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Top Image Hosting Sites For Free [2023]

Everyone loves taking pictures. It allows them to convey emotions and share a story with friends and family. But aside from its social use, images also play a crucial role in marketing. After all, as one study says, humans can process visuals thousands of times faster than text.

The worth of images in the online world creates a need for easy management. As a firm or even an average user, you need to store, manage, and share your photos in the right way. Fortunately, image hosting websites allow you to do this with ease.

What are image hosting sites? And why should you use them? In this post, you'll get answers to these questions. And above all, it discusses the top image hosting sites for free in 2023. So, without delay, down to the chase.

Image Hosting Sites

What are Image Hosting Sites?

As indicated by the name, image hosting sites are services that provide users with online hosting for their photos. By so doing, it allows you to upload your pictures on its server. After that, the site will store your photo and give you different codes through which others can view that photo.

But you might ask: why use these services? After all, aren’t photo-sharing platforms a more popular option for uploading images online? While that may be true, hosting sites offer features to help your images reach a larger audience. How?

Importance of Image Hosting

  • It allows you to embed your images into other websites.

This is the main advantage of image-hosting services over photo-sharing platforms. With platforms like Instagram or Facebook, you can share your images with friends. However, with these platforms, you won’t be able to transfer pictures to other sites. Your images are – in other words – confined.

But, on the other hand, image hosting websites allow you to easily embed your images to several websites across the net, including blogs.

  • It is Secured

With image hosting services, you don’t need to worry about the security of your images. After all, as seen above, your photos are stored online. Hence, they are backed up in multiple locations.

  • It improves storage capacity

At first glance, images appear to be smaller than other visual content. And that’s why it becomes easy to lose track of one’s storage space. By repeatedly storing pictures on your device, you may eventually run into low storage.

But since image hosting websites offer cloud-based storage, you can upload your photos and remove them from your device. You can always access these photos anytime you want.

Without a doubt, image hosting services are the best option if quality and secured storage are what you want for your photos. But with a variety of these websites out there, it becomes a problem to determine which to settle for. Not to worry, below are seven top image hosting sites you can get for free in 2023.

The Best Image Hosting Sites for Free in 2023

Over the years, these sites have proven to be a trustworthy channel for image hosting. Below is a detailed overview (features, pros, and cons) of each of these tools to aid your decision.


Imgur Image Hosting Sites

2009 saw the introduction of Imgur – one of the top image-hosting platforms out there today. It is one of the easiest ways of storing your photos online. As a result, the site boasts of reaching 250+ people monthly. Because of this, you'll find thousands of inspiring, attractive, and funny photos, GIFs, and Memes on Imgur.

But why is Imgur that popular? In addition to being one of the most reliable hosting services, Imgur gives users impressive features for free. Yes, you don't have to register to get started. All you need to do is drop your image on the site and get your sharing link. Some other features of this platform are:


  • It supports several file formats, including JPG, PNG, MPEG, and even MP4.

  • It allows you to store an unlimited number of pictures.

  • It provides you with a direct link for sharing your photos.

  • The maximum size limit for non-animated files like PNG is 20MB.

  • The maximum size limit for animated files like GIFs is 200MB.


  • It requires no registration.

  • It is reliable and easy to use.

  • It allows you to share your favorite photos across the net.


  • You can only upload up to fifty images per hour.


Photos by Google

Photos by google Image Hosting Sites

Google also offers an image hosting service that is familiar to everyone - Google Photos. As a Google service, Photos provides a variety of high-end features. Amongst them, it allows you to store high-quality files in large quantities. For this reason, many have chosen Photos over other top hosting sites.

It doesn't stop there. It also allows users to edit their images before sharing them with others. And since Google links your account across its services, you don’t need to create a separate account. With your existing Google account, you can access its top features for free.


  • It supports several image formats, including WEBP, GIF, PNG, and JPG.

  • It provides users with editing tools to tweak their pictures.

  • You can use your Google account.

  • It allows you to upload files in great quantity.

  • The maximum size limit is 200MB.


  • While it has premium options, the site is generally free.

  • Your images are safe with Google Photos.

  • It places no limit on the number of uploads you can make.

  • It organizes your images.


  • Google offers a free storage limit of up to 15GB per account. To get more storage, you have to pay for it.

  • The editing options are very basic.



Flickr Image Hosting Sites

Flickr is yet another popular image hosting platform in 2023. Launched in 2004, Flickr was a platform where photographers could upload images. By going through the pictures of other photographers, they could also find inspiration for work. What's more, Flickr allows these users to select their favorite images and leave comments.

