Browseo Review: Is it an Effective SEO Tool For Browser & Management Console?

You may have your website for many years, but do you know how to look at it how the users or Google does? It’s important that you know how Google looks at your site or else you don’t know what areas need improvement on your site.

Before diving into what Browseo is let’s first walk through how Google sees your website.

Google discovers your website.

Google needs to find your site first and foremost. When you create your site on the internet, Google eventually finds it.

The Googlebot crawls the internet, discovers sites, and indexes it for searching. In this sense, you need to assist Google to find and index your site faster.

​Create a sitemap.

Every site needs a sitemap. If you don’t have it, you need to install it for the search engines. You are required to upload it to your root directory.

Submit your site to Google Webmaster Tools.

You need to ensure that you sign up your site to Google Webmaster Tools for indexing. Once done, add your sitemap.

Add more effort.

Go to Webmaster Tool URL submission page to ask Google to index your site.

These are methods that can help Google find your site. Now, you need to know how it is going to see your site.

Google anything blocked by robots.txt.

Robots.txt can tell Google that it can scan through the site except for some sections. Google will follow the request if these pages, files, or directories are not allowed for access. Hence, it will not be indexed and don’t appear on the searches.

Before Google crawls your web pages, it checks for a text file titled robots.txt. If it shows nothing after the “disallow,” Google crawls your entire site.

User-agent: *


If there is something written after the “disallow,” Google will skip those webpages.

For instance:

Disallow: /trafficsystem/

Disallow: /wp-admin/

Disallow: /*.css$

Disallow: /*?

You can spot if your have robots.txt file by typing in your URL and /robots.txt. If you don’t have the file, Google will crawl your entire site without skipping any page.

Robot.txt is a tool to help you identify duplicate content on your site. It blocks pages with this type of content.

Google scans the title.

Google scans the page title after checking the robots.txt file. The title consists of the meta tag with <title> on the page’s HTML code.

The title tag is important because it is considered as the most important on-page SEO factor and the single most important on-page SEO element.”

Google looks at the title like this:

  • Google scans your title page but only prioritizes the first 65 characters. It is what an audience sees on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

  • Google checks the keywords in the title. It must contain keywords but must not overstuffed it.

  • Google checks all the titles on each page on your site. There must be no similar title on your site.

Google checks the description.

Right after Google checked the title, it proceeds to the description. The page description is also a meta tag enclosed by the <description> tag.

Although Google checks the description, it isn’t used by the search engine as a ranking factor for your site. It looks at the description if it is relevant for the users. Google shows the description of your site on the SERPs.

Initially, you must have a meta description on each page on your site. It must be approximately 160 characters. Write it for the users and not the search engines.

The description can boost your click-through rates. Make sure that you craft good descriptions.

Google sees the alt tags to see images.

Images in your pages are indexed by Google. However, it doesn’t see the images as humans see them.

Instead, it sees the images through the alt tags. Google indexes it and is an important ranking factor.

The images must contain an alt tag. It is the HTML code for an image. The alt tag is seen like this.

<img src=”” alt=”Keyword Phrase”>

The keyword is where you will write a description of the image. The alt tags for images must be useful, descriptive, and keyword-based. The description is usually written after the alt=for of every image.

Don’t forget to check that images are not disallowed on robots.txt. Ensure that all the images on your pages are properly alt tagged. Doing this can help boost your ranking on SERPs.

In the description, add a descriptive and keywords on the alt tags. It must be specific to the image.

Google checks the content.

Google crawls the content of your page. All content with HTML code is indexed by Google.

The best part is Google doesn’t limit the number of content it Indexes on your page. The more content you have, the better.

Google appreciates relevant content for the readers. Quality content is usually found on the top of the search results because Google loves them. Aside from quality, make sure to update it or post new content on a regular basis to maintain a high position on SERPs.

When you are aware of how Google looks at your site, you’ll be more keen on updating it and make it more relevant. There may be things that you are disregarding or not paying attention to but are important for Google.

Now here comes an SEO browser that allows users to see how their web pages look like for the search engines. Browseo is the newest tool in the market that can do this.

What is Browseo?

Browseo is a web application that lets users access any page on the web without any interruption. Developers Jonathan Schikowski and Paul Piper initiated it to help clients have an idea of how their web pages look like to search engines. It highlights basic SEO metrics.


How Browseo works?

You don’t have to download or install the app. You just have to enter the URL and let it do the work.

