How to Avoid Some of the Most Common SEO Mistakes and Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Having great website content ensures higher profits and a growing audience, but this is only the first step in a long journey. Content marketing is still king, marketing-wise, and having insightful content ideas is more than important. Another thing marketers should focus on is improving their SEO approach. Without a well-established SEO strategy, they are prone to making common, rookie mistakes. Besides finding talent and the right tools and mechanisms, make sure to use the following pieces of advice to improve both your SEO strategy and content marketing approach.

Content Marketing

Poorly-Optimized Content Loading Speed

One of the most common mistakes marketers seem to do is not paying enough attention to the loading speed of their content. You know it already; humans have really short attention spans. Having web content with slow loading speeds will most likely deter visitors and will make your amazing content unreadable.

With endless resources on the Internet, you should already know that if your content doesn’t load in a matter of milliseconds, your visitors will look for the information you have on other websites. There are two things that might slow down your load speed.

Each clickable element is another HTTP request. While web developers and owners aim to create websites as interactive as possible, this is a pitfall you might not get out of, as easy as you expect.

Focus on improving the load speed of your content, and you will be able to get out of your website more than you have ever thought. Look for other faults in terms of loading speed: your images. Images that fail to load at full resolution are just as dangerous as slow-loading content.

You Fail to Identify Broken Links Immediately

One of the biggest SEO mistakes you might encounter is failing to identify and fix broken links as soon as they appear. This is one of the reasons behind high bounce rates. This happens due to two reasons.

  • These links look bad for your audience and make your website look amateurish;

  • They look bad for search engines, and this will lower your SEO rank.

Although this issue might be a pain to fix, it does have a fix, and yet an easy one. Find a broken link checker and perform this task on a regular basis. Although this is a time-consuming task, you have to take care of it. No matter how good your website content is, if no one can reach it, it’s useless.

You Create All Content In-House

One of the best ways to create SEO-friendly content is outsourcing. Although you might have a great team of marketers and content writers, not all might be as trained and knowledgeable in creating SEO-friendly content. Professional SEO agencies specialize in different content types:

Having a professional that can help you in perfecting the type of content you aim for is an amazing addition to your marketing efforts. Sure, in-house content creation has some benefits but finding a professional agency able to ensure the success of your content marketing strategy and link building efforts, is worth it. Don’t worry, even reputable marketing agencies outsource content creation, in most of the cases.

You Stuff Your Content with