In that sense, Flickr is not an average hosting platform that allows you to only store files. It also allows people to create a community and follow those they admire. Does it sound like a social media platform? Well, yes. And that's because it is. However, its high-end image hosting features are also undeniable.


  • It allows you to organize your photos in albums.

  • It supports GIF, JPG, and PNG.

  • The maximum size limit is 200MB for photos and 1GB for videos.

  • It allows you to Star a favorite photo, comment, and follow other users.

  • It allows you to edit pictures.


  • It creates a community of art lovers.

  • It allows you to get your images out to more people.

  • It is easy to use.

  • It is the perfect hosting site for photographers.


  • It has an upload limit of 1000 items.

  • While you can comfortably host your photos for free, the freemium version is significantly limited compared to the pro plan.



Dropbox Image Hosting Sites

Dropbox is a highly esteemed cloud storage service across the world. As such, it allows users to store a large number of video and image files. This service is one of the most trusted image-hosting websites today. And that’s why it boasts of having 700+ registered users.

In terms of security, Dropbox has you covered. And like all other sites in this list, it supports different file formats. Dropbox also allows you to organize your photos in galleries and folders. And after uploading your files, you can easily share them with others who use Dropbox.


  • The maximum size limit on Dropbox is 2GB.

  • It supports GIF, PNG, JPG, and other image file formats.

  • Your files stay synced even while offline.

  • It allows you to organize your files.


  • It is reliable and easy to use.

  • With Dropbox, your files are well-secured.

  • It supports easy sharing of files.


  • It provides only 2GB of storage to free users.

  • Its plans are expensive when compared with other sites.



500px Image Hosting Sites

Yet another networking haven for photographers, 500px allows you to showcase your pictures online. If you're looking to build up a name for yourself, this image-hosting site might be a good starting point. And one reason for that is its super challenging features.

500px allows users to take on photo challenges in the form of quests and win a variety of prizes. Isn't that fun? Other features of this image hosting service are:


  • It supports several image formats like PNG, BMP, TIFF, and JPG.

  • Like Flickr above, you can comment on other pictures.

  • It has in-built editing tools to help you tweak your images to your liking.


  • It has a simple interface.

  • It provides networking features to users.

  • It offers a quest feature where users can win prizes.


  • It does not provide an option to link to other sites.

  • Free users can only access twenty-one uploads per week.



imgbox Image Hosting Sites

At first glance, ImgBox might appear plain and lacking compared to others on the list. However, upon closer inspection, this site's easy-to-use and friendly interface make it a good image hosting platform today.

With over seven years of history, imgbox allows users to upload, store, and share their pictures without breaking a sweat. Although it has no editing tools, you don't need to sign-up to start uploading images. But by creating an account, you'll get access to faster uploads at no cost. What's more, you'll be able to access your images at a later time without any stress.


  • It allows you to store images permanently.

  • It offers a drag-and-drop interface for uploading files.

  • It supports only GIF, PNG, and JPG.

  • It provides users with direct links for sharing their images.


  • You can share your photos on social media via imgBox.

  • It offers unlimited storage space.

  • It is user-friendly.


  • The maximum size on imgbox is only 10MB.

  • In addition to that, it supports only three formats. When compared with others, this is very limiting.



postimage Image Hosting Sites

PostImage is yet another impressive free solution for those looking to upload their images in great quantity. Yes, with PostImage, you can upload up to one thousand images at once. Isn’t that interesting? But that’s not all.

This service provides editing tools to help you resize your images and set an expiry date. Expiry date? For those who don't like their photos hanging around the web for a long time, this feature will help. And above all, PostImage is fast and allows you to share your images to other websites, including Twitter.


  • The maximum size limit is 24MB.

  • It allows you to resize pictures.

  • It supports different websites.


  • It allows you to upload large quantities of images.

  • It allows you to set a delete or expiry date for your photos.

  • It allows you quickly share your pictures.


  • The maximum size limit for paid accounts is 48MB. Hence, like most sites discussed above, its free version is relatively limited.

Wrapping Up

Storing images is essential for average users and those looking to build a brand. And that's why many take the time in searching for effective ways to do so. As seen in this article, image-hosting sites are a good choice.

They offer better security and more sharing options than your regular photo-sharing platform. While there are tons of these sites, the seven above are no doubt among the top image-hosting sites in 2023. Putting their limits aside, each of these platforms can help you store quality images for free.


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