6 Useful SEO Tools In 2021 to Refresh Old Content for High-Converting Rates

Refreshing old content is an extremely useful and effective marketing strategy. It can increase conversions and provide SEO optimization that will lead to more natural searches on your website. This strategy helps to get the most of the content you already have.

It is important because the number of articles and pages grows, while the demand remains at the same level. That’s why the success of a website or a blog is based not on the number of publications but their efficiency.

Where to start from? Well, it is easy, as it all begins with in-depth research. The way one works on an outline for essay, the same way you need to develop posts’ updating strategy. Coming up with quality content is not rocket science for essay writing service, all the same, it requires some knowledge and practices for sharing organic and qualified insights. Here are the steps:

  1. Analyze the performance of the content. It is essential to know what materials are the most efficient and generates better conversions and what posts bring more clicks to call-to-actions.

  2. Optimize the old posts in compliance with two main factors:

  • Revise your interlinking strategy;

  • Improve SEO optimization for posts that create more leads but do not have substantial traffic. According to the research, the majority of traffic (71%) goes to the first Google page. It means that the content should be ranked high to get to a broad audience.

Here are several things to consider when reworking old content:

  • Update the relevance of the topic and message;

  • Work on the call-to-actions, because they generate the majority on interlinks;

  • Conduct keyword research and update keywords in the post;

  • Republish updated content, so it is ranked fresh by a search engine.

To achieve these goals, you can use the following tools. They allow analyzing content, show the weak spots and room for possible improvement, and make suggestions regarding SEO optimization.

Here are amazing analytic SEO tools in 2021 that are great for the initial step of getting information about pages’ performance.

SEO tools in 2020


Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Yes, everyone knows about this tool; it is free and available for all. But not every user understands how many functions it has to offer. Google Analytics itself is almost always enough to get the essential analysis of content performance. The functionality includes:

  • Acquisition analysis shows where the traffic comes from to the website. It includes the number of sessions, the bounce rate, and conversions. Here you can find what search engine brings the most traffic. It shows referrals from other websites or social media channels and organic searches. This is crucial for understanding the target a