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Top SEO Apps [2023 Updated]

There are tons of available marketing strategies for websites and pages seeking to get their brands on top of search result pages. And this makes it tough to recognize the best technique to implement. Still, a good SEO strategy boosts SERP rank, which assures increased online presence, visibility, traffic generation, and web interaction.

For starters, SEO is a technique that develops a website or webpage in such a way that it gains more relevance to the user when compared to other websites or webpages on the search engine. Many users search for different kinds of information on the internet, and almost half of the internet traffic starts with search engines like Google, Bing, Amazon, and Yahoo.

SEO Apps

SEO apps come with the added advantage for users looking to optimize their web pages on the go. It favors handheld and mobile devices. And with about 3.2 billion smartphone users in 2021, SEO apps are gaining increasing relevance. But what SEO apps should you use? This article discusses the top SEO apps in 2023.

How SEO apps work

SEO apps improve web rank in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) like other SEO tools. It does so without committing to any payment service within the search engine itself. SEO apps optimize web content by scanning each page's content for backlinks, keywords, social media, and other SEO considerations. Observing the domain is crucial in optimizing search results for SEO professionals, and the apps consider this too. Keyword analysis and web content which should carry out keywords to match search requests are taken into consideration. The backlinks, domain, and rankings are also considered as well as the volume of users visiting the webpage and their interactions. But why should you use SEO apps?

Why you should use SEO apps in 2023

The importance of having an SEO strategy in place for your online marketing cannot be overstated. Although, it might not impact your website instantly, its long-term results are rewarding. And the juicier part is that it is largely free, and does not require much financial outlay when compared to paid advertising. SEO apps simplifies the SEO process. They help avoid monotonous data analysis and keyword research. They help you to see what part of your strategy works and which parts need improvement. It also helps to see how one is doing compared to the competition, where opportunities lie, to measure search performance regions, languages or countries.

Many site owners and webmasters end up analyzing data manually, which soon becomes an overwhelming task. SEO apps help you to analyze this data easily whether you manage one or more websites. Hours and effort of data analysis are saved, and correct results are generated in a click.

List of top SEO Apps in 2023

There are a lot of apps available that enable you to obtain a better understanding of your site's SEO. Some of them offer tips as to make improvements when required. They also allow for the smooth analysis of content to ensure the best practices for improved search engine ranking. Here, we outline some top SEO apps in 2023, their features, and their role in web optimization. These are three top SEO Apps to look out for in 2023:

Here’s what to know about each:

SEO Check scans web pages to find issues or errors which may be withholding the page from higher search engine ranking. It is designed in a way to identify the SEO rank. It is also designed to determine factors that make up the total scores for any category. SEO Check organizes a list showing SEO improvements in order of importance so that you can determine the best point to begin improving.

Features of SEO Check

  • Meta Information:

Meta-information assists search engines in knowing what the web content is all about for appropriate categorization. SEO Check picks out errors in the meta-information. These errors could be:

  • Meta titles that are either longer than normal or too short

  • Domain names or URLs that are perplexing;

  • Irregular language declarations;

  • Missing canonical links;

  • Tags that disallow search engine indexing

Page quality:

Having a high ranking means the content of the page must be of premium quality. SEO Check helps to unleash the full potential of a website or webpage by avoiding problems which may be:

  • Poor mobile device optimization

  • Too little texts on a page

  • Outdated website elements

  • Copied content

Page structure:

SEO Check helps search engines breeze through your page with ease. They help rectify issues that make this difficult, which includes:

  • Short or long H1 headings;

  • Wrong heading order;

  • Unfavorable numbers of internal and external links;

  • Anchor texts of internal links that have been copied.

Server configuration:

SEO Check helps provide a setup that is free of errors and performs well technically that search engines can access with ease. It scans for issues that deal with HTTP header problems or increased JavaScript files and CSS.

External factors:

External factors need to be closely observed to determine SEO success and improve web rankings. SEO Check helps to identify problems like blacklisting and broken links.

SEO Check has additional features such as the keyword checker, SEO compare, ranking checker, TF*IDF tool, backlink checker, and snippet generator. All these features provide critical SEO information on the same app.


SEO check is a free application.


