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How To Increase Site's Domain Authority And Page Authority

There are lot's of factor when you want to increase your site domain authority and page authority, but I'll remind you that increasing them are very time consuming and most of the time you will need to build quality links. Now, on this blog, you will learn how to increase site domain authority and page authority with worth the effort.


Here are the top 8 Strategies on how to increase domain authority and page authority

increase domain authority

Strategy 1.) Check your on-page - checking your on-page site is a natural way to increase your site's domain authority and page authority, you need to have a good structure in your website, proper use of H1, H2, Alt text, body content, Title page, meta description, etc. You can check quality on-page blog post by Moz here

Strategy 2.) Building social brand or reputation links - A very important strategies if you're starting to build authority trust to your website is to create quality social accounts properties like facebook page, twitter, Digg, Pinterest, youtube, etc. those are high-quality domains with a good foundation of metrics. Meaning? You will likely to increase your site domain authority and page authority. You can check this social fortress service of hybrid traffic for social brand reputation.

Strategy 3.) Blog post outreach - You will need to have a good quality content to post on different blogs with high DA like WordPress, Tumblr, blogger, wix, etc. Those are high DA authority blogs which mean a good score for increasing your sites DA and PA.

Strategy 4.) Build Tier 2 links - Meaning to say; you will need to boost up your T1 properties that are linking to your main money site, why? Its simple, you need to have power in your tier 1 links to generate juices. You can build your social properties brand, blog post, guest post, youtube video, book marking accounts or anything that are linking to your money site. To help you save more time in building links, you can use link building software like GSA ser, Rankwyz, SEO - auto pilot, Syndwire, etc. There are lots of good software out there; you just need to choose that will fit according to your campaign. Some software is good for indexing, boosting up tier 1, contextual platform, high authority profile or book marking submission, so it depends on you.

Strategy 5.) Domain stacking - this is one of my favorite strategy when building or increasing my site's authority. Building a stack will consume more hours and more work. This will include some T1 links, T2 links, IFTTT, google stacking and tiered link building. This strategy is much more complex and more links will be created in this type of campaign, but the results are incredible and worth the work, you may want to check out our domain authority stacking service in hybrid traffic.

Strategy 6.) Using of Anchor Text variations - Now, this is a very important part when you're increasing your page authority and domain authority to your site. You will need to use the exact percentage when using anchor text.

  • Naked links - 50%

  • Page title as anchor - 10%

  • Generic anchor - 5%

  • Brand as anchor - 35%

Strategy 7.) Anchor text distribution - If you're doing outreach to a blog, then you most likely to use the brand as anchor text. If you're doing a blog post like web 2.0, then you can use naked links, page title and generic. You will need to have variation in using some naked links Ex.,,

Strategy 8.) Indexing - Last but not the least, you will need to be sure that all of your links that have created will be indexed, when I say "ALL LINKS" meaning, you will need to verify tier 1 links, tier 2, social properties, blog post, guest post, authority links, anything that are linking to your money site. I suggest using some indexing software like SEO pilot, backlinks indexer or free pinger. Anyway, I use GSA ser to index my tier 1 links fast or index auto pilot.

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