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Ultimate Guide And Tutorials About Social Fortress SEO

Hello there! It's Josh here; today I am going to give you some tips and definition of social fortress SEO. I am going to blog about what does it do, what type of links and the strategies to execute and have a successful campaign with your clients or your website.

Social fortress

So, let's start! What is Social fortress SEO?

Social fortress is a list of social properties sites with high authority page like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, About. Me, Linkedin, Youtube, etc. Those lists are high authority page, why? Because they are valuable sites and trusted sites, lots of traffic/visitor per day, meaning you will gain more power to your blog or money site. Let's say you will sign up like 300 + accounts of social properties, and you are gaining lots of links taken a spot in Google with that. So, the social fortress is like building your castle with massive soldiers. But this must be a focus on your brand. For example, your brand name is "Helix." You will be creating a profile or sub-domain name same as your brand or money site. So in short, the social fortress is building a massive list of social properties to increase your brand awareness, popularity, visibility, take more links spot in Google search engine. Check the image below, as I have four social properties rank on 1st page of google for my brand name, the question is, what if I have more than that of social properties. And then I will boost them up and optimize the anchor text with my brand name hybrid traffic. So, you're probably be getting all the 1st-page spot for all of your links! This is also good for your brand reputation.

hybrid traffic social fortress

What are the benefits of getting social links/fortress?

There are lots of benefits that you can get from social properties. These are the following:

  • Brand awareness

  • Social Popularity

  • Brand/Site higher visibility

  • Increase your site authority and trust

  • High authority Backlinks to your moneysite

  • Social power and link wrapping

  • IFTTT connections and Google stacking

What list or type of site should I do create?

There are lots of high authority sites for social fortress build up, as long as you will only create only once per social brand, meaning, you can't create duplicate links like double Facebook with same company/business name and your money site. That's a big NO! You need to be consistent and always get the account details like your profile link, username, password, email address, date posted/created, type of links, etc. You can check my partial list below and if you want a full list, contact us directly via Email.

You can check our free backlinks tutorials blog and list on how to create those type of links or you can check out our social fortress services.

How Do I Maintain Quality Social Fortress Build Up?

It's just easy as building a profile links, but! You need to link wrap the other links as well, to create more juice and to increase the others profile power. So this is where the game starts. You need to make sure that you follow these simple rules of mine to create them like a power link, for long-term accounts, can index it fast.

Follow these simple rules when creating a social fortress/profile for your brand/website.

Rule no.1 - You need to activate every created account, if you skip this, you will probably be getting trouble in the future like account suspension, banned, not active, or your links will never go to be indexed in the search results.

Rule no. 2 - Link wrap your accounts, add all your social properties if you can. There are some of the features that you can link your social like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, etc. Check sample image below.

Social fortress SEO

Rule no. 3 - If you have a bunch of accounts created already, you need to make sure you can log them in every once a month, or your account will be suspended or deactivated. Some platform is very strict to this because there are lots of spammer building links to promote their clients site or their site.

Rule no. 4 - Update each of your accounts frequently. You can do this by adding some friends, answering a question like in Quora, follow some people, liking status, comment, etc. you need to be user-friendly and engaging the community. Because this is where your brand will become popular. You're not just creating and building links to have free backlinks in the social fortress. But building a good relationship with the community. So if you have hundreds of social fortress, then you may need to have a virtual assistant that can manage all of these accounts. His/Her task is only to update daily, answering messages, building relationship and most importantly engaging with the user. So this is the important part.

Rule no. 5 - Use your brand name. Always use your username as your brand name, because we are building a fortress of your money site, so take note of it. Everything should be as your brand name; the page name should be your brand name, your username, alt text keyword and image. See the image below, I always use my brand name in my URL, image, page title, and you can also put in the description or your bio area. So, don't forget using on "brand name." Its where your brand will be recognized.

social fortress SEO

Social Fortress SEO example Link And Tutorial

I will show you a guide on how to create a quality social fortress profile links.

Let's do Soundcloud site as an example.

First, click on create an account.

social fortress hybrid traffic

you can continue log in with Facebook, Google or you can create with your email.

seo fortress

Once you're done activating your account, you may go to your profile and change your profile photo and cover photo with your logo. Then click on the edit settings.

hybrid traffic seo fortress

You may now optimize your setting and change your photo, add your bio descriptions, display name as your brand name, then add your links, you can add your money site link, and if you have already had some of the social properties created, then you may also add them up there. For example, if you already had created Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, then add them up there and do the link wrapping. Because in the future, once you boosted up this SoundCloud flatform, all of the links in there will be receiving power-ups and boost up. So, this is a combination of social fortress + link wrapping.

hybrid traffic social fortress

And here is your finish product.

social fortress

Social fortress Video

Link Wrapping Video

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