List Of SEO Training Academy Courses

The importance of incorporating effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy in your business, digital marketing, or professional career cannot be overemphasized. Still, a sizeable number of persons believe that SEO has little or no impact on their businesses. Well, this might seem true in certain instances but it is largely not the case.

Also, there is a large base of marketers who think they have a firm grip on SEO when in reality, they are not doing well.

Having a deep understanding of SEO addresses these issues. Such knowledge ensures that one fully understands why SEO crucial for business and how to do it right. Because there are tons of information online, knowing where to get the right information is blurrier than ever.

This list of SEO training academy courses sets out to guide you on high-quality SEO courses. It also discusses why you should invest in SEO training and why you should pick up an SEO certification. Whether you are a newbie, intermediate SEO’er, or you consider yourself as a pro, there’s something to pick up from here.

List of SEO Training Academy Courses

SEO simply involves increasing your website traffic’s quality and quantity using a search engine’s organic results.

Talking about quality, your web visitors should be your target audience and not just any random web user. These persons will seek out your site and have an interest in what you offer.

In terms of quantity, good SEO ensures your number of quality audiences gets multiplied.

As not just any traffic increase will suffice in SEO, the quantity goes in hand with getting high-quality traffic. For conversions to take place, you need high-quality traffic moving through the door. Only then would you want to build on the numbers coming in. This is important as putting your website in front of large crowds who have no interest in what you offer only results in unproductivity and waste of resources. Hence, the need to put quality first, before quantity.

Down to the big question, "where can I learn the best SEO practices that yield results?" This list of SEO training academy courses is sure to guide you:

List of SEO Training Courses

  1. Hubspot

  2. Moz

  3. The SEO Playbook

Now, let’s jump into what these training courses offer.

1.) Hubspot


Hubspot Academy stands out for its comprehensive courses. Also, it offers free certified-detailed courses. Yeah, you heard right! Free training. These certifications are highly valued that higher educational institutions recognize them. For instance, Northeastern University recognizes Hubspot Academy Certifications. It accepts them as transfer credits in master programs like the Social media concentration program.

On signing up for free, you can explore the wide options given by this course. You can choose a focus area to build your skills. This includes sales, service, and marketing. Each of these aspects offers different certifications.

Hubspot splits its certification courses into two major categories. The general certifications and the software certifications.