Index Auto Pilot Review Tool - The Best Indexer For SEO?

If you understand how the search engine works, you’ll understand how indexing works for your site. Search engines like Google crawl web pages, indexes, and then bring the information for search results.

Search engine optimization is one, big word. Let’s go back to the basic terms to help us understand better how indexing works and why it is important.


Search engine crawler, Google spider crawler or bots crawl or follows links on web pages of a site. It then collects the data about a page such as titles, keywords, images, linked pages, and more. It discovers new or updated content like new sites or pages, alteration to active sites, and dead links.

The process of crawling starts with the list of web addresses coming from the previous site maps and crawls given by the site owners. Google crawlers use links on the sites to find other web pages.


After the web pages were crawled, they are indexed by the search engine. Google then renders data gathered from crawling.

For easier understanding, indexing is the procedure of adding web pages into Google search.

It is the most crucial activity to get a site ranked on the search engine result pages (SERPs). If a site isn’t indexed yet, it cannot rank on the search results.

Indexing is the process of getting or collecting web pages and then storing it on the database. When a user types a query, the search engine gets the information from the database related to the keyword.

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Why do you need to index your site?

As mentioned, if you need your site to be seen on the search results, it must be indexed. Google must index your site on a regular basis and not just once.

Google’s spiders or bots are computer codes that search for updates and new content. It updates the indexed version of your site.

Once it detected a new page or content, it analyzes what is it all about. Previously, spider bots weren’t that smart as today. They could index and rank sites based on keyword stuffing.

Today, stuffing search terms on a web page or content can get you penalized. If you keep on repeating these mistakes, your site could be removed from being indexed permanently. When this happens, you could not rank anymore on SERPs.

Today, Google is giving more weight on the user’s intention for the search and their experience. Does the user want to solve a particular problem, purchase a product, or learn tips?

Keywords and other elements still matter. They are still good ranking factors. However, if the spiders can’t find your pages, your site is still not going to show up in the search results.

This is where indexing comes into place. Regular indexing enhances your search results.