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What Is Brandnewtube?

If it were your first time hearing the name Brandnewtube, you may subconsciously recall other names like YouTube, Vimeo, and so on. Aside from their suffix, the major thing these names have in common lies in their function. That's right, all three are multimedia-related platforms. With mp3tube being audio-focused, the other two are known video-sharing platforms. However, being the focus of our article, we will get to know more about Brandnewtube. We will consider its characteristic features, how you can make use of it, as well as weigh its pros and cons.


What is Brandnewtube?

Brandnewtube is a platform solely for video-sharing like the platforms mentioned above. A fine feature of this video-sharing platform is that it is notable for sharing “undiluted truths''. A large percentage of its users are between the ages of 25-34. Following stats on platforms like Similarweb, this video streaming app garnered its following mostly among the citizens of the United States, Australia, and Canada. Over time, however, with various complaints arising, its number of visits and users has seen a significant drop. This platform currently has a mobile app available for the convenience of users.

How to get started on Brandnewtube

Brandnewtube is a straightforward platform in terms of access. Certain videos on the platform are visible to everyone visiting their site. However, by logging in you will find more video categories. To do this,

  • Tap on the hamburger icon at the page’s top right end.

  • Select the profile icon and a drop-down appears.

  • If you already have a Brandnewtube account, choose the login option. However, if you are a first-timer, go with the sign-up option.

  • To sign-up, input your First and last names, your desired username, your email, and your desired password. You will find a Captcha verification following the password verification slot.

  • Once you click the sign-up button, you will immediately be taken to the home page.

To access your video studio, that is if you will be uploading any content on the platform;

  • Click on the hamburger icon once more.

  • Select the profile icon and tap on it.

  • You will find the label video studio under the drop-down menu.

  • If you select this option, you will be sent a 2FA verification code via email.

  • You can access your video studio once you input this code in the space provided.

Brandnewtube Features

The following are some prominent features of the BNT platform:


Clicking on this option leads users to the connected BNT account on Etsy. This page holds various BNT merchandise for extreme fans of the channel. Here, you can find items such as shirts and mugs.

Live Stream

In the same way that live streams on other platforms work, Brandnewtube allows its content creators to relate with their viewers in real-time. On the viewers’ end, the live stream section houses past live streams that can be viewed at convenience.

Trending/Top Videos

Under this section, the BNT platform provides a list of its most watched videos. Looking through this list could help you stay on top of what goes on on the platform.

A wide range of categories

With over 50 thousand available videos as the platform boasts, it has corresponding categories in its listing. This makes it easier for viewers to settle on a category to watch content from.

Subscribe Option

For content you constantly enjoy, you can use the subscribe button on the page. This way, you can easily return to that account for more content.

Accommodates videos of various lengths

The Brandnewtube channel is extremely flexible in terms of supported video length. You do not need to focus on anything outside your message to make your video long enough. In addition, you do not need to summarize and compress your message for fear that it would be too long for the platform to support. BNT can accommodate videos as short as 26 seconds and those as long as 5 hours.

Pros of Brandnewtube

The following features present on the BNT platform make it pass for a good website, theoretically speaking —

  • The platform has a Low-Domain validated SSL certificate.

  • The channel features cookie consent.

  • The Brandnewtube channel equally passed the Flashstart test for malware and phishing.

  • It is a platform that grants content creators an unrestricted voice.

  • Unlike some other platforms, like Bitchute, the platform is not flooded with trolls.

Cons of Brandnewtube

In its prime years, Brandnewtube was everything users could ask for. However, with time, the following issues have stemmed:

  • Unverified Facts– Some of the facts featured on the site have been issued as inaccurate. For example, claims regarding the COVID-19 vaccine on this platform were screened by and several other individuals and found to be false.

  • Users are unable to render feedback and leave comments on certain videos.

  • The platform lacks a search button and there is apparently no means to access the over 50 thousand videos the platform supposedly houses. Clicking on most of the labeled video categories leads you to a “No videos to show at the moment” message.

  • Security Breaches– Although the platform has features that would make it secure, it has been subject to at least two security breaches over time. With each hacking attempt comes reduced trust and functionality of the platform. For example, content creators on the platform lost content upon the first hacking attempt.

Since the security breaches this platform has faced, the downsides to the channel seem to go on end.

Bottom Line

Do you hold doubts as to whether you should give the Brandnewtube platform a try? Thinking about what it was in its earlier days could be enough to indulge some. However, looking back to when the right subscriptions could get you the right visibility on the platform, with its payment gateway removed, content creators could no longer enjoy this transparency. With the new favoritism pattern, some content creators may be discouraged. Having certain videos flatline with a certain number of views is also not entirely fair.

On the viewer’s end, some pieces of information displayed are outright absurd, while some, although plausible, may be proved false with better research. This, however, does not entirely rule out every sliver of credibility the site has. If you fear your email could be exposed to hackers in case of a breach, you can view available videos without creating an account.


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