SERPmojo is designed specifically to track the website rankings for keywords on the major search engines. It is simple to use and helps to bring out a clear and understandable analysis of your website using core SEO principles. With the SERPmojo tool, an infinite amount of keywords and URLs can be tracked. It also provides an option where it is possible to view the complete ranking history for all keyword that has been tracked.

SERPmojo provides newly released rank updates each day from the initial installation of the app. It gives extra insight into the ranking positions which have increased or decreased based on the keyword application.

It also offers a paid pro feature that enables the ‘analyze’ option. This feature reads the data in the background and gives results even without opening the application.

Features of SERPmojo

SERPmojo offers features to check things such as:

  • Manual and automatic rank tracking with the option of scanning a preferred location;

  • Addition of infinite amounts of URLs and keywords;

  • Tracking web rankings on google for any keyword;

  • Tracking website progress and graphically visualizing the keyword rankings for a specific period on all search engines.

  • Automatic background updates.


SERPmojo is a free application but offers in-app purchases, which cost $2.99 for each package.


Seotoolz is a software that aims to make the optimization of search engines or SEO very easy. By making its features easy to understand and simple to use, Seotoolz has helped improve the web presence of thousands of business owners, webmasters, and SEO experts.

Seotoolz features many specialized functions. Its user interface is designed in a way that makes it direct and easy to use. All tools are placed on the UI and can be selected to carry out a particular function.

Features of Seotoolz

  • Plagiarism checker:

As its name implies, this feature checks if the content on a webpage is copied. Publishing plagiarized content on a website affects the page quality, which decreases the ranking and traffic. The plagiarism checker software breaks the selected text into smaller phrases and picks out the common texts in the search engine. The tool marks the plagiarized content after scanning the selected text and finding plagiarized content. As a plus, it shows the source of the original text and provides a link to take you to the site.

  • Whois checker:

The whois checker helps to assess the information stored in the domain registry for the whois database when a domain has been purchased.

  • URL rewriting tool:

This feature changes URLs into search engine links which attract more traffic as they look friendlier than other complex links to the users.

  • XML sitemap generator:

The extensible markup language or XML is a list showing all the URLs that a website contains. XML makes it easier for the crawlers which index information by highlighting all the most relevant pages of the website enabling it to rank accordingly on major search engines. XML also performs other functions such as informing crawlers when the page was last updated, how frequent it changes, where it is on the website, and more.

  • Mozrank checker:

The Mozrank checker on Seotoolz helps in the tracking of SERP rankings for different websites or webpages.


Seotoolz is a free application

Factors to consider when choosing an SEO application

Choosing the proper SEO app ensures that you do not lose track of the market or competitor changes. And it further gives access to insight on market analysis and performance. With numerous tools being available on the internet as of now and more being in development, there are several factors to consider when picking an SEO app. These includes:

  1. Optional integrations. A proper SEO app should share data with other systems, especially if lead creation and conversion tracking are integral strategies to one’s marketing plan.

  2. Individual page improvements. A result-oriented SEO app should provide suggestions, on-page stats, data on keyword analysis which forms a part of a larger strategy.

  3. Screen Optimization. The focus on mobile and other screen sizes has never been as high as now. And the top search engines are favoring such mobile-responsive sites. Hence, the need for an SEO tool to track site performance across different screen sizes and browsers.

  4. The preferred Search Engine. SEO apps are often developed with a particular search engine in view as they perform excellently in the language they were developed. It is important to establish which markets, languages are most suitable for adapting your SEO strategy.

Wrapping Up

Search remains one of the primary methods by which people find relevant content online. It highlights the need to feature higher on a search ranking. And this is for the increased amount of audience it gives to your web content. All these boils down to how well your website is optimized for search engines.

Websites across several niches would not want to fall behind the new drive of technological improvement and implementation used by their competitors. That is why SEO tools will continually be in demand unless the website shifts its focus away from getting search traffic.

Although the sheer number of SEO tools out there makes finding the SEO tools seem impossible, you can rest assured of getting the best tool to implement your SEO strategy without breaking a sweat. The top SEO apps for 2023 outlined here provides a sustainable solution to measure the effectiveness of your SEO strategy and identify ways to outwit the competition. All you need is your mobile device.

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