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Top Automation Testing Tools 2023

There are tons of software or product in development and each day many will come to a completion. Testing is an integral workflow process to ensure each software works as intended by the developer. Because it streamlines workflow, increases productivity, reduces cost, and makes the development process more efficient, automated testing is in high demand.

Moreso, there is so much case repetition, tedious cases that are expansive and broad. And for this, automation testing becomes vital in seeing to the completion of a project. For best results, you must use the top automation testing tool (ATT). Since it is the fastest way to get your product to the market.

But here lies the problem, identifying the best tool might not be easy as it seems. You have to face the barrage of automation tools on search engine results. Also, you might select one that is not just worth it- costing you time and your effort. Truth is, finding the right automation tool is tricky. Still, you can pull through with the right guide. This article will help you find the top 5 automation testing tools in 2023 to bring your product to life. It also discusses vital points to consider before making a decision.

Automation Testing Tools

The list of the top Automation testing tools in 2023

  1. Selenium – Web-based automation testing tool

  2. Katalon – CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) pipeline integrator

  3. Test Project – Free cloud-based ATT

  4. Eggplant – AI-based ATT

  5. Kobiton – Mobile device ATT

As each automation tool has distinct functions, the top 5 automation testing tools in 2023 categorizes each tool based on their function. Here is what you should know about each of them:


One of the popular automation testing tools you will find online is Selenium- and for good reasons. First, it is a free tool and open source. Also, this web-based tool is for explorations, regressions testing, and reproduction for bugs across multiple browsers. Selenium offers support to a long list of programming languages like C#, Java, and Python.

Its ability to scale through different computing environments is one major reason that over 52000 companies from across the world use Selenium to test their products on multiple web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, and Safari.

Thanks to its support for parallel testing, which is borne from advanced automation scripts, Selenium reduces execution time. It does not matter if you are an advanced user or newbie to automation testing, Selenium does an outstanding job and is worth the consideration of any developer or creator.


  • Multiple-browser support

  • Support for multiple programming languages including C#, Python, Java, and Pearl.

  • Simple operating commands

  • Parallel test execution

  • No server installation required


  • It is free to use


  • It uses simple commands that are easy to learn

  • It does not require a server installation for its operation

  • Performs well on multiple operating systems

  • Multi-browser support


  • It cannot perform mobile automation tests on its own

  • It sometimes mishandles pop-ups and frames


If you seek an all-round testing tool for web, mobile, and desktop applications, then you must consider the Katalon Studio tool. Katalon eases the automation testing process by eliminating several complexities. With its open-source framework, testers can smoothly set up, run tests, and analyze data.

Katalon finds its application across Linux, iOS, and Windows operating systems. In addition to being compliant with many browsers and devices, it seamlessly integrates with Cucumber. Cucumber allows for the writing of tests in plain language. Katalon is regularly updated and its development teams constantly add new integrations.


  • Integrates well with Cucumber, JIRA, Kobiton, Git, and qTest

  • Uses an open-source framework

  • It has an active online community

  • It is regularly updated and features more improvements from its development team


Although users can start for free, Katalon has a pricing plan for its Studio Enterprise and Runtime Engine.

  • Studio Enterprise (Advanced business solution)

Its node-locked license is priced at $76/month and $839/year for a license, while its floating license is priced at $1,689/year and is unavailable for monthly payment.

  • Runtime Engine (Command-Line interface or CI/CD Pipeline)

Its node-locked license is priced at $54/month and $599/year for a license, while its floating license is priced at $1,319/year and is unavailable for monthly payment.


  • Easy to use

  • It supports multiple devices and browsers

  • It has an active forum to help its users

  • It is an automation tester for mobile, desktop, and web applications


  • Poor tutorials on use.


Rated by Gartner as the top free ATT, this cloud-based tool is one you would love. For one thing, it is free. Also, it features scriptless tests for non-techies. It uses an advanced in-built recording system in creating addons for its community. And its powerful SDK is integral in the development of coded tests. TestProject allows for seamless collaboration with teams using Appium and Selenium, which increases the speed and quality of the testing process.


  • Inbuilt integrations for Slack, Jenkins, SauceLabs, and BrowserStack

  • Over 200 addons contributed from its community

  • Beautiful dashboards with detailed reporting

  • Supports multiple operating systems like macOS, Linux, Docker, and Windows

  • Cloud test storage


TestProject is free for use


  • Easy to use and no-coding skill needed

  • Simple configuration and setup

  • Detailed reporting

  • Support for multiple platforms and cloud


  • Limited programming languages in use

  • It is not the fastest option available


Thanks to its new technology, Eggplant remains one of the top ATT around and a favorite for top analysts like Forrester and Gartner. This AI-powered solution is user-driven as it allows for the easy integration of modern tools.

