Top 5 SEO Forum In 2021

Getting your website or any of your online business efforts to the right audience requires SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Whether you are a digital marketer, business owner, or creative, SEO is key to unlocking your business potentials on the internet. Regardless of the numerous benefits attached to adopting a great SEO strategy, the process is quite exhausting. Search engine marketers are not even immune to the tedious demands of SEO. But with the top 5 SEO forum in 2021, it gets easier.

SEO Forum

First, SEO demands the creation of very high-quality content. If your audience cannot relate with and appreciate the content you are dishing out for them, it becomes really difficult to connect with them. Your SEO efforts are wasted if your audience does not like your content to make them come back for more. Then there is a need to take them through the different stages of your sales funnel and convert them into sales.

Another reason why you must adopt a great SEO strategy is to meet the high demands of on-page SEO. Using the right SEO plugins on your website will optimize every page you create. This includes ensuring your headers, page titles, image alt tags, and metadata are fully optimized for the search engine you are targeting. Even at that, there is more to be done when it comes to the SEO process.

You must index your content with Google. And reach out to others to help with the promotion of the content created on your website. Outbound link and Inbound link generation is a different ball game altogether, which you cannot overlook.

These are some of the SEO points that will constitute your checklist. It seems tedious, right? Yeah, SEO can be time-consuming regardless of its high rewards. It is not advised as a part-time job. SEO must be taken seriously for so many reasons. However, knowing where to start, what approach and tool to use to get the best SEO results can be tasking.

As with any challenge, seeking support from others is not out of place in this context. Getting help from others concerning your SEO efforts is one of the best ways to navigate the ever-growing complex internet world. And this is exactly what SEO forums do.

In this article, you will find the top 5 SEO forum in 2021 and all that you must know about making the most of these forums. But first, let us discuss some of the benefits of using SEO forums.

Benefits of using SEO forums

SEO forum 2020

Although you can sort SEO solutions from digital marketing agencies and search engine marketers, here are some of the benefits of using SEO forums.

  • Solution Influx

There are tons of answers to different SEO needs in SEO forums. You can get numerous views and solutions from the thousands of users who are willing to share their knowledge. You are more likely to find someone who has been in your shoes and found a way around what you seek.

  • Branding Opportunities

The SEO forum allows you to offer knowledge and ask questions. Such platforms are vital in building an online reputation for yourself. Sharing knowledge with others only increases the trust they have in you and your brand. This is especially true when you maintain a reputation for providing useful and relevant information. Actively participating in a forum increases brand awareness.

  • Network expansion

Drawing attention to your brand can also translate into expanding your existing network. Interacting with other members of the forum increases your chances to connect with them and expand your network.

  • Free Information access

Digital marketing agencies and Search Engine Marketers are often on the lookout for their next paying client. You are likely expected to hire their services when you approach them for information concerning your SEO need. This is not the same with forums. Forums are places whereby people hangout to share ideas and you can expect others to help you out without seeking payment for their services. Often, you would get your answers in bold print without even asking. All you must do first is punch your search query in the search bar of the forum site.

Also, most SEO forums can be assessed for free. What this means is that no extra investment is needed to obtain valuable information from the forum site.

  • You can be anonymous

There are times where you do not want to reveal your identity across the web, or you would not want whoever is listening to know what brand you associate with and what tools you are using. This might be to maintain a competitive edge in your industry or it might just be a thing of preference. What else can you do other than approach your audience anonymously? With SEO forums, you can interact with persons in your industry including the competition without revealing who you are.

What to look out for in an SEO forum

There are things to look for when deciding on an SEO forum to join and these factors are considered in populating the list of the top 5 SEO forum in 2021. These includes:

  • Structure

A well-structured forum is one with clear categories. This makes it easier for members of the forum to find the appropriate thread or discussion that addresses their needs.

  • Moderation

A poorly moderated forum creates a disappointing atmosphere for the forum members. Moderation prevents misuse of the forum and it solves issues that pertain to abuse of the platform. It is a good point to look out for when considering a forum to join.

  • Activity of Members

A forum with very active members increases your chances of getting a solution to your search query. When forum members hardly come online, it is commonplace to find questions left unanswered on a thread.

