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4 Digital Marketing Hacks for Ecommerce

Marketing is one of the most essential aspects of managing and expanding an eCommerce business. Without a strong effort to generate brand awareness, your store will simply be another unnoticed fish in a vast sea, surrounded by sharks and ships. However, gaining notoriety and rank within your niche isn’t an achievement that will come automatically. To facilitate truly excellent results, you’ll need to be aggressive, versatile, and consistent in producing and distributing marketing material and content within well-rounded campaigns. More specifically, here are 4 marketing hacks that you can use to take matters into your own hands and forcibly generate the kind of momentum needed to propel your company into the spotlight:

Digital Marketing Hacks for Ecommerce

1. Read Relevant Case Studies

Reading case studies will show you a complete picture of the exact process and results that you’re planning or aspiring towards. In other words, it’s like using a walk-through video or tutorial before you play a video game. With an in-depth understanding of what you’re going to be encountering, you’ll be in an ideal position to avoid potential caveats and pitfalls. Furthermore, you’ll also have a well-informed perspective that will allow you to create accurate financial projections and budgets. Generally, it’s best to look for case studies that apply to your specific scenario. For example, here’s a must read for Amazon sellers who are trying to use Amazon’s PPC services to generate more traffic for their product listings. Since Amazon is the most popular eCommerce platform, it makes sense to use that as the most widely applicable suggestion.

2. Use Re-Targeting Methods

Re-targeting is the act of analyzing your existing and previous audience and customers to determine which demographics were most interested in your product or service. You’re essentially looking for patterns that suggest that a very specific group of people are interested in your brand. For example, a company that sells sporting good products may start out to market their products to a wide range of consumers how enjoy various kinds of sports like kayaking, hunting, fishing, etc. However, after running several comprehensive marketing campaigns, they then discover that their most profitable campaigns were those which used keywords related to hunting. At that point, they could take an initial re-targeting step by dedicating the rest of their current ad budget to hunting-related ads. This process can be taken further by re-targeting based on age groups, location, intersecting interests, and other patterns and criteria that can be identified and targeted through the use of analytic tools and PPC platforms like Facebook Ads.

3. Diversify Content Development & Distribution

This one is going to be simple but very powerful, like the rest of the suggestions below. If your goal is to generate more leads and make your brand known within its industry, you need to have an abundance of excellent content representing your brand across the web. That means not only publishing great content on your site, but also on other sites in the form of guest posts. Also, you need to be putting excellent content on the top social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

4. Optimize Product Listings and Descriptions

Finally, another quick hack that will send your platform sales to the next level: apply SEO techniques to the content within your product descriptions and website pages. Try to incorporate keywords and meta data that will increase the number of views received by your product listings.

The 4 Hacks Above Make You a Formidable Marketing Expert

In closing, it’s important to realize that while the above recommendations are very straightforward, they’re also the key components you need to become a pro-level marketer. Ultimately, that will help you get better results in all of your online business efforts.


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