How To Do Google Hangouts Screen Sharing

Visuals go a long way in conveying messages that spoken words cannot. For this reason, they are highly valuable during business meetings. Holding meetings through virtual means might pose a problem to efficiently using visual presentations. This is one of the challenges that the screen sharing feature of Google Hangouts, like other video call platforms, seeks to address. Yet, while having the tool is one thing, using it is quite another. Here, you will find how to make use of screen sharing on Google Hangouts. First, let us see why you would need to share your screen on Google Hangouts.

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Why you should do screen sharing on Google Hangouts

There are several reasons why you should use the screen sharing feature of Google Hangouts. First, it meets the same purposes of physical visual boards and presentation. What this means is that you can communicate complex ideas in simple visual aids - graphs, charts, diagrams, etc. This will ensure that your audience understands the crucial ideas that you present to them. After all, a successful meeting is one in which its members share ideas and agree on common ground in the end. Screen sharing has a role in ensuring this. Aside from this, the following points make Google Hangouts beneficial -

Convenience - Your virtual meetings are more effective with screen sharing. You can conveniently share information, saving you the time and hassle of explaining certain data in abstract.

Easy sharing for time-conservation - Slideshares and presentations are easier to share with Google Hangouts since it does not require numerous steps. Also, the platform makes it possible to share your screen simultaneously while you continue talking. This makes it possible to shed light on the images, illustrations, or presentation without interruption. That way, you can enjoy seamless meetings. Hence, Google Hangouts screen sharing can ensure time-conservation and optimization in your meetings.

Screen control and privacy - As you do real-time screen sharing with ease on Google Hangouts, you still have control over your screen. You can decide what parts of your screen you want your audience to see. If you need to share your entire screen, then you have the option to do so. On the other hand, you may choose to show only individual windows on your screen. In this case, your audience cannot view your entire screen or any window that you would not want them to see. This feature of Google Hangouts screen sharing ensures that you maintain your privacy and screen control.

How to do Google Hangouts screen sharing

How to do google hangouts screen sharing

To begin, you require internet connectivity and an active Google Account. With those in place, these are the few easy steps you need to do Google Hangouts screen sharing on the webpage:

Getting to Google Hangouts

These are the steps to take to access Hangouts for screen sharing:

1.) Access Google Chrome.

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2.) Open the Google Hangouts webpage and sign in with your Google Account information.

Google hangouts sign in