Eggplant is renowned for its impact in retail, healthcare, telecommunication, and aerospace. It helps in creating scripts, downtime monitoring, and spotting challenges in user experiences. It does an outstanding job in providing critical insights into the overall performance of the application. Thanks to its API, businesses can integrate Eggplant with other 3rd party systems like JMeter and Dynatrace.


  • Performance and load testing

  • Robotic process automation

  • Digital automation intelligence

  • Product impact prediction

  • DevOps speed delivery


Eggplants pricing largely depends on the business needs. Its subscription pricing starts at $3400. These are its different pricing plans

  • $3400: single test stream

  • $1700: second test streams

  • $850: third test streams

  • $425/stream: four or more concurrent streams

  • $5950: Comprehensive plan


  • It is easy to use

  • Supports UI automation on multiple platforms

  • It offers quick support via mail to its users

  • It is a robust automation tool with a faster delivery time

  • Supports mobile, management, CI/CD


  • It is not open source

  • Understanding it requires training

  • Due to its OCR engine, it can sometimes report false positives

  • Its reporting tool needs more improvements


Another outstanding automation testing tool in 2023 for performance is Kobiton. This cloud-based ATT uses scriptless automation for mobile device testing. Executable across multiple devices, Kobiton integrates seamlessly with Selenium, Expresso, XCUI, and Appium. It is renowned for its precision and reliability in supporting frequent code changes because of its CI/CD functionalities. Its pixel-perfect app received awards for its flawless visual experience. The feature-rich Kobiton executes real-device tests and offers support to the latest Android and iOS devices.


  • Real-device testing

  • Scriptless automation

  • Device lab management

  • Flexible Test clouds

  • Agile test enabler

  • Smart App Directory

  • Dev Centre Security

  • App-Ray Partnership


Kobiton has five different pricing plans, each having a free trial offer.


$50 per month; $500 per year


$200 per month; $2000 per year


$700 per month; $8000 per year


$1400 per month; $8000 per year


Tailored to the user’s needs


  • Outstanding support

  • Simultaneous access to multiple devices

  • Smooth onboarding process

  • It is fast and easy to use

  • Great for mobile


  • Access to beta versions is not easily accessible

  • Short trial period

  • Periodic updates without warning

What you must know before selecting an automation testing tool

As earlier suggested, an automation testing tool is any software set to test the different parts of a product or service. And different functions or processes require exact tools for the job. Before deciding on a certain automation tool, you must identify what your project testing involves. Basically, testing falls into two categories – functional and non-functional testing. Functional testing describes the test of the real-time application of a product. This is in contrast with non-functional testing, which involves testing several areas of a certain software. Such as data storage, security, power requirement, speed, etc.

The top 5 automation testing tools mentioned earlier can further perform these specific tasks, which can also overlap. These includes:

  • Unit tests:

This is the initial testing stage of the development process. It involves the tests of the unit components of a system. Although often done manually, several top automation tools can handle the process with ease.

  • Integration test

As the name suggests, it is a functional test to ensure that the various components work harmoniously.

  • Performance Test

This test evaluates the responsiveness and stability of the software. Such non-functional tests determine the ability of the program to handle stress and provide an enhanced user experience.

  • Security test

To find loopholes and exploitable areas, security tests are mandatory before launch. These tests fall into both the functional and the non-functional categories.

  • Smoke test

This is a functional test to ascertain the stability of a build. The smoke test helps developers understand the function of essential features and ensure their ability to undergo more tests. It prevents a system breakdown if it is not ready to complete the testing process.

  • Regression test

Tests under this category both fall under functional and non-functional testing. It ensures that the different components of a project haven't regressed since the last change.

  • Acceptance tests

A successful software has the user in mind through the development stages. Hence, the need to know how users react to the released product. This functional test often takes place before the final product gets to the hands of the users.

  • API test

API (Application programming interface) serves as a conduit for software performance, thereby ensuring functionality. This test often takes place after the development of the software to ensure it functions properly.

  • UI testing

After launch, it is vital to understand the experience of users with the product. That is why UI testing, which replicates the user experience, is integral to a project's development. It helps ensure project execution conforms to the intended goal.

Wrapping Up

The top automation testing tool ensures consistency, speed, wide-coverage, thoroughness, and eventually saves you cost. Hence, making your product get to the market in no time.

As success depends on finding the right automation tool, you must understand the purpose and features that a tool offers. This suggests that not all tools will fit your task, Hence, the need to match the automation testing tool with the situation. This involves identifying the development process phase and the required testing to take your project to the next phase. Also, consider the pricing of the automation testing tool. As some of these tools offer multiple services, you can easily make a switch if a preferred option exceeds your budget. Whether you base your decision on the ATT’s capabilities, your development needs, or pricing, the top 5 automation tools in 2023 discussed here will get you started in no time.

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