How To Indexed Site Backlinks In A Faster Way With Tutorials [2021] SEO strategies

Alright guys, now this is real talk. Lots of marketers or SEO guru has a hard time when it comes to indexing links, like your tier 1 links, tier 2 links, web 2.0 blogs, directory, citations, blog post, profile links, etc. As you can see if you don't index your backlinks those are all useless, meaning, you're not ranking, you're not gaining backlinks, everything is useless.

On this blog, I will show you on how I indexed my tier1 links, PBN, guest post, Software links, tier 2, profile, web 2.0, etc. with RESULTS and a faster way!


SEO Strategy #1

The right Indexer tool

You need a good indexer tool to use, there are lots of services available in the market and pretend that they indexed links within an hour, minutes, days, etc. I am sick and tired of that shi**t. Let me get you straight to the point, the only indexer tool that I admired the most and gave me quality results is the index auto pilot. BUT! This is not an ordinary indexer, why? Because of its way to expensive like $300 for a tool?? What? Yeah, you heard it right. It can integrate other tools like 2captcha to increase the success rate. Does it worth the buy? Hmm, for me YEAH! Since I have lots of links to index and other properties and giving me like 80% of the links I built and created are indexing in the google search, they say the more expensive, the more will provide you with results. This tool can index any links, but some of the links are non-indexable for instance, like the Moz profile. This is what it looks like.

free indexing sites

For now, it can only be integrated with 2captcha API key.

google indexing tool

This is how the campaign works, you need to enter the project name, enter links one per line, check the 2captcha indexer, you can choose to submit all ASAP, or you can drip them. I always use submit all ASAP. And then, you can choose your desired start date of when to start.

website index page

you may also view your campaign running, days running, the status submitted links, project ID, how many links, non-indexable links, actions, and date started.

index website google

You can view your project links too, and you can check the status if it's processed or not. And the best thing is that you can export all the links report to excel, csv, PDF or print. When a link is processed, it has just begun the indexing process. Indexing is sometimes quick but may take up to 10 days after processing to see full indexing results. But for me, when I index them some of the links showing me faster results like an hour and this has impressed me more with this tool.

SEO Strategy #2

Use high metrics social bookmarking.