Browseo Review: Is it an Effective SEO Tool For Browser & Management Console?

You may have your website for many years, but do you know how to look at it how the users or Google does? It’s important that you know how Google looks at your site or else you don’t know what areas need improvement on your site.

Before diving into what Browseo is let’s first walk through how Google sees your website.

Google discovers your website.

Google needs to find your site first and foremost. When you create your site on the internet, Google eventually finds it.

The Googlebot crawls the internet, discovers sites, and indexes it for searching. In this sense, you need to assist Google to find and index your site faster.

​Create a sitemap.

Every site needs a sitemap. If you don’t have it, you need to install it for the search engines. You are required to upload it to your root directory.

Submit your site to Google Webmaster Tools.

You need to ensure that you sign up your site to Google Webmaster Tools for indexing. Once done, add your sitemap.

Add more effort.

Go to Webmaster Tool URL submission page to ask Google to index your site.

These are methods that can help Google find your site. Now, you need to know how it is going to see your site.

Google anything blocked by robots.txt.

Robots.txt can tell Google that it can scan through the site except for some sections. Google will follow the request if these pages, files, or directories are not allowed for access. Hence, it will not be indexed and don’t appear on the searches.

Before Google crawls your web pages, it checks for a text file titled robots.txt. If it shows nothing after the “disallow,” Google crawls your entire site.

User-agent: *


If there is something written after the “disallow,” Google will skip those webpages.

For instance:

Disallow: /trafficsystem/

Disallow: /wp-admin/

Disallow: /*.css$

Disallow: /*?

You can spot if your have robots.txt file by typing in your URL and /robots.txt. If you don’t have the file, Google will crawl your entire site without skipping any page.

Robot.txt is a tool to help you identify duplicate content on your site. It blocks pages with this type of content.

Google scans the title.