The same as what search engines see when they view a page, the output is concentrated on HTML only. You can identify the page’s relevance and structure for specific keywords through toggling like headings (H1 to H6), server response code, number of words on the page, number of internal links on the page, number of external links on the page, and meta information such as title tag, meta description, meta robots tag and any other tags.

Main features

It offers fast browsing experience. You can browse through the web page without interruption caused by styles.

You just have to enter the web page address and press the “browse” button to begin the process. The page is then stripped and only several styles are left for readability.

The page content is displayed plus other information including the title tag, meta description, response codes, and details about the headings. It must provide you insights on what Google sees on a page. The links are then highlighted such as the internal, external, and nofollow.

How to use it?

First off, you will need to buy the tool. It's only $67 for lifetime and you will have the best management console tool which make your SEO life easier such as creating browser per profile. Once you have the tool ready, you may now need it to download and install it to your PC/ laptop.

So, this is how it looks when you open up the dashboard:

browseo tool

You can head on the settings tab and configure some set up and API key in there such as:

  • project usage report

  • Browser history

  • SMSPVA / SMS Getter

  • Hide my numbers SMS getter

  • Indexer

  • Youtube URL's

  • Set default homepage

  • Proxy settings

  • Browseo AI settings

  • Refresh project list

  • Browseo CSV exporter

  • Backup everything

  • Create license file

  • Change license

  • Browseo task force

  • Help/support

  • About Browseo

browseo management tool

Next tab is the proxy section. It's where you can add and set up your proxies in the entire tool.

brow-SEO proxy

In the proxy admin panel you will see 9 tabs in there like new, start, stop, delete, edit all groups, elastic IP manager, redo proxy server, IAM keys, Export IP's and you can select the country of which the IP's origin.

Browseo admin panel

Next tab is "import" it is where you can import from dynamic importer, from BE type file, from multi PBN importer, browseo CSV, browseo gmail creator, browseo .zip back up.

Brow-SEO import

Next tab is the " new " It's where you'll create a profile of persona and update some details. It's like a new project or campaign. You can create a folder for you to easily find your projects/campaign.

When you create a new profile, you can add much information in the form such as:

  • project name

  • profile name

  • proxy

  • first name

  • last name

  • phone number

  • username

  • email

  • password

  • birth date

  • street

  • city

  • state

  • zip

  • country

  • web address

  • notes

  • vault PBN

  • moneysite

  • BIA default

browseo new

Once you have created a profile or new project, you may now have the access to the project/profile browser management console, here how it looks:

browseo management console

There are 9 feature tab per project/profile and these are:

1.) Firefox - It's a browser tool which you can use firefox as your browsing tool. There are application built in such as sharing site, save site from navigation box text, fill form with profile data ( it's a like semi auto filling form with one click it will auto fill all the data that you will be signing up or logging in) Open copy paste window, social stats, browser settings, open saved sites and browseo macros.

Social share

In browseo firefox social share, you can share it across social and blogs. You share a blog, video, or sites with just a click of a button. The social share has 9 social/blogs built in.

  • Facebook

  • Google +

  • Digg

  • Pinterest

  • Reddit

  • Stumble Upon

  • Tumblr

  • Twitter

  • Wordpress

browseo firefox

Navigation Box Text

In navigation box text, you can bookmark site easily.

browseo navigation text box

Profile fill form

In profile fill form, you can easily click the form in human logo and it will automatically fill up form if you're signing up some site or logging in. It's like a roboform filler or autofillmagic tool. It's a convenient way to use and easy to manager per profile.

Browseo autofill

Social Stats

Browseo firefox offer social status of which you can particularly check the blogs social status such as how many shares, comments, like, views, count etc. It's a good feature if you're looking for a high social share links.

browseo social stats

Browseo Settings

It's a browsing setting which you can easily optimize the way you want.

browseo settings

Saved Sites

It's easy to check saved sites and bookmarking sites.

BrowSEO IA Macro

BrowSEO is not just browsing, you can also add an IA macros which browseo can automate just for you. But, this will require skills and programming as you will need to create a macro code in order for you to use.

For example, you will create a macros that will login all the site and view specific sites.. Then you do that with browSEO IA macros.

2.) Chrome- They are same feature with firefox. So, you'll just choose which browser would you like to run from.

