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List Of SEO Training Academy Courses

The importance of incorporating effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy in your business, digital marketing, or professional career cannot be overemphasized. Still, a sizeable number of persons believe that SEO has little or no impact on their businesses. Well, this might seem true in certain instances but it is largely not the case.

Also, there is a large base of marketers who think they have a firm grip on SEO when in reality, they are not doing well.

Having a deep understanding of SEO addresses these issues. Such knowledge ensures that one fully understands why SEO crucial for business and how to do it right. Because there are tons of information online, knowing where to get the right information is blurrier than ever.

This list of SEO training academy courses sets out to guide you on high-quality SEO courses. It also discusses why you should invest in SEO training and why you should pick up an SEO certification. Whether you are a newbie, intermediate SEO’er, or you consider yourself as a pro, there’s something to pick up from here.

SEO Training Academy Courses

List of SEO Training Academy Courses

SEO simply involves increasing your website traffic’s quality and quantity using a search engine’s organic results.

Talking about quality, your web visitors should be your target audience and not just any random web user. These persons will seek out your site and have an interest in what you offer.

In terms of quantity, good SEO ensures your number of quality audiences gets multiplied.

As not just any traffic increase will suffice in SEO, the quantity goes in hand with getting high-quality traffic. For conversions to take place, you need high-quality traffic moving through the door. Only then would you want to build on the numbers coming in. This is important as putting your website in front of large crowds who have no interest in what you offer only results in unproductivity and waste of resources. Hence, the need to put quality first, before quantity.

Down to the big question, "where can I learn the best SEO practices that yield results?" This list of SEO training academy courses is sure to guide you:

List of SEO Training Courses

Now, let’s jump into what these training courses offer.


Hubspot Academy stands out for its comprehensive courses. Also, it offers free certified-detailed courses. Yeah, you heard right! Free training. These certifications are highly valued that higher educational institutions recognize them. For instance, Northeastern University recognizes Hubspot Academy Certifications. It accepts them as transfer credits in master programs like the Social media concentration program.

On signing up for free, you can explore the wide options given by this course. You can choose a focus area to build your skills. This includes sales, service, and marketing. Each of these aspects offers different certifications.

Hubspot splits its certification courses into two major categories. The general certifications and the software certifications.

  • Hubspot Software Certification

The Marketing software certification is for individuals who use the Hubspot tool in their career. It teaches the marketing basics within Hubspot Software.

This course aims at teaching case studies of Hubspot’s software and how users can get ahead of its learning curve.


  • 272 minutes competition time

  • 75 videos

  • 16 Lessons

  • 13 quizzes


An enterprise or pro subscription is needed to complete this certification.

  • Hubspot General Knowledge Certifications

This features several certification courses, which are great for users at different SEO stages. From newbies with little idea of SEO to SEO professionals.

Here, you will find Hubspot’s Inbound Certification; Content Marketing Certification; Inbound Marketing Certification; Inbound Sales Certification; Contextual Marketing Certification; and Sales Enablement Certification.


  • Tons of course videos

  • Quizzes to assess progress

  • Courses divided into lessons

  • Varying course duration



  • Hubspot SEO mini-course

Hubspot also offers a Free SEO mini-course for persons who have little time to go through a comprehensive SEO course.

Here, Hubspot sends an email containing the training for five consecutive days. All each user must do is to read and apply. This mini-training offers all the basics needed to help you navigate your path in the world of SEO.


  • Train users to find the right keyword on their website

  • Getting search engines to understand the page content

  • Link-building strategies to build web ranking

  • Understanding website crawling by search engines

  • Off-Page and On-Page SEO guide


Hubspot’s mini SEO course is free.


SEO Courses

When it comes to finding a comprehensive SEO training academy course, Moz makes the round. Here is why.

This SEO training center features tons of SEO courses and it is one of the most reliable in the field. Users can join several classes ranging from SEO Site Audits, Link Building, On-Page SEO, SEO Reporting, and Keyword Research.

