Proctorio's Chrome Extension

The advancement in the tech space is quite visible for all to see. The internet and computer technology is having more personal effect than ever. From business management to sports, leisure, and dating. Even the education sector is not being left out as teachers and students can access a wider source of information and communicate vastly.

Google Chrome- one of the top internet browsers is contributing massively to easing processes across different industries with its range of extensions. One such chrome extension that is impacting the education sector is the Proctorio Chrome Extension. What is the Proctorio Chrome extension all about, how does it work, how can you easily install it? This article holds the answers to these questions. Basically, it is a Proctorio Chrome extension review. However, to understand the Proctorio Chrome extension, there is no better way to start than knowing the basics of a proctoring system. And this article discusses all that afterward. For now, here is what the Proctorio Chrome Extension is all about.


Proctorio Chrome Extension

The Proctorio Chrome extension is the only possible means to access this online proctoring service. It allows for test/exam candidates to take their assessment at any given time, thereby eliminating any need to reschedule. Still, before using the service to take an online test or examination, the user must consider certain things. These includes:

  • The availability of a microphone and a webcam- either internal or external.

  • A photo ID to validate the user and ensure the integrity of the test.

How to install Proctorio Chrome Extension

How to install Proctorio Chrome Extension

As the Chrome web browser is integral to using Proctorio, here are the steps to installing the Proctorio Chrome extension whether as a student or an instructor.

1.) Ensure that you have the chrome browser on your PC. You can download it via a search on Google or using this link here.

Proctorio Google Image 2

2.) On installing Google's Chrome on your computer, you have to install Proctorio's Chrome extension next.

Proctorio Google Image 3

- To do this, visit Proctorio's support page to set up. Here, you will also see a link to download Google Chrome for your device.