3.) Prospector - This feature is a link prospector if you're looking for a custom backlinks. Browseo has this built in feature of which you can deeper research of quality links in different platform. They have 8 features for prospector and these are:

  • Comment Backlinks

  • Forum

  • Guest Post

  • Blog

  • Link roundups

  • Customs

  • King Content

  • Saved

You can just search for a specific keywords, use proxy for scraping, and select some platform and browSEO will give you the results of the links that you're looking.

browseo prospector

4.) RSS - You can add RSS feed to your blog

browseo RSS

5.) Published Hub - It is where you can edit your content for PBN, moneysite. In other words it's a blog content management feature which you can add title, content body, add images, spin, schedule post. In browseo, you can manage your PBN as well.

browseo publish hub

6.) LSB - The l-s-b tab is where you can add your links or should I say a link vault for your links

browseo lsb

7.) FB Conver -SEO - The FB conver feaature is where browseo will look up pages, groups, events, places, photos, video and people. It's a good feature if in to social media marketing as you can add a particular link and do deep research.

8.) SEO - The SEO tab is where you can import links for monitoring purposes.

9.) BrowSEO IA - This is where you can use macros to automate things inside browseo, it's a bit complicated in creating a script, so it will need a skill.

browseo IA


Overall, it's a good management tool for social properties, creating accounts, PBN management, account management or if you want to increase your click through rate in Google search (CTR).

BrowSEO Reviews:

There are scarce feedback and reviews about Browseo that you’ll find on the internet. On its own site, there are reviews written of some prominent names in the SEO industry:

“Browseo fills a crucial need; seeing the web like an engine. Thanks to Jonathan and the team for making it easy."

-Rand Fishkin

CEO and Founder of Moz

“A one-click tool that shows basic but important SEO metrics in an easy-to-read format."

-Debra Mastaler


"It's smart, simple and effective... nice combo!"

- Garrett French

Founder, Citation Labs, LLC

Evolvingseo made a review about the SEO browser and here is what it said:

On its homepage, After entering the page URL, you just have to wait for the result. Once you pressed “enter,” you’ll be welcomed by a clean layout. You’ll see HTML on the left and header information on the right.

You have the option to highlight three link types such as internal, external, and nofollowed. When you click any link, it easily takes you to the page within the site. If you want to go forward or backward, there are dedicated buttons to do it.

The site provides an easy-to-read and simple user interface that gives a quick look at the header. It has the “generator” and “mobile compatibility” features.

The images are displayed in its actual size and not the resized version on CSS. You’ll see the overlay of the alt attribute on the image.

What makes it unique in the market? Browseo can be used by anyone even those clients who don’t really know much about technology.

First, you don’t have to use Chrome and install a particular plugin to have a quick view of your site through the eyes of Google. You simply have to enter the site’s URL and press “enter” to use the tool.

This tool is a real time and effort saver. If you want to check your site immediately, you don’t need to follow and proceed a lot of procedures. You just have to enter the site.

It saves time because it goes straight to the app. Busy business owners or bloggers who don’t have the time to install plugins can easily check their sites without much effort.

It’s a huge plus that you can access it on your mobile device since it is a web-based app. Imagine you can check a site anywhere or anytime you want.

Despite the good features, there is still room for improvements. Evolvingseo thought that the tool would be better if it has the following features:

  • URL for easy sharing of the SEO View of the site.

It suggested that the tool could have been better with an easy to share a link about the SEO view of the site with their clients or team members.

  • Tweet to share the SEO view.

They think that the app would be cool if it has share buttons. It can improve the function by including a Facebook share button or a Twitter tweet button.

  • Instant screenshot export.

They recommended an instant screenshot export feature so that it would be easy and fast to share the information, especially if there is not installed screenshot plugin or you need to share the data to your clients immediately.

  • A list of all header information.

It would be great if they can add the list of all the header information. It limits the information by only showing the data on the site that is being viewed.

  • It could improve its brand name.

Evolvingseo suggested that Browseo is more than just a browser. It thinks that it is more likely a “browser within a browser,” a “virtual browser” and a “web app.”

It can be daunting to see sudden changes in Google algorithms. Your site could be left caught up in the middle of nowhere violating certain regulations.

One update could leave you in the dark. You could be penalized and all your efforts could be gone.

Google has been clear that it issues updates every so often to provide the users the most relevant and search results. In order to provider them with the best user’s experience.

However, noone really knows how Google assesses sites. Noone can really tell how it determines which sites to rank. There are still secrets to how the search engine works.

Luckily, there are many tools available now to help you see how Google sees each site. These tools can improve your organic search tactic because it is designed with features that are significant for Google.

There are free and paid SEO browser tools like Browseo. You have to check the best tool that can help you see how Google sees your site to make it as relevant as possible.

Seeing how Google views your site can help you improve your site’s functions. You’ll have a precise analysis of your site. You can redesign your web page to make more relevant on the searches.




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