Top 30 Active High DA Web 2.0 [Updated 2022]

Alright guys! so now, we are going to show our list of web 2.0 blogs that is good for your SEO and it's always been good for a starter links. If have you a new site or established site, then you probably be getting a starter links to increase your sites referring domain, get good amount of authority, branding and of-course it will help you a little bit of rankings. But don't expect too much from web 2.0 blogs, they are just decoy or what we called diversify your text links or anchor text distribution. This strategy will help your site gain more natural anchor text and branding reputation.

list of web 2.0 blogs

Why do we use web 2.0?

Web 2.0 are blog builder or site builder, they can be easily manipulated and created as many links as you want. But, we remind you that you do not over use web 2.0 as it will have negative effects in the future, if you already created a WordPress or wix pointing to your money site, then you don't need to created another set of WordPress or wix as they will be counted as 1 referring domain per platform, if you create more than 1 same platform of web 2.0 then that's a bad idea. Trouble is waiting for you ahead. Be sure to use 1 set of web 2.0 and no duplicating.

Can I use Web 2.0 for my money-site?

Yes, you can use web 2.0 blogs pointing to your money-site, but be sure don't spam or duplicate links. Once you created the platform of WordPress, then there's no need to create it again just the sake to build back-links or referring domain, they are all counted as 1 referring domain or back-links.

Benefits of getting web 2.0:

  1. The domain authority is high ( if you have a new site it will start with O) the DA of web 2.0 sub-domain is already high but the PA is O.

  2. High PR root domain.

  3. no penalties.

  4. high citation flow and trust flow.

  5. Do-follow contextual links.

  6. Can embed map, interlink and link wrap.

  7. Social widgets and optimize.

Here Are The List of web 2.0

Follow simple rules or live with your own good :

1.) Use gmail or any high quality mail like outlook with phone verified.

2.) If you have static IP, then be sure not to log in to different IP's. ( You should login all accounts created in the same IP).

3.) Use quality / unique content.

4.) Use Firefox ( do not use Chrome - you're not safe building links in there! Google is the owner of it and they can see all things up in there.)

DA 100| PA 96 | TF 89 | CF 91 | UR 89 | DR 93 | Ahrefs Rank 122

Index in Google search: Yes

Types: Blog/Website Builder

Site Address: Sub-domain / Custom Address

Links: Do-follow

Google Map Embed: Yes