Top 30 Social Bookmarking Sites In 2021

Thanks to social bookmarking sites, you can easily store and access bookmarks from anywhere on cloud-servers. Apart from being a great tool that ensures the classification and location of resources on the internet for users, marketers are benefiting as well. It is a great resource for creating back-links. And we all know the importance of back-links to SEO. With high-quality links, you rank higher on search engines. This translates into increased traffic as well as an increased potential for conversions. Great for business, yeah? That said, getting high-quality back-links remains an issue.

Social bookmarking sites come to the rescue once more. They provide the platform to share links, drive website traffic, as well as build the visibility and awareness of brands. Here you find 30 social bookmarking sites where you can drop the links to your website and build back-links of high-quality.

Social Bookmarking Sites In 2020

What Social Bookmarking Is

Getting found online is a big business. If you are interested in getting noticed amid the 1.8 billion+ brands on the internet, then you must be doing something special. In fact, you must do everything there is to do and use every tool at your disposal. Search Engine Optimization remains at the bedrock of building awareness. Your SEO strategy must improve to rank higher on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). And when your brand is found at the top of the search page, it becomes easy for customers to locate it.

That said, social bookmarking is the next step to improve your SEO. The interesting thing about social bookmarking is that you probably have engaged in it without knowing it. Yes, you have. Whenever you send a website’s link to someone, you have used social bookmarking. And social media presents the perfect platform to do this. With social bookmarks, information is saved online and accessible from anywhere at any time.

How Social Bookmarking impacts SEO

Keeping track of all your contacts online is tasking. Yet, that is what social bookmarking does. It involves bookmarking a page of a website on your web browser for later use. There is more as it relays the value of your content to the search engine. And, that is the exact goal of online businesses. With social bookmarks, you gain authority and credibility. These eventually translates to a rise in the ranking of your business to related keywords. Other benefits of social bookmarking include the generation of high-quality backlinks, converting traffic, faster indexing of websites, and social signals. Here are the top 30 social bookmarking sites that will get your SEO strategy rolling in 2021.

The top 30 bookmarking sites in 2021



Twitter is massive. Its audience-base makes it an efficient platform to share content. Interesting content, images, or links worthy of being revisited can be shared on this platform by users. In 2021, Twitter remains one of the best social bookmarking tools online. It has a Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Alexa Rank of 100, 100, and 38, respectively.

Domain Authority ( DA ) : 94

Page Authority ( PA ) : 100

Ahrefs Rank : 2

URL Rank ( UR ) : 94

Domain Rank ( DR ) : 99

Backlinks : 71.1B

Referring Domain : 23.4M

Organic Keywords : 160M

Organic Traffic : 2.0B




This is one of the most popular bookmarking websites as it has over 330 million users. With Domain Authority (DA) of 98, Page Authority (PA) of 89, and Alexa Rank of 18, Reddit is renowned for being demanding. It is also a selective social sharing platform on the web. Also, it permits its users to share the links to images, articles, videos, and stories that are found interesting by the user. The bookmarking list is generated by commenting, upvoting, or downvoting contents.