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krowdsoft Review

The massive amount of traffic available through online platforms is one major reason why we use the internet to convey messages and do business. A significant amount of traffic often translates into conversions with the right strategy. For business and digital marketers, traffic is non-negotiable. But these are not only persons who need a great deal of traffic - as we all do.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit to mention a few generate tons of authentic traffic online. But the high competition for traffic on these platforms are reoccurring issues that would demand a highly converting strategy to get results. And this might prove to be expensive. Another thing is the situation where the marketing specialist running your ad campaign has to try several ads to know what suits your audience best. This takes time too.


However, there are other ways of getting genuine traffic online cheaply. One of such traffic-generating software is Krowdsoft. This article examines Krowdsoft. It offers the vital details of using Krowdsoft to get an increased audience size online. But first, what is Krowdsoft and what is its operation like? Let's discuss the answers to these questions.

What Krowdsoft is

krowdsoft review

Krowd is a new software for getting increased audiences online. This easy-to-use software is right for newbies who are keenly interested in getting their content to a wide audience base. It helps users drive traffic for free, giving access to over 320M Pinterest users. Although Krowd's Pinterest system is not widely known and has been barely proven, it emulates mass traffic of pins.

Krowd is a Venkata Ramana’s creation alongside partners Nakul and Mark Bishop. Venkata is a top developer with other creative projects on the internet marketing field. Venkata can be found in the first 5 percent of vendors on the Warriorplus platform. His past engagement with Cyclone & Swarm gives insight into his foresight, and one can only expect such success with Krowd.

Krowdsoft ensures that you get your targeted audience and buyers into the right sales channel where conversions can take place. With very few steps, you can gain access to a large audience base of Pinterest users.

How Krowd works

How Krowd works

A business with the knowledge of driving traffic online has completed the ultimate puzzle to hack it through. And Krowd proposes just that. Krowd has lots of potential that you cannot just toss it aside. To use it, one must understand the operations of the traffic driver.

Krowdsoft uses Pinterest as its traffic source, which supplies a massive amount of real audiences. Although several concerns linger over using Pinterest as a source of buyer traffic, one thing is certain, it brings your content or platform to a wider audience base. It works by pulling existing pins from Pinterest based on the search intent of the user. This further reveals the number of repins, allowing you to include it on your board.

After this stage, you can emulate pins. Krowdsoft does not exactly allow the copying of pins but it gives one inspiration from these pins. This step is quite straightforward as you only need to make personal versions of renowned pins. As straightforward as this is, it requires creativity and effort. You can access its simple Canva-like interface to manipulate your creations. On completion, you can save the design and add it to your destination or a description link. You also get to set when you want to post.

What is Krowdsoft

In a nutshell, one can access Krowd’s massive traffic under three steps. First, you must 'search'. It involves inputting the keyword to locate your desired niche. Next, you must extract the formula, copying it using the emulator. And Lastly, share the emulated results to your desired web platform to pull traffic.

Krowd lets these process take place in just five minutes-according to its official sources. It ensures that little time and resources are spent when trying to get the right visibility. Such promise is a dream to every digital marketer.

In essence, Krowd works in 3 simple steps. Find, Emulate, and pull Traffic.

Features of Krowdsoft

Features of Krowdsoft

What features make Krowdsoft function as efficiently as it does? These are major highlights of Krowdsoft.

Krowd offers mouth-watering bonuses, which differ from its major capability to find, emulate, and drive traffic.

Bonuses- This software offers you tons of its author's greatest bonuses. These bonuses include;

1. Platinum 1: This bonus comes at a price of $297.

Platinum 2: Enjoying this bonus would cost you $130. It comes also with a $130 discount on Krowd Control edition. However, this bonus lasts only for a while.

Platinum 3: The cost of this bonus is $197. It allows you to share your emulated formula not only on Pinterest but also on two other traffic platforms. Of course, more platforms to advertise on equates increased traffic amount.

NOTE- None of these bonuses are compulsory to enjoy the services of Krowdsoft. Although optional, they bring about extra traffic.

Krowdsoft Pricing

Krowd pricing is available at the upfront price and five additional upsells. With these packages, you can utilize Krowdsoft at varying degrees.

UPFRONT COST: The upfront price for KrowdSoft is $17. The value for investing your $17 on Krowd includes;

  • It permits you to insert a maximum of 150 keywords in a month.

  • It extracts and provides you with headings and descriptions of high audience influx.

  • It grants you access to image attachments from Pixel and Pixabay.

  • You get to include quotes relating to the pins in your business line to the box provided for quotes you find inspiring.

  • Allows you to share content manually on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

1st Offer. Control Edition: The Krowd control edition costs $67. Its features include-

  • It has a higher traffic potential than the front-end edition.

  • Allows you to insert up to 450 keywords in any line of business.

  • It performs Krowd's usual extract, emulate, and post functions, only, with the control edition, you can post up to fifteen emulated formulas daily.

  • It adds account, titles, and tags to your unique formula. It provides the options for a heading or tag automatically.

