List Of Free Backlinks And Tutorial For SEO [Updated 2021]

Alright, we will start with the free backlinks updated in 2018. If you're new to SEO, expert, don't want to invest money in any VA, link building software or no time to build it, "I don't care about that! What I care is that you can create a high-quality backlink on your site or blog that is new or established ( But you're not going to build duplicate backlinks if you already have it). On this blog I will show you my quality list, tutorials on how to link multiple social properties, using a branded title, description, settings, etc.

First of all, you will need some tool or set up before you can create a free backlink social profile, but don't worry you can still build free backlinks in social properties even you don't have any tool or set up like proxies or browsing tool profile.

Professional stealth Ninja SEO needs tool too!

Strategy #1 - SEO ninja tools :

  • Private proxies ( recommended ) - there are lots of Private proxies provider out there, but I used squid proxies as they are excellent and fast. I recommend using proxies if you're creating multiple campaign or money site. Let say only one site. Then you don't need those private proxies, be sure your IP is static because you will only be logging in your social accounts on the same IP, if not, chances of getting banned or suspended will be applied in your account. So to be sure, I will always open my social properties on the same IP or same private proxies. For squid proxies, here is their proxies feature below.

free backlinks

  • Browser- It's obvious that you need a browser to create those backlinks, you can use any browser like firefox, chrome, opera or internet explorer, again! If you're building multiple sites or blog then you may need a Firefox profile or browseo which I used for various clients/sites, its a tool which can manage a profile or persona and you can set Proxies, name, address, or even WordPress username/password.

This is where you can create a new profile/persona; it has complete information or data. For example, you're creating a persona Facebook, then you can enter the profile name, bind proxies for that profile and can you add as much information as you want so that they will never be forgotten.

Now the best thing is that you can create more profile for other properties or you can do 1 set per profile. When I say 1 set, it means you can build multiple backlinks in 1 profile like Facebook, twitter, about. Me, stumble, Pinterest, etc. and the best thing about this tool is they can gather cache and history which cool, why? Because if you're in a weight loss niche, then you can search on google about the topic of weight loss and they will store data, cache, and history. So what?? my answer is simple Google is now looking for matching string, the more you search for your niche, the more Google will crawl and gather information on that profile.

Google will say " Hmm, this profile is gathering information about weight loss, he got social properties created, etc." and the best thing that I like this browser is that getting free traffic!!! YOU HEARD IT RIGHT. Free traffic. HOW?! For example, you have five profile created with different proxies each, on this tool you can search on google for keywords, direct traffic, and social traffic, it's like a regular thing to do in firefox or chrome.

Guest what? I am getting a real traffic or views on my website, and it's getting better and better. This time its different strategy if you want to increase traffic views, you will need a rotational proxy which will have a pool of 50k proxies, and this is where stormproxies came to my life. So much for this, I am still going to create a review on Browseo, so be sure to check my site here :)

This is the inside profile; it has two browser which is firefox, chrome, link prospector ( it can scrape or find guest post blog, blog comments, forum. We have here RSS, Publishhub for WordPress or PBN, feed masher, fb conver, SEO, and browseo AI.

So, those are the 2 SEO ninja tool. If you don't have those tool, then you can use firefox profile, and you can install plugins which is the best proxy switcher. They have a cool feature which you can add your proxies and switch to any of the proxies, they also have public IP's, but I don't recommend that.