the registration process.

To make it catchy, add an image and a header image.

  • After adding your account info, click “save and finish”. Then the website will redirect you to the dashboard of the Amazon Associate program.

  • Follow the program on Instagram using the account you registered with else the Amazon affiliate would not approve your application. You can choose to create your storefront while waiting for approval too.

After all these steps taken to make money on Amazon, it’s not far-fetched if one asks the question:

How much is made from influencing, using Amazon?

Before you choose the particular category you wish to advertise, make findings on the site’s commission statement.

  • Computers and their accessories provide 2.5%ROI

  • Amazon coins and fashion items provide 10%ROI

  • Game consoles & video games provide 1%ROI

  • TV provides 2%ROI

  • Toys provide 3% ROI

  • Books, musical instruments, and sports range from 4.5% to 5% ROI

  • Amazon devices 4%

  • Clothes and home accessories range from 7% to 8%

Amazon Influencer Program 5

Bottom Line

It is not a bad idea to have many followers on social media. It pays if you know how to monetize it.

The Amazon Influencer program is the best platform available for earning using your social media and its features. By supporting and marketing products through the features of the website, you can make money.


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