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Index Auto Pilot Review Tool - The Best Indexer For SEO?

If you understand how the search engine works, you’ll understand how indexing works for your site. Search engines like Google crawl web pages, indexes, and then bring the information for search results.

Search engine optimization is one, big word. Let’s go back to the basic terms to help us understand better how indexing works and why it is important.

Index Auto Pilot


Search engine crawler, Google spider crawler or bots crawl or follows links on web pages of a site. It then collects the data about a page such as titles, keywords, images, linked pages, and more. It discovers new or updated content like new sites or pages, alteration to active sites, and dead links.

The process of crawling starts with the list of web addresses coming from the previous site maps and crawls given by the site owners. Google crawlers use links on the sites to find other web pages.


After the web pages were crawled, they are indexed by the search engine. Google then renders data gathered from crawling.

For easier understanding, indexing is the procedure of adding web pages into Google search.

It is the most crucial activity to get a site ranked on the search engine result pages (SERPs). If a site isn’t indexed yet, it cannot rank on the search results.

Indexing is the process of getting or collecting web pages and then storing it on the database. When a user types a query, the search engine gets the information from the database related to the keyword.

index auto pilot review

Why do you need to index your site?

As mentioned, if you need your site to be seen on the search results, it must be indexed. Google must index your site on a regular basis and not just once.

Google’s spiders or bots are computer codes that search for updates and new content. It updates the indexed version of your site.

Once it detected a new page or content, it analyzes what is it all about. Previously, spider bots weren’t that smart as today. They could index and rank sites based on keyword stuffing.

Today, stuffing search terms on a web page or content can get you penalized. If you keep on repeating these mistakes, your site could be removed from being indexed permanently. When this happens, you could not rank anymore on SERPs.

Today, Google is giving more weight on the user’s intention for the search and their experience. Does the user want to solve a particular problem, purchase a product, or learn tips?

Keywords and other elements still matter. They are still good ranking factors. However, if the spiders can’t find your pages, your site is still not going to show up in the search results.

This is where indexing comes into place. Regular indexing enhances your search results.

Each time the spider sees an alteration or a new content, it adds them to the searchable index. Only high-quality pages are added to the index. Web pages that violate the algorithms such as keyword stuffing and adding too many links are not indexed.

When the bot saw changes on your site, it processes the content and the location of the search terms on the page. It also checks other elements like meta tag, titles tag, and alt attributes for images.

All these elements are indexed for search results. How often your site is indexed can impact your search results. As much as possible, you want the new content to be indexed and available on the searches.

Basically, it is how indexing works for search engines. However, there can be differences since other search engines like Yahoo and Bing have their own algorithms.

What are the important indexing factors?

As a site owner, you want an efficient index rate for your site. Your new content must be indexed by search engine bots as fast as possible after it was published.

You must check how many times Google bots crawl to your web pages. The more often it crawls your site each day, the better.

What is Index AutoPilot?

Index AutoPilot is a leading indexing tool for SEO Experts. Monitoring and indexing backlinks are important SEO tasks that you must be prioritizing. The tool helps do these tasks to improve your SEO’s return-on-investment.

SEO indexer like Index AutoPilot works by submitting your site to thousands of sites leading to many backlinks. It gets your site indexed by search engines like Google.

Backlinks can boost your site’s ranking. However, if the search engines don’t know they exist, you cannot maximize their value.

If the search engines don’t know about your backlinks, how could your rankings improve? There is a high chance that they will not be indexed by Google.

Indexing your backlinks is critical to make your link building campaign successful. There’s no point of creating links if Google doesn’t index them. It’s a complete waste of time, effort, and money.

about Index auto pilot dashboard

The dashboard looks simple and easy, there are 4 tab on the left side of the panel.

  • Dashboard

  • Submit Jobs

  • Jobs

  • My Account

The dashboard - tab is where you can check the report on how many submission you did this month. You can also check the credits left in your account, open jobs, bonus credit, captcha balance, membership, API and affiliate program.

index auto pilot dashboard

Submit jobs - On the submit jobs tab, it is where you can submit all the links that you would like to index, you can add a project name and enter the links one per line. There will be options you can customize in there like using 2captcha, drip, submit all links, check if links are indexable or not.

index auto pilot submit jobs

The Jobs - The jobs tab is where you can check the actual report of a running project.. You can see the project name running, project ID, how many links, how many links are non - indexable, submitted, days running, date starter, captcha, status.

You may also download all the links in the report, re-submit ( re-running links), reopen, close or delete.

index auto pilot my jobs

My Account - It is where you can see your subscription details, general settings, billing info and invoices.

index auto pilot my account

Plans and Pricing:

Index auto pilot


  • 5,000 credits per monthly

  • Is URL Indexable feature

  • Index auto pilot university

  • API access

  • 100% Web based

Monthly: $17

Annual: $199



  • 20, 000 credits per monthly

  • Is URL Indexable feature

  • Index auto pilot university

  • API access

  • 100% Web based

Monthly: $47

Annual: $499



  • 55, 000 credits per monthly

  • Is URL Indexable feature

  • Index auto pilot university

  • API access

  • 100% Web based

Monthly: $97

Annual: $999



  • 500, 000 credits per monthly

  • Is URL Indexable feature

  • Index auto pilot university

  • API access

  • 100% Web based

Monthly: $497

Annual: N/A



“Submitted the job to Index AutoPilot with 1,234 non-indexed URLs. From that ONE run, Index AutoPilot got *1034 *of them indexed: a whopping *83.79%*! How cool is THAT!?”

