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Does Homepage Backlinks Work In 2023?

Backlinks are one of the main factors that influence a site's on-page SEO. Whether it is a dofollow or nofollow link, backlinks are inevitable for a brand looking to rank its site high on SERPs.

That said, there have been many contrasting ideas about backlinks over the years. Many believe that backlinks have lost their effect on SEO. So does homepage backlinks work in 2023? If that thought has come across your mind, you are in the right place. Here, you'll get the answer to that question and see if backlinks still function today. But first, what exactly is a backlink?

Homepage backlinks

Backlink and its types

Have you ever visited a webpage that has a hyperlink that redirects you to a completely different website? That hyperlink is known as a backlink. And if you click on that link, you are generating backlinks for the external site. Yes, you are also generating traffic for them.

So, in short, backlinks are essential for driving more traffic to a site. And in the online world, the higher the traffic, the better your SEO. That said, some backlinks do not increase your rank on Google. These are nofollow links. What are they? To answer this, let's have a brief look at the two types of backlinks.

1. Do-follow

In the past, all backlinks were dofollow. However, Google introduced the nofollow links to combat Spam. So what are dofollow links? Dofollow links refer to those links that pass on authority to your site. And the higher authority you have proves to Google that your site is valuable. More so, if you generate backlinks from high-ranking web pages.

2. No-follow

While dofollow passes on authority to your site, or otherwise known as link juice, no-follow links do not affect your SEO ranking in either way. They add no contribution to your overall SEO. Why? Just think about it - if all links were capable of impacting SEO, creating high-quality content will not matter anymore. All a site needs to do is add links to its webpage anywhere possible. And this will make it hard for those sites with quality content to rank high. Furthermore, the net will be filled with a lot of spam.

To avoid this, most links are designated nofollow on search engines as well as social media. Therefore, if you want to rank your site high on search engines like Google and YouTube, you'll have to aim for as many dofollow links as you can get.

What backlink does In homepage

Back to our question - does homepage backlink work in 2023? In short, yes! And this is so since Google still recognizes it as part of its PageRank algorithm. To understand the reason for this, let's have a look at the main benefits of backlinks, both nofollow and dofollow alike, that still work in our day.

1. It increases referral traffic.

One of the main functions of backlinks is to generate traffic. They are in charge of driving referral traffic to your website. And this happens whenever a visitor who is reading an article clicks on a backlink to learn more about the topic at hand.

As we've seen, dofollow links are more vital for SEO than nofollow. That said, nofollow backlinks are priceless when it comes down to generating referral traffic. And while they do not pass authority onto your site, they can indirectly help you attain a high ranking on SERPs. But how?

Well, backlinks are known for increasing a site's referral traffic regardless of being nofollow. And this, in turn, can rank your site higher as a result of the increased user engagement.

2. It boosts brand awareness.

Does that seem far-fetched? Actually, it does not. Backlinking is one of the best ways to promote your site and your brand as a whole. As you get more traffic, people will become more aware of your site, as Google will push you up in its rankings. Yes, with traffic, you can establish a solid online presence in no time.

And what better way is there to drive in more traffic from the net than backlinking? Hence, backlinks are an inevitable factor if you want that online visibility.

3. It creates opportunities for increased revenue.

As stated earlier, traffic helps you to establish a solid online presence. And a solid online presence comes with more opportunities for you to monetize your website. When you rank high on search engines like Google, it won't only increase traffic. It also increases potential clients who are ready to purchase your services. Hence, backlinks are vital for generating revenue from your site as they help boost your traffic.

4. It passes on authority (link juice) to your site.

When talking about the benefits of backlinks, it doesn't feel right to exclude this point. After all, this is the major function of the dofollow link. Research has proven that Google values authority. And as stated earlier, higher authority leads to a higher ranking. It's that simple!

Since dofollow links pass on authority to a site, you have to generate tons of dofollow links from numerous websites. Keep in mind that if a high-ranking webpage links to you, your ranking on SERPs will skyrocket.

5. It provides value to visitors.

Backlinks also benefit visitors who are looking to learn more about a topic. When they click on a hyperlink to your site, they get more info about what they want. And on the other hand, it boosts your referral traffic. Yes, backlinks create a win-win situation for both parties.

Now, you know how backlinks can contribute to your SEO. And without a doubt, you want to get started as soon as possible. So how can you generate backlinks?

3 effective ways to generate backlinks

As seen above, dofollow and nofollow links are both important in their way. But when it comes to SEO, you need as much dofollow as you can get. Let's see how to create backlinks for your site. But before we dive into that, it's necessary to develop contents that are worthy of backlinking.

This is because no webpage will link back to your website if your content is lacking quality. As a result, developing link-worthy content remains the first step to any backlink strategy. When doing so, you have to select keywords that relate to your brand. To do so, you can choose to create similar content with those pages ranking high for your keywords. So how can you generate backlinks? The following are three methods that have proven effective over the years.

Broken link replacement

Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular backlinking strategies. It involves you identifying any broken links on pages that are ranking high on SERPs. After that, contact the site's webmaster and present your link as a replacement for the broken one. But you may wonder if this really works. Yes, it does! All you need to do is make sure of the following:

  • Ensure your content is similar to the content of the broken link.

  • Your content should be as good or even better than the former.

If so, the webmaster has no reason to decline. Why? Broken links can adversely affect a site's SEO. So by pitching your link, you are helping the site get rid of broken links while generating backlinks for your very own website.

Ask a blogger for a review

This is best if you are marketing a product. You can ask a blogger who has created high-ranking SEO articles to review your product or service. When the blogger writes a review, he may add one or two hyperlinks to your webpage.

Use of backlink generators

Backlink generators are tools designed to help you develop high-quality backlinks without any stress. What's more, you can get access to many of these tools for free. But how do you know which backlink generators to choose?

Bulklink and Duplichecker are amongst the best generators out there. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to generate high-quality backlinks from Bulklink and Duplichecker.

  • Visit their respective site.

  • Insert your URL address.

  • Tap the enter icon.

Since they are easy to use, backlink generators have become one of the most effective ways of generating backlinks.

Bottom Line

As this article has shown, backlinking remains important as the demand for the online market share is on the rise. After all, it increases traffic, passes on authority to a site, and boosts brand awareness. And it even goes as far as helping you monetize your website.

Yes, backlinks are a major driving factor in the SEO world. And SEO has always been important in the online world. And in the years to come, this won't change. So as long as SEO is concerned, backlinking will remain a vital factor that influences SERPs ranking.

Whatever, you choose to do, keep in mind your target audience. All that matters is creating content that will appeal to them. Once you've done that, you can now take the next step in your backlinking. But that all depends on the strategy you opt for.

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