Can I Rank My Keyword Without Backlinks?

If you’ve been doing Search Engine Optimization on your site, you know how SEO experts emphasize the importance of link building. In fact, many of them would say it’s the most crucial part of any SEO campaign and is the one factor that holds the most substantial weight in Google ranking. However, gaining backlinks can be a long and complicated process, especially if your website is relatively new. You must be wondering, “Can I rank my keyword without backlinks?” In this article, we’ll answer your question in detail.

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What is Link Building?

In SEO, the process of building links involve techniques aimed at increasing the number of inbound links to a site, in the hopes of improving its search engine rankings. If a site has a substantial amount of backlinks from authority websites, Google recognizes it and places it higher on search results. The process of getting backlinks have different types and strategies. Some of them are complicated and takes a lot of time. So you can’t deny the fact that building high-quality backlinks is a lot of work. Who wouldn’t want to skip it if they can?

So, Can I Rank My Keyword Without Backlinks?

Yes, you can. It is actually possible. But wait for it. There’s an “if.” You can rank in keywords without backlinks if you have really great-quality content. The only way you can get rid of link building and still manage to rank on competitive keywords is if your content is good enough to do the work for you. The truth is, Google is all about quality content.

Sounds simple, right? Wrong. Creating high-quality content that can trump the value of backlinks is easier said than done. However, we’ll try to guide you. Read ahead for some tips on how to make great content.

Tip #1. Find A Great Keyword

Before you can create content, the first thing you need to do is find a great target keyword to write your content around in. The keyword is the backbone of SEO, and it’s something you need to invest time researching on. Here are two simple tricks you can do to find your perfect keyword:

  1. Google Search Suggestion - This is one overlooked trick. But using the keyword suggestions on the Google search box can give you promising keyword leads. You can experiment by beginning on some simple keywords about your niche, compile a list, and pick the best one according to keyword research analytics.

  2. Google Keyword Planner - This is one of the most popular keyword research tools out there, and it’s because it has everything you need. You merely have to type your topics, and it automatically gives you tons of keyword ideas.

Tip #2. Create A Clear Writing Structure