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Viralyft Review

Over time, social media platforms have gained a lot of attention from individuals across the globe. Social media holds different meanings for different groups of individuals. For some, it keeps them in the know, for others, it is a place for showcase, while for some others it is a field of opportunities. No matter what draws individuals to social platforms, it is an interconnected web where popularity is valued. The sort of fame that is measured in follower count, views, shares, and the likes.

If growth across social platforms is all you need and nothing else, you may want to know more about Viralyft as this is its forte. Let us consider what it is, some of its features, the social platforms its services reach, how to buy a plan, and the possibility of getting your money back.


What Is Viralyft?

Viralyft is one among several other social platform engagement agencies. It works towards bringing users better ratings in the form of paid likes, views, subscribers, followers, and many more, depending on the social platform involved. They boast of over fifty years of work experience (although we know that social platforms had not come to light then).

Features of Viralyft

Quick Delivery of orders –

All orders made on the site are delivered within one to three days. The allotted time for completing each order is specified in the details of the plan.

Secure means of payment –

To ensure that your payment information is not read by a third party, payments pass through an SSL secured gateway.

Round-the-clock customer support –

On any page of the site, there is a blue floating button with which you can contact the customer support team. At any time, you can send in a message and expect an instant reply.

Services Offered by Viralyft

Unlike most other providers in this line of business, Viralyft tries to be more versatile. Let us consider the social media platforms that are included in Viralyft’s services and how much each of these services costs.

Facebook – Their Facebook service comes in four forms. These are likes for posts and pages, views, and followers. Let us now individually consider these plans and their prices.

Viralyf Review

General Likes: This package gets you likes for the Facebook pages whose URL you provide. The prices are;

  • 500 likes for 18.00USSD

  • 1000 likes for 30.00USSD

  • 2000 likes for 55.00USSD

  • 5000 likes for 123.00USSD

  • 10000 likes for 187.00USSD

  • 20000 likes for 347.00USSD

Post likes: If you would like to boost the number of likes you have for a particular post, here are the available plans that you can consider;

  • 100 likes for 5.00USSD

  • 500 likes for 24.99USSD

  • 1000 likes for 44.99USSD

  • 2500 likes for 69.99USSD

  • 5000 likes for 89.99USSD

  • 10000 likes for 149.99USSD

Followers: The available plans for this package are;

  • 250 followers for 6.99USSD

  • 500 followers for 13.99USSD

  • 1000 followers for 25.99USSD

  • 2500 followers for 55.99USSD

  • 5000 followers for 98.99USSD

  • 10000 followers for 169.99USSD

Views: To boost the number of views your Facebook posts/pages get, you can consider the following plans;

  • 500 views for 4.99USSD

  • 1000 views for 7.99USSD

  • 2500 views for 14.99USSD

  • 5000 views for 24.99USSD

  • 10000 views for 34.99USSD


Spotify – Their services here provide plays and followers for those interested. Here are the pricing plans available here:

Viralyf 2022

Spotify plays: You can settle for either the high-quality plays or the premium-quality plays.

High-quality plays - This category of plays is best for those who want plays from a fan base around the globe without spending much. Available packages here are;

  • 1000 plays for 4.99USSD

  • 2500 plays for 12.50USSD

  • 5000 plays for 24.99USSD

  • 10000 plays for 44.99USSD

  • 50000 plays for 149.99USSD

  • 100000 plays for 269.99USSD

  • 500000 plays for 750USSD

Premium-quality plays- Viralyft claims this to be the highest grade of its kind on the market. Individuals who are made to stream tracks are mostly from North American Countries. The available prices here are;

  • 1000 plays for 8.99USSD

  • 2500 plays for 19.99USSD

  • 5000 plays for 39.99USSD

  • 10000 plays for 74.99USSD

  • 50000 plays for 279.99USSD

Spotify Followers: The prices for Viralyft’s Spotify follower plans are more straightforward than its plan for plays. Here are the available packages;

  • 100 followers for 9.99USSD

  • 1000 followers for 39.99USSD

  • 2500 followers for 89.99USSD

  • 5000 followers for 149.99USSD


Twitter – The Viralyft Twitter service comes with plans that can boost your followers, retweets, and favorites on the media platform. Here are their prices:

Viralyf now

Followers: Like the Spotify service, Twitter followers are equally divided into high and premium qualities.

High-quality followers-

  • 100 followers at 3.99USSD

  • 250 followers at 8.99USSD

  • 500 followers at 16.99USSD

  • 1000 followers at 34.99USSD

  • 2000 followers at 64.99USSD

  • 3000 followers at 89.99USSD

  • 5000 followers at 149.99USSD

Premium quality followers-

  • 100 followers for 6.99USSD

  • 500 followers for 26.99USSD

  • 1000 followers for 44.99USSD

  • 1500 followers for 64.99USSD

Retweets: The available plans for Twitter retweets are;

  • 250 retweets for 8.99USSD

  • 500 retweets for 13.99USSD

  • 1000 retweets for 23.99USSD

  • 2500 retweets for 49.99USSD

  • 5000 retweets for 89.99USSD


  • 50 favorites for 2.99USSD

  • 100 favorites for 4.99USSD

  • 250 favorites for 11.50USSD

  • 500 favorites for 18.99USSD

  • 1000 favorites for 34.99USSD

  • 2500 favorites for 64.99USSD

Other platforms covered by Viralyft are:

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

  • SoundCloud

  • Clubhouse

  • LinkedIn

  • TikTok

How to buy Viralyft Plans

Viralyf features

  1. Visit the official Viralyft site.

  2. Click on the hamburger icon at the top right side of the page.

  3. Select the social platform that you want a plan for.

  4. A drop-down appears where you can select the exact service you need. For example, retweets, followers, or favorites on Twitter.

  5. A page containing the prices and various packages available under the service that you select will open.

  6. Once you make a choice, select the option buy now at the bottom of each plan box.

  7. Next, fill in your information into the available fields. The required information varies across the different plans. If you are going for more YouTube subscribers, for example, you must render your email address and YouTube channel URL.

  8. Add a payment method and proceed to checkout. Payments by debit/credit card or Coinbase/e-wallet are accepted.

Viralyft Refund Policy

The social media presence boosts/packages offered by Viralyft are irrevocable. This means that once the packages have been delivered, you will not receive any refunds. However, considering how some uncontrollable factors might come to play, the developers of this service allow refunds under these two conditions:

Non-delivery of Orders – In cases where your order is not delivered within the allotted time, you can request a refund. If the completion of your order is delayed, do well to contact the customer support team in a written report within 72-hours from the time of purchase. After these 72 hours, it is considered that your package has been delivered to you. To avoid this, be sure to make your complaint on time.

The product you ordered is not what you got – When this happens, you also have the right to request a refund. In this case, your report must also be made in a 72-hour timeframe. You are required to render evidence to prove that the purchase you made, when delivered, was not as it was described on their site. If there is proof, and your complaint is not based on your assumptions and expectations, you will get a refund.

Bottom Line

With aid from this agency, your accounts across social media will appear to be doing better than they are. To some, this might not mean anything, while others depend on these services.


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