- Tim Hoogasian

SEO Consultant

"Index AutoPilot has been the best online tool that I've purchased in quite a while. I am getting incredible results with it. I've already shared one with you... "taking a $70 legal keyword and getting it to move from #23 to #5 within 5 days..." Worked like magic. All I did on that one was run 2 of my PBNs through it. One of my links on one of those PBNs wasn't indexed. The results were like "throwing gasoline on a fire". Big WOW on this one!"

-Steve Adams

SEO Consultant

“The majority of the links that I put through the test were from Web 2.0. I literally have tried every trick in the book as well as many of the other indexing services to try to get these type of links indexed. I ran them through index autopilot and in a couple of days nearly 80 percent were indexed. To top it off since indexing these links my Amazon affiliate site has now found its way to page one after 8 months of constant work to it. Looking forward to some commission now. Great tool and great support.

- George Negron

SEO Consultant

"I bought some backlinks from Konker consisting of 201 video embeds and social links. The gig provider on Konker indexes the links before he sends you the report he provides. I checked the 201 links as you suggested to see how many were indexed. It was hard to take, not one of the 201 links were indexed. Starting out with 201 links not being indexed that Google would never see to now having 163 indexed links is a real game-changer for the SEO world. I checked my Google rankings again and WoW what a difference.”

- Doug Yenshaw

SEO Consultant

Index AutoPilot requires users to sign up before using the site. Once you enter the homepage, it welcomes users with the line, “Dramatically Increase Your SEO's ROI Without Effort.”

It showed the difference of using different indexing sites from Index AutoPilot. The screenshot demonstrated that there were 1/ 150 links indexed.

However, after using Index AutoPilot, it showed that they can index 40 percent of the links in 24 hours. There were 60 new links indexed in just 30 seconds.

The site provides no access to its other pages. Users can only access the homepage that limits the chance of the users to learn more about the service.

If you are going to click the support tab on the lower part of the homepage, you cannot access it. Users are going to wonder how they can reach out to the site if there is no way they can contact them.

There is no email, live chat, or phone number that can be contacted in case clients have queries. This just goes to say that they have no customer support at all.

An FAQ portion can be found on the homepage. However, the information provided is also very limited. Only four questions were answered.

It’s clear that they cannot be reached or address issues that their clients may face. Unlike other sites that provide answers to common questions, the site is lacking in many features.

The web-based indexing site offers four plans including Starter, Basic, Pro, and Agency. The features written on each plan seem confusing, especially if the one going to use the site is not into technology.

The description of each package is unclear. The package starts at $17 per month which is worth $199 for a yearly plan.

If you click any of the plans, it will proceed to a landing page where you can finalize the payment. In short, it lands on the checkout page.

For instance, if you clicked the Starter plan, it will show the overview of the order. It describes the plan as a fast and super powerful backlink indexer, brand new technology with higher success rates than any other tool on the market.

The $17 plan includes 1 month of service. It will be billed every month on your credit card or clients can pay through their PayPal account.

Getting your site indexed quickly by Google and other search engines is very important. If your content, web page, or site is new or it isn’t crawled frequently, it could take many days or weeks before it could be indexed.

Of course, if your site isn’t indexed, it impacts your search engine visibility. Your site will not be seen on the search results.

If your traffic is coming from organic search, that means that being found on the searches is really important. Organic search can seriously affect the number of your site visitors.

However, how can you see improvement in your traffic if your site is not even indexed by the spider bots? Proper indexing can improve rankings, traffic, and help you achieve your business goals.

Google picks relevant pages to index. If it is a great content or page, it will surely get indexed. It will not be indexed if you opt not to.

As a site owner, you want your site to be indexed fast. The earlier it is indexed, the earlier it could compete on the top searches.

Establishing rankings takes time. You can’t achieve it overnight. In fact, studies showed that only 5.7 percent of newly established pages were included in the top 10 search results within one year.

For your site to rank well on the search results, Google needs to see that you are already an established site. It is rare but not impossible that new pages rank on the top spot of the search results.

New sites may face problems of not getting indexed by the spiders since it couldn’t follow internal links. On the other hand, existing sites with new web pages added could be indexed.

Your site could also face issues when you alter your domain name. Even if you transferred all the content there, Google will treat it as a new site.

There are no reviews seen online regarding Index AutoPilot. It’s hard to find previous users claiming how useful or not useful the index site is.

These days, it is important to use indexing tools that can help improve your site’s performance. Getting on the top searches can mean a successful SEO campaign. Make sure to choose a tool for indexing that can improve your rankings.


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