Top Press Release Distribution Services For SEO 2022

Press releases own a notable space among the several tools that brands and small business owners can use to achieve a wide audience reach and promote their business. When used aptly, they present numerous and invaluable benefits. Indeed, as with all other SEO efforts, one has to 'do it right' for it to be effective and successful. This requires some work, which includes writing the release and then getting it to reach your target audience. Achieving this latter part - that is, press release distribution - could pose a problem if one chooses the wrong press release distribution service for the business. This could result in futile efforts as regards SEO and business promotion, thereby translating to losses for the business. To avoid all of these, the best way to go is to take careful consideration of factors such as the offered services, pricing, and features of any distribution company whose services one may have in mind to employ. This article outlines ten (10) of the top press release distribution services for SEO to consider in view of meeting your business goals. First, however, let us see what the idea is behind press release distribution.

What is Press Release Distribution?

Everything involved in circulating your written press release - and putting it out to press members and journalists - make up the press release distribution process. As the name suggests, it is the means of distributing press releases for your business to the press and news media outlets that will publicize them. The following are the two major press release distribution models that small businesses and brands use:

  • The self-published method: Here, you write and send the press releases yourself, directly to a press release distribution service or a local newspaper, who then publishes it (in the case of newspapers) or provides it to their online media outlets for publishing (in the case of the distribution services).

  • The traditional method of press release distribution: This method involves sending your information to a newswire through a publicity agency. The agency writes and sends the release to the newswire or distribution service, who then publishes the release on the news media.

Press releases, simply, are official statements that are sent to the media for publication. They could be in the form of announcements, official statements, reports about events, or any other information that your brand may want to publicize. With press release distribution, you get to position your business at a spot where it becomes available for a large audience to access. This is possible since, with the services of press release distribution companies, your business or brand can get published online via podcasts, bulletins, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, or even blogs. In this manner, brand awareness is achieved along with its incidental benefits.

It is worthy of note that irrespective of the distribution model used, involving a press release distribution service in your publicity efforts will go a long way in promoting your business. What is more and as we shall see is that it is an SEO-driven endeavor.

Press release SEO

How Press Release helps SEO

Besides driving local traffic to your business and generating more sales, both of which are great benefits of press release distribution, one prime advantage of the process is that it boosts SEO. Here is how it works.

The concept of SEO - or Search Engine Optimization - involves getting your business, through its site, positioned on the high ranks of search engine result pages. That is, whenever users search for a word or phrase related to your business, the use of good SEO techniques on your part would cause the engine's algorithm to favor your site and place it among the top results. These SEO techniques are several and they continue to evolve and change. Some of them, however, will continue to be of relevance. Press release distribution is one of such tools with constant relevance.

Having well-known publications or those with large audience coverage to feature and recommend your brand on their pages will positively influence your traffic, both local and online. One good thing about it is that whether or not the publication includes your brand's link on the press release, you can gain from having their coverage. How so? Studies show that when their website provides links to that of your business, it would boost your SEO ranking. This is because SEO tends to favor sites with backlinks (that is, those whose sites are referred to by other reputable sites through links). Thus, your business or brand would be more visible on the engine, bringing you more visitors and potential customers. Even without a link, on the other hand, you may get better rankings when there is a positive mention of your brand and favorable coverage in published press releases.

Top 10 Press Release Distribution Companies

There are numerous companies that provide press release distribution services and this gives you so many options to choose from. It cannot be overemphasized that making the right choice in this regard is crucial if you are to maximize the advantages of using press releases. Thus, it is important to streamline the numerous options available and then consider them against your business goals and objectives, as well as its resources and circumstances. In view of this, below, are the top ten press release distribution services and their features.

  1. Linking News

  2. 24-7 Press Release Newswire

  3. PRWeb

  4. Business Wire