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AI Yearbook Trend

As AI evolves, humans continue to find intriguing things to do with it. Over the past few years, AI had seen its use in virtual assistance, learning, improved healthcare, and more recently, in the AI yearbook trend. What is that? If you aren't familiar with the trend, this article discusses what it is and how you can get on this fun side of AI.

AI Yearbook Trend

What Is the AI Yearbook Trend?

The AI yearbook trend originally started as tech enthusiasts testing out the use of AI to create images of how they will look in the future or of how they looked in the past. However, it has now taken over social media, especially TikTok. Additionally, it is something that helps people reminisce about their younger selves, see themselves as another version of themselves, or see a glimpse of how they will look in the future.

This trend went viral due to the usual curiosity of humans. We want to know how the future will be and we reminisce on nostalgic memories of the past. Because this trend satisfies this innate curiosity, it has gone viral.

How to Participate in the AI Yearbook Trend

As we've seen, this trend is really popular across social media and most people want to try it. However, not many know how to or where to start. If you're one of those seeking to join the trend, consider this factor below, which would help you participate in this trend with ease and the most benefits.

Choosing a Good Platform

Just like most things in life, finding a good or rather reliable platform for the AI yearbook trend is essential. Many platforms offer this service for free while others require a small fee. So, scrutinize your available options and find which one fits your needs best.

Some top platforms that offer the AI yearbook feature are:

AI Yearbook Trend - Photo Editor AI

This app is number one in terms of the AI yearbook trend. The app hails from South Korea-based Snow Corporation, a Naver subsidiary, which also makes the AI profile app Snow.

Just like other apps with the AI yearbook feature, EPIK has users upload a couple of selfies which it uses to generate throwback high school yearbook photos for the user with different looks, poses, and hairstyles. A couple of famous people with large followings on social media also used this app in creating their AI yearbook photos.

To use this AI yearbook feature on EPIK you need to upload 8-12 selfies with varying expressions, backgrounds, and angles which will then be processed by the app into 60 different images. The app does warn users that results will not always be satisfactory as they are still working to improve its AI results.

AI Yearbook Trend - Vidnoz

Vidnoz is a face swap AI app. It is web-based and can be used for the AI yearbook trend. It allows its users to upload their pictures or videos or they can choose from different options of celebrities, cartoons, politicians, and many more.

Vidnoz uses AI to create realistic and seamless face swaps while allowing them to adjust brightness, contrast, and other aspects of the face swap.

AI Yearbook Trend - Artguru

This AI app also aids the AI yearbook trend. It allows users to swap their faces with historical figures, celebrities, or anyone in their yearbook photos. With its use of advanced AI and learning techniques, it creates seamless and high-quality face swaps.

AI Yearbook Trend - Pixble

The AI yearbook trend is also a feature of Pixble. Pixble is an online photo editing tool that uses AI to enhance your photos. It helps in creating nostalgic 90s-inspired yearbook photos of yourself using the app's templates.

When you upload selfies, you can choose between standard or express delivery of your AI-generated yearbook photos. Just like EPIK, this app will deliver 60 photos to you in different 90s hairstyles, poses, and outfits.

The above four are some of the top platforms through which you can participate in the AI yearbook trend. After going through this and reading reviews on each of them and other platforms out there, go ahead to pick one that fits your needs.

How Does the AI Yearbook Trend Work?

You might have wondered how these platforms offering the AI yearbook feature predict your future self and recreate your younger days. Let's talk about how.

  • One way through which these apps do this is by machine learning and image processing. Machine learning is like the heart of the platforms offering the AI yearbook feature. They feed a lot of images into their systems thereby teaching the AI to recognize the patterns, age-related changes, and other aspects related to human aging.

  • Data also plays an important role in the AI yearbook trend. The more data input into the AI the more efficient it gets. So, with every new AI yearbook created, the system gets better for them.

How to Properly Use the AI Yearbook Feature on Platforms

Knowing the trend and having an app that fits your needs are only the basics when you want to engage in the AI yearbook trend. There are yet other tips on how to use this feature on whatever platform you choose. They are:

  • Use high-resolution photos for your selfie selection

  • Use photos with neutral expressions to increase the efficiency of the results.

What are the Pros and Cons of Using the AI Yearbook Trend?

Now, let's talk about the pros and cons associated with using the AI yearbook trend.


  • The trend gives a different view when you look back at your past even though some of them are AI-generated.

  • It helps you get a glimpse at what you will look like in your future years.

  • Using AI to generate different age-variations of yourself is a fun and creative activity

  • It is educational and inspiring

  • It helps in promoting AI and face recognition technology

  • The AI yearbook trend encourages experiments

  • It helps in boosting one's imagination

  • It is a fun way of seeing yourself in 90s style


  • Using AI to generate your images can cause confusion and misinformation

  • It can cause problems in proving the authenticity and quality of pictures

  • Users can deceive and manipulate others using these AI-generated photos

  • AI usage for this purpose can lead to privacy concerns such as identity theft

  • It has a potential risk of setting unachievable beauty standards

  • It can have a bad effect on the self-esteem and confidence of users

Things to Remember when Using the AI Yearbook Trend

  • Though it's fun and the memories created behind them are nice, remember that it is not real

  • Make sure to use a website that has a good and trusted reputation along with a good data protection policy

  • Do not upload personal pictures as these could get to the wrong hands and affect you negatively

  • Do not let the unrealistic beauty standards get to you and if you know they will, then do not participate in this trend


The AI yearbook trend is one full of wonder and is quite fun to engage in. It could be a way of passing time by engaging in it. This trend also helps adults reminisce on their nostalgic memories from high school. It also makes the creation, editing, and designing of your yearbook without spending much. But just like everything else with pros the AI yearbook trend also has cons. So, it is entirely up to you if you want to participate in this trend.


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