krowdsoft Review

The massive amount of traffic available through online platforms is one major reason why we use the internet to convey messages and do business. A significant amount of traffic often translates into conversions with the right strategy. For business and digital marketers, traffic is non-negotiable. But these are not only persons who need a great deal of traffic - as we all do.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit to mention a few generate tons of authentic traffic online. But the high competition for traffic on these platforms are reoccurring issues that would demand a highly converting strategy to get results. And this might prove to be expensive. Another thing is the situation where the marketing specialist running your ad campaign has to try several ads to know what suits your audience best. This takes time too.

However, there are other ways of getting genuine traffic online cheaply. One of such traffic-generating software is Krowdsoft. This article examines Krowdsoft. It offers the vital details of using Krowdsoft to get an increased audience size online. But first, what is Krowdsoft and what is its operation like? Let's discuss the answers to these questions.

What Krowdsoft is

krowdsoft review

Krowd is a new software for getting increased audiences online. This easy-to-use software is right for newbies who are keenly interested in getting their content to a wide audience base. It helps users drive traffic for free, giving access to over 320M Pinterest users. Although Krowd's Pinterest system is not widely known and has been barely proven, it emulates mass traffic of pins.

Krowd is a Venkata Ramana’s creation alongside partners Nakul and Mark Bishop. Venkata is a top developer with other creative projects on the internet marketing field. Venkata can be found in the first 5 percent of vendors on the Warriorplus platform. His past engagement with Cyclone & Swarm gives insight into his foresight, and one can only expect such success with Krowd.

Krowdsoft ensures that you get your targeted audience and buyers into the right sales channel where conversions can take place. With very few steps, you can gain access to a large audience base of Pinterest users.

How Krowd works

How Krowd works

A business with the knowledge of driving traffic online has completed the ultimate puzzle to hack it through. And Krowd proposes just that. Krowd has lots of potential that you cannot just toss it aside. To use it, one must understand the operations of the traffic driver.

Krowdsoft uses Pinterest as its traffic source, which supplies a massive amount of real audiences. Although several concerns linger over using Pinterest as a source of buyer traffic, one thing is certain, it brings your content or platform to a wider audience base. It works by pulling existing pins from Pinterest based on the search intent of the user. This further reveals the number of repins, allowing you to include it on your board.

After this stage, you can emulate pins. Krowdsoft does not exactly allow the copying of pins but it gives one inspiration from these pins. This step is quite straightforward as you only need to make personal versions of renowned pins. As straightforward as this is, it requires creativity and effort. You can access its simple Canva-like interface to manipulate your creations. On completion, you can save the design and add it to your destination or a description link. You also get to set when you want to post.

What is Krowdsoft

In a nutshell, one can access Krowd’s massive traffic under three steps. First, you must 'search'. It involves inputting the keyword to locate your desired niche. Next, you must extract the formula, copying it using the emulator. And Lastly, share the emulated results to your desired web platform to pull traffic.