Advanced Image Search

Google is amazing. You can find virtually everything on the search engine. You just have to know what to search for and how to look for it. Even without any special technique or use of keywords, you could get around text search. However, it is not always as easy if what you are searching for is an image. Typing what you want into the search box and selecting "Images" on the Google toolbar might do the trick. Yet, this may not always work. In such cases, what you need is an advanced image search. This article contains all you need to know to maximize your advanced image search.

What is Advanced Image Search?

Advanced reverse Image Search

One image can depict a thousand messages. And so, it could be difficult to offer a description that locates the exact image you seek. More is needed than putting together all the details that you require to see in the image you seek. There are several tools and methods you can use to improve your image searches. All of these make up the technique called advanced image search.

Advanced image search involves streamlining your search to help you get your desired image. This is useful if you need to find an image out of the tons that exist on the Internet. And it is especially so if you do not know the exact image you want. Looking for a popular image that you already know of only requires a simple Google search. For instance, finding the renowned Monalisa simply requires you to search "Monalisa" in Google Images. However, if you want a random image you do not already know, an advanced image search is what you need. With advanced functions, you can provide the specific attributes you want to see, as well as those you would not want to see. You can even use one image to find another.

Benefits of Advanced Image Search

Google Advance Search

You may want to do an advanced image search for the sole purpose of finding a certain image. But the technique has several underlying benefits. Here are some of these benefits:

  • An advanced image search can help you find pictures that meet your particular criteria.

  • It helps you avoid copyright infringement by making it easy to find free-to-use images.

  • With advanced or reverse image search, you can determine whether an image is authentic or a modified version.

There are several search engines whose aim is specifically to help you find images. Let us now consider some of them.

Top Advanced Image Search Engines

Out of the scores of search engines that exist, some are very efficient at image searches. Many of them, such as those we will consider below, also support reverse image searches. You can perform an advanced image search with any of the following search engines.

  • Google Search


Google is the most popular search engine, having over 75% of the market share. Virtually everyone uses Google. The good thing is that the powerful engine, not only finds webpages or text results but also images. An advanced image search on Google is easy. And it is possible to achieve even if you do not have a visual reference for what you seek. All you need to do is to provide some keywords and search by certain parameters.

  • Bing