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Proxywow Review [2023]

It's no news that proxies have become increasingly popular in recent years. "Why?" you may ask. That's because it allows users to mask their IP (Internet Protocol) address and effectively browse the net while retaining their anonymity. But why would one even want to be anonymous while browsing the net?

Well, as a user, proxies can help you bypass location restrictions. For instance, say the site you want to access is only available in a region different from yours. You can get around this by using a proxy server in that region. The server collects the info from the site and passes it to your local IP address.


But that's not all. From seemingly small tasks like that, to protecting your device from malicious hackers, proxies play a major role in today's web community. Yes, even in 2023. And that's why many users – even firms – have sought to find that perfect proxy provider capable of meeting their needs. One such provider is Proxywow.

Proxywow? Yes, this is a company that offers several types of proxies to users. But is it worth your try? What are its features? This Proxywow review for 2023 discusses all that. It answers the whats, hows, and whys surrounding this proxy tool.

What is Proxywow and how does it work?


Proxywow provides several types of proxies to users who need to surf the net anonymously and safely. It even supports proxies essential for gaming and streaming.

It provides proxies developed from the ground up for reliability and low latency. In other words, the proxies you'll get with Proxywow are faster and helps to improve your browsing experience.

But is that all to this service? To decide whether Proxywow is for you or not, let's delve into four of its top-notch features. Afterward, a look at its pros, cons, and pricing packages will help you form a conclusion about this provider.

Features of Proxywow

Proxywow 2

Proxywow is a service that allows users to mask their IP address through the use of intermediary servers known as proxies. As such, it's only natural for it to offer several features that help users achieve their browsing goals. Some of its main features include:

1. Uncapped Bandwidth

Proxywow provides uncapped bandwidth to its users, letting them browse more freely. But what does that mean for users? Simply put, this means that while using their intermediary servers, you can transfer as much data as you'll need without worrying about hitting a limit. In other words, you'll have access to unlimited bandwidth.

This feature of Proxywow comes in handy when processing large amounts of data or making downloads while using proxy servers. In such cases, you won’t have to worry about reaching the bandwidth limit before completing your download. No doubt, this is a crucial feature you’ll always need when trying to use proxies.

2. Dedicated and Static IPs

In addition to offering uncapped bandwidth, Proxywow’s monthly subscriptions also provide dedicated and static IP addresses to its users. As it implies, this means the IP assigned to you does not change and is exclusive.

Such features come in handy for users who will need to use the same IP for a lengthened period, such as for academic research. It allows them access to sites that hinders users with shared IPs.

3. Security

When it comes to proxy servers, the issue of privacy and security takes precedence. After all, that's one reason why many users even decide to use proxies in the first place. So, it's only natural that you consider the security level of a proxy provider before using them. So, is Proxywow safe? Yes, Proxywow handles your details carefully and promises never to share them.

4. 10GB/S Connection Speed

Do you need to transfer large amounts of data quickly? Then, the proxies provided by Proxywow are a perfect fit for you. These proxies run on servers that offer high connection speeds (10 GB per Second), allowing for fast browsing.

5. Low-Latency Streaming and Gaming

As mentioned earlier, Proxywow supports proxies that allow for gaming and streaming. And these proxies allow you to do this without experiencing an interruption in the connection. These feature helps to enhance your user experience when streaming your favorite content on platforms like Hulu and Netflix. It also helps you smoothly play popular online games, including Pokémon Go. Isn't that exciting?

Pros and Cons of Proxywow


● It is lightning fast.

● It is well-secured and reliable.

● As seen above, it offers uncapped bandwidth for free browsing.

● The specialists at Proxywow are ready to assist you 24/7.

● It allows you to browse without interruption.


● More info about this provider is needed on the net.

Proxywow Pricing Proposal

Proxywow offers four pricing packages, aside from the Custom plan that allows you to personalize it upon your request.

The four other pricing proposals include:

❖ The Starter Plan: It costs $25 per month for five IPs. Any additional IP you’ll need after that will cost $5 each.

❖ For the Basic Plan, you can access 25 IPs for $100 monthly. You can also access any additional IP for $4.

❖ The Advanced Plan: It costs $300 per month for 100 IPs and $3 for any additional IP you may need to purchase.

❖ Its Pro Plan offers 400 IPs at $1000 per month. With this plan, you can access any additional IP you will need for $2.5.

Proxywow 3

FAQs of Proxywow

  • What is Proxywow?

Proxywow is a proxy provider offering users the IP addresses they need to surf the net anonymously.

  • Are the proxies provided by Proxywow dedicated or shared?

All proxies offered by this provider are dedicated exclusively to you. They are not shared with other users.

  • Are my proxies rotated every month?

No, the proxies you buy from Proxywow are not rotated each month you renew your subscription. But you can request a proxy rotation.

  • What happens if my proxies get banned or start malfunctioning?

If your proxies stop working, all you need to do is contact the Proxywow team. They are ready to help you come up with solutions. They are also ready to provide replacements when needed.

  • Does Proxywow provide enterprise plans?

As seen above, Proxywow offers only four major pricing packages. If you need to access over 1,000 IPs each month, you’ll need to contact the sales team and request a custom plan that suits your needs.

  • Does Proxywow provide dashboards for managing proxy subscriptions?

Yes, this provider grants all users access to its dashboard.

  • How much bandwidth does Proxywow offer?

As mentioned earlier, Proxywow provides uncapped bandwidth to users. This means you can browse freely and won't need to pay an extra fee when you reach a cap limit. This uncapped bandwidth provision is available for every subscription plan.

  • Where can you find support?

You can contact Proxywow’s support team by visiting their homepage, sending an email, or reaching out via Discord. The support team is available round the clock and ready to help you find solutions to your proxy-related issues.

Wrapping Up: Is Proxywow for You?

At first glance, the net appears friendly, not requiring any secrecy on the user's part. However, the same net is flooded with several potential dangers, including cyber-attacks. Aside from that, several services on the net are only limited to certain countries or regions. How do you access those services when you're from a different location?

Thanks to proxies, this is possible. By masking your identity (IP address), they protect your device from many potential dangers. Proxies also help you filter out any unwanted content you come across on the net.

Proxywow, as reviewed here, is one of the most reliable proxy providers you’ll find in 2023. It offers a high-speed connection, smooth online gaming and streaming experience, and unlimited bandwidth for your surfing.

That plus its past clients' testimonials (as found on the homepage), shows that Proxywow is worth your try. So, are you looking for a proxy provider to help mask your IP address? If so, Proxywow is for you.


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