The top 5 SEO forum in 2021

  1. SEOChat Forums

  2. Warrior Forum

  3. Google Webmaster Help Community

  4. Digital Point

  5. Black Hat World

1.) SEOChat Forums

SEO forum

This SEO community aims at assisting beginners and SEO professionals to scale their SEO strategy. It offers a large knowledge base about search engine optimization. The beauty of this SEO forum is that it accepts people for free. All you must do is register to access its over 400,000 threads. SEOChat Forums is renowned for having more than enough SEO categories to help users. Navigating between the subcategories and categories sections of this site is straightforward. Users can post threads on the forum with ease. You can post a thread without the fear of it being lost among the tons of threads on the site.

To use SEOChat Forum, all that is required from you is to navigate to the subcategory of your choice and post. Clicking the orange button enables you to post. This SEO forum site also provides an advanced feature to enable users to find specific topics.


  • SEOChat Forums have a straightforward navigation system

  • The Categories offered on the platform is tailored at addressing a wide range of SEO issues.


  • The forum site features the “Not Secure” sign. This can be a drawback to persons who pay particular attention to privacy matters.

2.) Warrior Forum

SEO forum 2020

Warrior Forum remains one of the largest digital marketing communities across the web. This forum website hosts numerous categories from SEO to internet marketing with over 200,000 threads. On choosing a topic, you will be directed to the recent threads related to your search. The SEO section on Warrior Forum covers everything from comparisons to domain authority.

Warrior Forum is accessible for free with your Google account or any other email. The forum site has a Premium WarRoom Membership for a fee of $97 per year including a free trial for 30-days. This membership gives you access to marketing tools and courses on digital marketing, which will help improve your SEO skills. These are only a few of the numerous benefits attached to Warrior Forum paid membership.


  • Warrior Forum is vast and all-inclusive

  • It provides a section for beginners to kick-off their quest


  • The forum site is monetized and you are required to pay for increased access.

3.) Google Webmaster Help Community

Google forum SEO

Google owns the Google Webmaster Help Community. This forum generates over 1000 threads each month.

The Google Webmaster Help Community gives users a platform to discuss and share information about any of Google's services or products. This includes SEO tools and techniques. Right from the main page of the forum, users can enter any categories such as Crawling, Ranking, and Indexing. This forum site also has a search bar for easy navigation to certain topics. More to that is the advanced query feature that allow users to get more from the forum site using the ‘view all posts’ option.

Finding information is easy and free with the use of the ‘Ask Now’ feature. You can join the expert program if you want to share knowledge.


  • Google Webmaster community is managed and owned by Google, so you can rest assured of its high standards.

  • It has great features in its search.


  • The featured categories are limited to four.

4.) Digital Point

SEO forum list

With over 800,000 users and 2,000,000 discussions, Digital Point remains one of the biggest go-to SEO forums in 2021. Digital Point can be accessed for free but only with a Facebook account. This forum site puts the threads on Search Engine topics upfront on its site. Its subcategories of search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo can be easily selected. Digital Point offers even more exciting features as it has subcategories for Google like Analytics, Adsense, and Shopping. This allows you to move right into the topic of your choice.


  • The categories on Digital Point are properly managed and organized.

  • There are tons of discussions you can pick from.


  • Registration issues arise in some instances

5.) Black Hat World


With a black homepage, Black Hat World covers tons of topics from black hat SEO strategies to white hat SEO with some marketing topics. Although Google discourages using SEO black hat techniques, this online forum remains a favorite for many users. Black Hat World hosts superb subcategories that make solutions easy to find on the forum. Joining this forum is easy and free for all. The registration process is seamless.


  • This forum site has a vast category for digital marketing topics asides from SEO.

  • It gives its members positive ratings, which makes it easy for users to identify reliable information.


  • Google discourages black hat techniques for SEO, which can lead to a penalty. So, you must be particularly careful to avoid getting your site banned from the techniques you apply from the site.

Wrapping Up

The importance of SEO cannot be dismissed in getting your content to the right audience whether you are a business owner, digital marketer, or creative. When accessing online SEO forums, you must be on guard against malicious activities and spam. Before clicking on links, ensure that whoever posted such links has a trustworthy reputation. You can quickly go through the person’s profile to do that.

Also, do everything possible to interact only with persons who have their profiles filled out completely. A lot of spammers on forums have incomplete profiles, and you must ensure yours is filled as much as possible.

You must note that SEO forums are great places to source for SEO solutions and share knowledge. Here, we have discussed the top 5 SEO forum in 2021 that will improve your SEO rank, skillset, search visibility, and your chances to convert sales.




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