Do you need to build an in-house SEO team, Moz offers something that worth your consideration. It allows for a customized SEO class. What this means is that users can build an SEO team that Moz will train. This feature of the course also allows multi-day webinars or live events with the latter delivered from the headquarters of Moz.


  • Vast SEO knowledge base and resources

  • Multiple courses

  • Customized SEO and team training


  • Varying prices for different courses ranging between $99 and $595


SEO Academy Courses

If you are looking for a complete SEO training package online, The SEO Playbook offers a good place to start. This training course takes intermediate SEO’ers through the pace till they become experts in the SEO field. It uses proven processes to teach how to build organic traffic, generate profitable leads as well as conversions.

Looking at The SEO Playbook’s course page, one can clearly see the objectives of the training course, which includes:

  • Grow organic traffic at a rapid rate

  • Landing paying clients in a short time after sign up

  • Learn skills that expand services being offered

  • Fill in the critical gaps in the business process

There is also a catch to this course. It stands out from others as Robbie Richards – SEO Playbook's creator- tailors the material to real-life scenarios and businesses.

One of the features everyone in the audience will get to see is how Robbie develops a content audit for a business website. Also, keyword research tools, content maps, and tons of actionable guides feature in the course.

Students of the SEO Playbook also gain access to Robbie's direct Slack community, which gives access to numerous professionals in the field.


  • Behind-the-scenes business analysis.

  • Lifetime access to Playbook content.

  • Access to private Slack community for members

  • 50+ progressive guides and process documents.

  • Tons of SEO pre-designed templates.

  • Access to a collection of 100+ SEO training videos.


  • $497 one-time fee.

If you seek SEO training that provides tools to build on your SEO skill set, outsource tasks, train employees, convert your audiences into paying clients, then the SEO Playbook is worth your consideration.

Why invest in SEO training?

List of SEO Academy

Investing in SEO training should not be dismissed. As SEO is integral in getting your website or business efforts to the right audience, knowing how to do it right is just as important.

SEO lets brands increase website and product visibility, brand awareness and engagement, and ultimately conversions with a little cost when compared to paid advertising. SEO does not guarantee immediate success. It is a future investment that puts your website or product in the best possible state.

Getting trained in SEO gives an added advantage to utilize the skill to whatever extent possible. It ensures that you know the right methodologies surrounding SEO. Also, it lets you know the latest and correct SEO techniques to optimize your website on search engines. Due to the complex algorithm of search engines, investing in SEO training is even more crucial to avoid being left out of the pack.

Why become SEO certified?

Academy SEO Course

Most times, SEO courses are certified and afford you the opportunity to delve into a branch or several branches of SEO. As search engine algorithms like Google changes regularly, you will need to adapt your approach to the new guidelines to avoid being obsolete. And that is why you need certifications and courses in SEO.

SEO is fast-paced. Its techniques keep changing from time to time. And as such, to meet its demands, one has to be regularly updated with the latest SEO trends.

There are numerous courses to consider when deciding on the certification to go for. Some SEO courses are strictly based on On-Page SEO like keyword research, while others focus on Off-Page SEO.

Courses and Certifications follow the trends with SEO techniques. They are regularly updated to ensure that one does not lose track of the trends in the industry.

A certificate in SEO serves as an additional educational experience that drives one into advanced SEO levels.

It helps you develop your skills to meet up with your SEO goals.

Wrapping Up

As a business owner, digital marketer, or creative, you just cannot dismiss the impact of SEO on your marketing efforts. From exposing your products to a wider audience and streamlining conversions, SEO is a long-term solution to online marketing. And at a cheaper cost.

Knowing how to do SEO the right way is even more important. Else, you will be wasting time, resources, and effort if you are not getting the right kind of results. Hence, the need to get the right training. As the internet offers tons of resources on different subjects, it is easy to fall prey to low-quality guides. This is bad news for SEO.

This list of SEO training academy courses helps you on the path to finding the best SEO resources. It discusses three courses that can take your SEO career to the next level. At varying pricing levels, they focus on different aspects of SEO from On-Page, Off-Page, to technical SEO. It is up to you to decide depending on your interest. And there is more, it offers certifications that updates you on the latest SEO trends.


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