  • The Krowd control edition grants you an option to attach images to your work.

2nd Offer. Stampede Upgrade: The Krowd stampede upgrade costs $37. In addition to the front-end edition of Krowd, the stampede upgrade features;

  • Free traffic potential at its maximum.

  • It allows you to input up to 900 keywords in whatever line of business you have interests in.

  • It extracts, emulates, and posts on Pinterest at least 30 emulated formulas per day.

  • It automatically provides headings, account, and spin content options.

  • It has a Pinterest schedule which is of great importance due to its versatility and interactive operations.

3rd Offer. Instant Traffic: You can enjoy the instant traffic offer at a cost of $97. With the instant traffic, the Krowd marketing page has an additional user pixel. This added pixel helps build a target audience larger than normal.

4th Offer. Agency License: This package comes at a cost of $47. It provides you with a reseller package.

5th Offer. 7Day/1k: The services of this OTO come at a price of $197. Its features include;

  • 7Day/1k video tutorials, all with ready-made products.

  • It is quite easy to use. All you need to do with this offer is fill out the provided spaces, generate, and share the final products of high quality. Users filling in the blank spaces ensure that each product is unique to that user.

  • Users of this offer benefit from a promotional structure that is built into Krowd.

All that you can do with Krowd

Krowd really does save you a lot of stress, therefore, you should avoid the following and opt for Krowd.

1. Facebook Ads- Ads on Facebook were once and still are traffic generating means. However, you have a more reliable option at your service in Krowd. Unlike Facebook ads where you have to invest a lot of time, money, and effort before it can become profitable, Krowd is outright better. Krowd takes up way less time, hence, with Krowd you do not need to look to social media ads to traffic your business even for a while.

2. Blogs- Blogs are commonplace when it comes to generating traffic for one’s business. Of course, everyone wants people to recognize their business and blogs previously served this purpose to a large extent. Not everyone wants to go through the stress of writing and for a fact, not everyone can write. You do not need to worry about this as Krowd has got you covered.

3. Influencers- It would be nice having your brand endorsed by a celebrity or better yet, an icon. However, this is not possible in most cases. One of the several reasons why this is not always possible is the cost. Why not save yourself all that money you would spend hiring a paid influencer and go for Krowd.

4. Google Ads- One of the most prominent ways of generating traffic is Google ads. However, this method is best for huge companies with an equally huge budget. What if you do not have such a large budget? Well, Krowd is here to save you from spending way above your budget.

5. YouTube Ads- Although these are made available at a relatively affordable price, not any random YouTube video can fit the role. For proper traffic-generation using YouTube ads, you need a professional video. Laying one’s hands-on such content could cost a lot. On the other hand, Krowd does the same, if not better at generating traffic for your business.

6. Video Content- This marketing strategy is just not cut out for everyone. The pressure and bundle of nerves that form when under the views of a potential thousand views is no joke. However, Krowd does not demand that you show your face to your audience in a video. Its free traffic generation is accomplished by a process much easier than that.

Prominent use of Krowd is found in the following niches;

- Dropshipping

- Affiliate Market

- Print On Demand

- CPA Marketing

- E-commerce; and so much more.

Other Benefits of Krowd

  • Simple and straightforward to use, even for newbies

  • It is cloud-based and offers support to any type of device

  • It offers support for any marketing niche

  • No extra cost added

  • Competitive pricing and it offers a one-time access fee.


  • Easy and direct to use

  • Money-back guarantees for 30-days.

  • Complete user training

  • Outstanding traffic reach


  • Overly salesy

  • Buyer traffic is not assured

Frequently Asked Questions

Krodsoft Faqs

Here are the frequently asked questions concerning Krowdsoft:

Q: What Devices is Krowd Compatible with?

A: Krowd is a cloud-based software, and this makes it compatible with any device be it Android, IOS, or Mac. It works on any device with internet access.

Q: Do I need skills to utilize Krowd?

A: Thankfully, you do not need to be a "tech whiz" to benefit from Krowd. Krowd is designed with a user-friendly interface. This means newbies can benefit as well.

Q: Does Krowd Offer Training To its users?

A: Yes, it does. The training provided by Krowd is most helpful to Krowd users, especially those with no form of tech skills. Krowd training comes in a video format, hence, it is easy to understand and follow.

Q: Are Krowd Fees Monthly?

A: In its release stages, Krowd grants "full ongoing access" to users at a one-time-offer charge. There are no extra costs aside from this.


Without doubt, achieving success in your business online largely depends on how large your audience is, and Krowdsoft promises to provide this on a platter. This easy-to-use software uses Pinterest to generate a massive amount of traffic to its user. Even though the system behind it is not popular, it holds out much potential and promise. You stand to enjoy lots of benefits from its several plans. Aside from that, users stand to get an alternative source of traffic injection without following popular marketing methods like influencer marketing, blogging, and video marketing, which can be expensive and time-consuming. All you need is an internet-compactible device, and you are set to tap in from one of the largest traffic bases online.

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